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Pit Bull, The Most Misunderstood Dog

Pit Bull, Highly Exaggerated

What you don't know about the most misunderstood dog will amaze you. The breed has been highly exaggerated and discriminated against every since it came to North America. Because of the stereotype out there, these magnificent animals are the last to be adopted after rescue, very sad. These dogs sit and wait behind bars like a common prisoner and never selected.

They are called vicious beasts, demonic animals and frightening creatures. The majority of those who discriminate against this magnificent breed, see this muscular, intimidating animal, and simply assume it is a violent creature. The name it wore before coming to America. If they could speak, I wonder what would be in their hearts, what would they say?

This companion is eager to please, excellent family companions and noted for their love for their family. They remember quickly, not having to go over the same thing as much as you would with other dogs. Very easily trained.They don't deserve the negative stereotype that the media and others have given them.

These animals had no control over how their dog ancestors we trained to fight or what they did fearing their owners. Dogs bite when they feel threatened and abused. No matter who it may be, even their owners who abuse them. They don't like to be hit, ears and tail pulled. Some Pit Bulls have been beaten and even put to death because they would not fight or lost a fight.

They are the last to be adopted. I've seen some of the dogs that have been rescued and were adopted and I've also seen Pit Bulls that have been rescued but not adopted. What do you think happened to them?

Bama, 6 weeks old, My American Pit Bull Terrier

Bama, 6 weeks old, My American Pit Bull Terrier

Pit Bulls Are Can Be

The Nanny Dog

Family Companion

Faithful and Loving

A Popular Breed

and Even A Killer

Canine Immigrants

Canine immigrants from England to America, this breed of dog found it's way here but didn't have a choice in the matter. During the early times, around the 1900's, this breed of dog was popular and very respected. They were one of the most popular breeds in America. They were even called nanny dogs because of their temperament with children. Can you imagine an animal like this killing a child?

Yes, it's all in the training! As with any dog, Pit Bulls will do what they're trained to do. Loyal and tolerating, the pulling and tugging, pinching and poking that children do to this breed, yet they tolerate it all. What a magnificent baby sitter! The most loving dog to protect and keep a child safe. They are territorial as so many other breeds are and great protectors! They will protect their master's property to the death.

I Know This Because

I know this because I am an owner of this breed. I have raised a total of three, two boys and a girl. They are the most loving, easily train breed I've raised. They are the most perfect companion. I must say they are aggressive but will train to be whatever the owner wants them to be; whether it's protection, nanny, companion, fighter or killer. It's all in the training.

Pit Bulls are loving animals, very funny too. Two of my Pit Bulls loves chairs, Eragon and Bama. Once we get out of a chair, Eragon would go sit down in it with the silliest look. Bama is 2 years old now, she likes to sit in the chair with my husband. I bought them an extra large recliner. It's sort of like a chair and a half. They love their recliner!

Their personalities are very different. Eragon from the start was very territorial and protective. These characteristics Eragon developed on his own. They were not included in his training. During the time when Eragon was a puppy, I was still in the work place and my husband was already retired. Each day at lunch time, I would call home so I could talk to Eragon. My husband said he would listen to my voice and lick the phone. He said certain things I said got his ears raised.

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Bama on the other hand thinks of nothing but playing. Her favorite game is tug of war with two socks tied together. My grand daughter thought up this hand made toy and Bama loves it more than her other toys. It's been said that dogs are color blind, I don't believe that at all. She has a toy that has 3 rings, two yellow with a royal blue in the center. She chews on the blue and never the yellow. Eragon, liked red.

I've had other aggressive dogs such as German Shepherds, well trained, rescue dogs. At the time my son was very young and both dogs were very protective of him. I watched her one day as she kept him from leaving inside the fence. One of my rescue Shepherds was an ex-officer, She knew her job and was on it, protecting the house and her family.

Breeds Revealed

The Pit Bull Mixed

American Pit Bull Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier Mixed

American Pit Bull Bully

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mixed

Trained Friend or Killer


Eragon, American Pitt Bull Terrier, sitting in a chair. (deceased)

Eragon, American Pitt Bull Terrier, sitting in a chair. (deceased)

Pit Bull, Lucy Dies After Protecting Her Family

My Pit Bull Terriers

Bama, my present Pit Bull,  2 yearsold

Bama, my present Pit Bull, 2 yearsold

Eragon,  12 years old, deceased

Eragon, 12 years old, deceased

The Michael Vick Story

Michael Vick was a man highly respected, a successful NFL Quarterback, for the Atlanta Falcon’s at the time he was found out to be owner of a dog fighting operation. All of us who are old enough remember and will never forget the Michael Vick story. A dog fighting operation of Pit Bulls and other dogs. It was reported that dogs were tortured that wouldn’t or couldn't perform to his specifications, even put to death.

Animals are a product of their environment, look at the owner. When the owner such as Vick, teaches a dog to fear, not allowed to love, kept in seclusion, is a contribution to the Pit Bull getting a bad rap. An animal can't be blamed for it's reaction when it's taught to kill or be killed. Even for dogs, survival is the name of the game.

Thanks to the support of the public, the survivors are now with loving families. Most dogs don't get a second chance at life, they end up being destroyed. As for Michael Vick, he received a 2 year sentence and went right back to the NFL as though nothing had happened. This story earned national headlines, most dog fighting operations are not so public.

"Super" Pit Bull: Training The Ultimate Protection Dog | DOG DYNASTY

How Did This Loving Breed Get A Bad Rap

It is believed that the breed Pit Bulls are descendants from the British Bull and Terrier. Get this, developed in the United Kingdom, these animals were used in blood sports, dog fighting and rat baiting. You guessed it, it was in the United Kingdom where the cross breeding begun with the Old English Bulldog and the feisty Black and Tan Terrier.

Dog fighting became a favorite past time in the UK and later on in the USA. These dogs were cross bred and imported to North America during the 19th century. These dogs were not recognized by the American Kennel Club due to their association with dog fighting. The breeders refused to be out done and formed their own kennel club.

The United Kennel Club was formed and it did not discriminate. The club was a breed registry and it regulated dog fighting. For over 30 years there was a breed registered as the American dog, (Pit Bull Terrier) but since the kennel club was associated with dog fighting they had to find a way to register this dog to their club. You got it, they changed the dog's breed name, around 1930.

Now we got the same dog (Pit Bull Terrier) but a new name, Staffordshire Terrier, sounds like royalty. The kennel did not want this dog name associated with organized dog fighting. By this time, organized fighting had been eliminated in the UK by The Protection of Animals Act 1911 by the Parliament of the United Kingdom, later replaced by the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

These dogs do not have locking mechanisms in their jaws as the media has mislead the public. They do hold on to whatever they bite and will tend to shake it. These dogs were not born killers, maulers or any of the other names associated with them. They do what they are trained to do and the bad rap belongs to the trainer not the dog.

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