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Weird Dog Behaviors About Whom You Haven't Known Until Now

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If you include a dog, you know they exhibit some unusual and odd behaviors which stimulate our curiosity and thinking. Here we will talk about some strange and weird things dogs can do and explain the meaning behind them.

Before pooping why dogs circle?

Just like humans when they go to the bathroom and before sitting down they inspect snakes in the toilet, dogs do the same. Dogs are also checking to make sure no snakes and predators are hiding in the grass when they're in their undefended position. Some German and Czech researchers in 2013 concluded from a study of 70 dogs from 37 different dog breeds that when dogs are going to the bathroom, they like to align themselves with the Earth’s magnetic field. Before they poop, dogs like to strike north-south poles.

Why Dogs Pant?

Dogs pant to keep their body temperature normal. Unlike humans, dogs cannot regulate their temperature using sweat glands. Hence, they pant to lower their body temperature. Dogs also pant when they are anxious and stressed. The panting condition allows the dog to inhale and exhale air, which rises evaporation of water from the dog’s mouth, nose, and lungs. This evaporation process lowers the body temperature from inside.

Why Dogs expose their belly?

Many people like giving a belly rub to their pets, and dogs love this action more. Petting secures mutual help for both of us when we sustain an effective relationship with our pets. Belly rub makes them happy and helps to build up the stronger bond we have with them. There is another reason dogs show their belly is itching. The lower side of the dog’s abdomen is ungentle to assess, especially for those with slender necks and squat bodies. If they cannot assess them, then they may roll over to describe their bellies so we can assist them in scratching. Dogs like rolling on the grass, mainly when they are exhausted in a pastoral leafy area. When happy dogs want to play, they may roll on and invite other animals and people to play with them. There is another reason dogs display their belly because they depend on us and feel defended to be around us. Some other situations when a dog is afraid of you and something else in the environment also show their belly. This is additionally posture language which can be equally seen when they lower their head and put their tail between the legs.

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Why do Dogs follow their Owner everywhere?

The most probable cause? Why dogs follow their owner is that they typically prefer the friendship of their sympathetic friend. Laurie Santos, a professor of psychology and director of Canine Cognition Center at Yale University, said “over the process of domestication, natural selection has shaped dogs to become companions for humans. ’Domesticated dogs are now bonded with humans, just like human children. Burch said, ‘puppies can imprint on peoples as well. “Young dogs can be imprinted within three to 12 weeks.”

Why dogs eat snow?

Dogs like snow because they find it fascinating, fluffy, soft, and hard to touch. One chief cause of consuming snow is dehydration. Winter brings dryness and dogs lots their body moisture through their breath. Dogs involve more water and moisture in winters because the possibility of dehydration increases. But sadly we do not convey surplus water for our dogs.

Eating snow is better than drinking rotten water that was kept a few days ago. Just like humans, some dogs love to eating snow and repeatedly do it. But you should watch out for this because eating snow too much can cause health problems.

Why Dogs lick private parts of other dogs?

Licking other dogs' private parts is principally a normal dog behavior. To interact with other species, the dog uses their mouth and nose. Consider your dog is healthy and well-socialized, licking others' private parts is an ordinary habit. It’s a dog’s style of getting familiar to others, to introduce them to some intimate attachment. To avoid licking in your pooch just redirect his attention towards any other things. It can help to inhibit this behavior.

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