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What You Need to Know on Staff Puppies for Sale


The staff puppies for sale are medium sized, short coated, very muscular and a loyal all-purpose breed of dogs that belongs within the several pit bull type and widely known as The Staffordshire Bull Terrier. They might look tough and intimidating to everyone, but they are very people friendly and love children especially if they get to socialise at an early age.

Tips Before Buying Staff Puppies For Sale

Well-Socialised staff puppies for sale crave companionship and wants to be with their owner all the time. This type of breed is not at all suitable as a backyard dog. Though they are protective to every family members, still they don’t do well as a watchdog for this breed will gladly welcome burglars because they are not so concerned about the properties.

Staffordshire bull terrier, however, might become aggressive towards strange dogs and animals, they still have that prey instinct and will chase small animals even cats. It’s best that owners shouldn’t walk these dogs unleashed.

It is also essential that owners should have a securely high fenced yard with implanted concrete or chicken wire dig deep underground to prevent them from escaping and also to prevent other animal’s especially strange dogs from getting into your yard otherwise it could lead to a serious fight.

Staffordshire bull terrier is highly intelligent but at the same time freethinkers for they will try to do things the way they like thus making them not suitable for novice owners that can’t establish a firm and consistent alpha leadership. They require a confident owner who can take charge of being the pack leader; otherwise, they can be stubborn and hard to handle.

Proper Care For Your Staff Puppies

The staff puppies have incredible stamina and must have sufficient daily exercise. It’s important to keep in mind that these breeds don’t do well in a hot or humid climate. So, it’s advisable to have their regular exercise during more cooling time of the day, and they should always be provided with waters to drink.

They are not good at swimming so don’t even think of getting your Staffordshire bull terrier puppy in the swimming pool to ease them from getting overheated during the hotter season. You can let your staff puppy swim unless of course they are supervised.

The Staffordshire bull terrier puppies’ coat is smooth. The shorthaired coat is easy to groom as well.

The staff dogs shed once a year and drop moderately for the rest of the year. Their coat still needs occasional brushing to remove loose hair. These dogs have a little odour so; generally, they don’t require frequent bathing.

Regularly check their eyes right after every outdoor activity for foreign objects that might injure your dog’s eyes. Check their ears weekly and be vigilant for any signs of irritation or infection. Daily brushing will help fight any gum diseases and bad breath and also don’t forget to trim their nails once in a while. For the best grooming result, you could always use help from a professional groomer near you for proper grooming.

Avoid overfeeding your Staffordshire puppies by leaving them with food out all the time instead only feed them at least twice a day with just a portion of high-quality dog food. Take important note that the better the dog food, the better nourishment your dog can get. Regularly visit a veterinarian for a checkup, and other health advises.

The Proper Environment For Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppies

The Staffordshire bull terrier puppies generally can do well in all kinds of homes as long as they can get their need for sufficient daily workout. These breeds need early socialisation training toward other animals although they are usually good with other pets in the house as long as they are raised with them.

They can become aggressive with strange dogs and will surely want a fight if allowed so better socialise them well at an early age, enrolling them on socialisation classes would be a great help. If you're going to add another dog in the family, you might want to consider a dog of the opposite sex to ensure quick acceptance and good relationship.

Despite being aggressive towards strange animals, it is the other way around when it comes to human. They love human companionship, and they are suitable for families with children for they are patient and gentle with kids. But still, when dealing with children, they should always be supervised since they are energetic they might accidentally knock the kids down especially the small ones.

Try also to educate your children on how to show respect in the dog and to every pet in the house. These dogs don’t do well if they are left alone in the house; this could lead to separation anxiety and can become destructive in the house in attempts to entertain himself and kill the boredom.

With proper training and socialisation, staff puppies for sale will be a great family member who guards and loves your family unconditionally.

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