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What Is the Easiest Cat to Take Care Of?

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If you love cats and you want to buy or adopt a pet, there are some questions that can help you decide which cat would be best for you. Cats are a great choice if you are looking for a furry roommate, that is loving and cute and will amuse you when you watch it play. People love cats because they have traits that remind them of their babies. The round heads, large eyes, and the childish behavior of these pets resemble human baby characteristics and make owners want to protect these small friends.


What should I look for when choosing a cat? Which cat is best for me? How do I find the right cat? Choosing a cat raises a whole lot of questions for every person who loves cats. The answer is important because the final decision concerns a coexistence of more than a decade with your pet. The average lifespan of a cat is 12-18 years, therefore you must think long-term when you plan to adopt or buy a cat. But the questions go on. Should I choose a male or a female cat? Should I choose a small kitten or a full-grown animal? And what about the free access of the cat in and out of the house? Are my house type and the area where I am located more suitable for an outdoor cat, or an indoor cat? So, before deciding, it is very important to think about all these aspects.


If we wish our pet roommate to be a pedigree cat, then we have to know the physical and psychological traits of each breed well enough, so that we can make a conscious decision when choosing. One aspect to be considered is that a pedigree cat is relatively expensive. If we are satisfied with adopting a mixed breed cat, the choice is much easier, because we can easily find such a tame, cute kitten in a shelter. Some people have even found abandoned mixed breed kittens and adopted them, and now they have a wonderful furry friend, who lives a happy life with his human family, being loved and protected.


When the animal you adopt is an adult, its previous life experience must be taken into consideration, because its further behavior depends on that. Anyway, the new owner must be well informed about these circumstances and get to know the cat better before adopting it.

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Certainly, if you choose a pedigree cat, you can get more information about the specific breed from reputable breeders. Useful information is also available from breed clubs for cats. Unfortunately, these animals usually suffer from various inherited breeding conditions, which are the consequences of inbreeding. Some have a very short nose, tipped ears, or furless skin.


If you decide to get a young kitten, the ideal age for the pet to be adopted is when it is older than ten to twelve weeks. At this age, the young kittens are weaned by their mother and become relatively independent, which is why they can adapt particularly well to a new family and environment.

When adopting, make sure that the cat has been vaccinated correctly. It should preferably have a vaccination card and look healthy. A good health condition can be recognized by having clean eyes and ears. Sellers you find on the internet or in magazines should be checked whether they are serious and they should be able to explain to you where the animal comes from and why it is sold. In young kittens, the parents and the whole litter should also be visited, if possible. The sellers who only show a single kitten usually have something to hide in connection with their business.


Cats that were purchased abroad, must be brought through customs in most countries, and their ownership must be proven by valid documents. Otherwise, the cat might get confiscated by the veterinary office.

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