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What is a Jack-A-Bee?

I propped him up against the couch and he actually stayed like this!

I propped him up against the couch and he actually stayed like this!

Tucker when he was younger. He doesn't have that tooth anymore, it fell out.

Tucker when he was younger. He doesn't have that tooth anymore, it fell out.

My book that Tucker destroyed when he was a puppy. :(

My book that Tucker destroyed when he was a puppy. :(

Facts about Jack-A-Bees

When my family adopted a new puppy and was told that he was a Jack-A-Bee, I was confused at first, for I had never heard of this particular name for the breed. It turned out that Jack-A-Bee meant a cross between a Jack Russell Terrier and a Beagle. I had never had experience with either of the breeds so I was a little apprehensive as to what our new puppy's personality would be like. I needn't have worried. Our new dog, named Tucker, was a sweetheart and absolutely LOVED to spend time with us. While Tucker loved each one of us, he especially took a liking to my father. Tucker follows my father wherever he goes. If my father goes into the bathroom and shuts the door, Tucker will lay down outside the door and patiently wait for him to come back out. If my father goes into the kitchen, Tucker waddles right after him and sits at his feet while my father makes a sandwich. Suffice it to say, Tucker adores my father. :)

As I said earlier, Tucker is definitely a sweetheart but he's also very energetic. He loves to play with our other dog, a black Lab mix named Sally, and he loves to run around in our yard. We live in the country so we have quite a bit of land. If we didn't have a big yard for him to run and play in, we would have to take him on daily walks just so that he didn't drive us crazy.

Tucker can also be wary of new people but we think he developed this trait after taking his cue from Sally. Sally was a stray that we took in that had unfortunately suffered abuse by her previous owner. Because of this abuse, it took Sally a very long time to accept us and realize that we weren't going to hurt her. Once she did though, Sally fell in love with us and we couldn't help but love her back. However, Sally has retained her distrust of strangers and the funny thing is, Tucker was perfectly sociable and loved to meet new people. But once we took Tucker in, he seems to have followed Sally's lead.

Tucker's personality today seems to reflect the typical Jack-A-Bee. For those unaware what a typical Jack-A-Bee might be like, I will discuss what it might be like to live with one. Keep in mind though, that every dog is different and I am speaking in general terms here when discussing the breed.

Personality: Sweet, loving, affectionate and happy dog. They can be wary of strangers if they're not socialized at a young age. (But really, this can be said of every dog, no matter what their breed is. Proper socialization is important!)

Temperament: May have issues with shyness or anxiety. Could show signs of aggression when scared.

Shedding: Jack-A-Bees are constant shedders. Despite this though, they have minimal grooming needs. Perfect for those pet owners who don't want to drop a pretty penny at the groomer's.

Training: They are easily trainable but can be distracted. Tucker is a perfect example of this. My mother managed to teach him how to shake hands but he hasn't managed to learn anything else :)

Behavior: Jack-A-Bees chew a lot and can be quite mischievous when bored. I personally have only had to deal with this issue maybe once or twice when he was a puppy. Again, we live in the country which gives Tucker a lot to do. We also have a pet door installed so Tucker is free to come and go whenever he wants.

Barking: Some Jack-A-Bees bark loudly when afraid and some even have the Beagle howl. Tucker is actually one of those dogs that have a Beagle howl. It's quite cute to watch!

Weather: Jack-A-Bees may not like rain or snow. This doesn't seem to bother Tucker, I've seen him happily go outside in all kinds of weather.

Exercise: The Jack-A-Bee requires a LOT of exercise in order to get a good night's sleep. Tucker is certainly one dog that needs plenty of exercise! Despite running around all day, he's gained a little bit of weight and is quite difficult to pick up now. :)

Physical Ability: The Jack-A-Bee is a high jumper, fast runner and strong. Tucker fits the latter two but he seems to have a little bit of a phobia when it comes to jumping up on the couch or bed. He will try several times to jump only to chicken out in the attempt until he finally gets up the courage to jump all the way. However, this could be due to our couches and beds being slightly higher off the ground than normal.

Living Conditions: The Jack-A-Bee CAN be a good apartment dog but only if they get plenty of exercise. But really, isn't this true of all dogs?

Appearance: They can resemble Jack Russells with a Beagle face (This is Tucker's look) or have more of the Beagle look.

Size: A fully grown Jack-A-Bee can weigh anywhere between 12 to 15 pounds. Tucker doesn't fall into this category. If I had to guess his weight, I would say 30 pounds. Like I said, the silly dog needs to lose weight. :)

Companionship: They are wonderful companion dogs. This is certainly evident by the way that Tucker's decided that my father is his best friend.

Head: The head is normal-sized for both breeds (Jack Russell and Beagle)

Nose: They will typically have a Beagle nose and always want to sniff something. This is certainly true of Tucker!

Ears: They are medium to long in length and floppy. Tucker's ears are floppy but they seem to be on the medium side.

Body: The Jack-A-Bee has a medium build. Someone needs to tell Tucker that...

Hindquarters: The Jack-A-Bee has muscular and strong legs, which makes them great jumpers.

Tail: The Jack-A-Bee has a long tail. This surprised me because Tucker was born with a very short, stubby tail. Indeed, his tail is barely there!

Color: Jack-A-Bees can be lemon-spotted (cream with tan spots) or white with light beige patches or tricolored (tan, brown and white). They might also have spots on their skin like a Jack Russell. Tucker is actually tan all over on his back and has white fur with brown spots on his chest and belly. He also has that white fur with brown spots on all of his legs but on his head, he is all tan.

Coat: The Jack-A-Bee can have a coarse, thin or smooth coat with usually no undercoat. Tucker has a coarse, thick coat.

Allergies: They can be prone to nasal allergies and itchy eyes. So far, I have not seen this issue with Tucker but he is fairly young, about almost 2 years old.

Health: Jack-A-Bees are usually healthy dogs. Great news if you want to adopt one. :)

Skin: They may have issues with itchy or sensitive skin. This is certainly true of Tucker even though we do all we can to minimize itchiness like buying flea medicine and whatnot.

All in all, Jack-A-Bees are wonderful dogs who can fit into anyone's life with ease. If you show them love and affection, they will reward you in countless ways with their devotion and loyalty. :)

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Ruth on August 24, 2013:

We had a Jack Russell-Beagle mix dog and loved her very much. She was nearly 3 when we got her. I walked her nearly every day and got acquainted with many people because she was a tail wagging friendly dog, especially with children. Unfortunately, she recently died at age 10. I miss her so much! We have never had a dog that was a better pet than she was. She developed pneumonia. I am not sure what else was wrong, but the vet said she possibly had cancer. I have shed many tears after losing her. I loved her so much!

Nikki on August 04, 2013:

That book was what happened with my dog!! And she had ate many other thing such as dolls

Kelley1987 (author) from Georgia on June 05, 2012:

Thanks Ktrapp, my family and I think he's adorable as well! Also, I went and read some of your beagle hubs and Ruby is so cute! From the way you described her, it sounds as if she doesn't need any of the Jack Russell's energy, she has plenty on her own :)

Kristin Trapp from Illinois on June 05, 2012:

Tucker is adorable. I have a beagle (you can see her picture in some of my beagle hubs) and I definitely can see the beagle in your Jack-a-bee. However, I cannot imagine if my beagle had jack russell in her. She's already a great jumper and very energetic. Thanks for all the information about this breed of dog; I've always been curious.

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