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What Do Baby Turtles Eat? Baby Turtle Food

What do baby turtles eat?

What do baby turtles eat?

Caring for a Baby Turtle

Few people understand what baby turtles actually eat. First off, baby turtles need to be fed correctly. They need to be provided with a well balanced diet so that they can grow healthy and strong. If you are planning to own a pet turtle in the near future or you already have one you must know the right kind of food that is suitable for it. Remember that not all types of foods may work for baby turtles. In fact there are certain diets that are poisonous and you should avoid giving them to your baby turtle.

Obviously the type of food you provide to your baby turtle depends on its type, size, species or origin. Different types of baby turtles are fed with different diets and when you are looking to buy food for your baby turtle, you must know the type that is most suitable for it after putting into consideration its type, size or species. You should however avoid exposing insecticides to your turtle as they may compromise its health.

Turtles are mostly omnivorous which means they feed on both plants and animals and ideally it shouldn’t be difficult to provide them with food that is suitable for them. There are a variety of food types and it is very simple to feed them. Give it a try!


Diet of a Baby Turtle

Below, are some of the most popular baby turtle foods. These foods should ideally feed any type of baby turtle but be sure to give it in doses/amounts that they are very comfortable with.

  • Worms, snails, grubs, cockroaches and flies (these are all live foods and the baby turtle should enjoy feeding on them)
  • Turtle pellets are also an excellent baby turtle food. These foods normally contain all the vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein etc that a growing baby turtle needs (you can get them from Amazon - they will ship it to you for free)
  • Soft lettuce leaves (make sure they are free from pesticides or other harmful chemicals)
  • Lean and minced meat is also good baby turtle feed. Shredding the meat into smaller portions will work out well for your turtle.
  • Canned pet foods are also OK provided that they are free from preservatives.
    Live fish is also an excellent food for baby turtles (the fish should obviously not be large ones).
  • Most fruits and vegetables are also suitable to be used as a baby turtle food. Strawberry, mangoes, grapes, apply are good examples of fruits you can feed to a growing baby turtle

Protecting Sea Turtles

Sea Turtles are incredible animals. They care for their young and are valuable pieces of every ecosystem in which they are found. Unfortunately, they are being targeted and endangered by poachers. These killers trap and kill sea turtles for their valuable shells and their eggs. Please do what you can to learn about these wonderful animals and then do what you can to protect and conserve them.

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