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Weimaraner Vizsla Mix - The Vizmaraner Cross

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When you want to bring a dog into the family home, one of the first things you will often look at is the kind of dog you want.

When you want a dog that has plenty of power and a fair bit of intellect about it, then you might look to a Vizsla or a Weimaraner.

The problem with choosing a dog breed like either of these is that you might not be sure if it is what you want exactly.

Well, if you know that you want one or the other, why not get something that achieves both?

Why not look into getting a Weimaraner Vizsla mix instead?

What Exactly is a Vizmaraner?

The Vizmaraner is a dog mix that is made by breeding a Vizsla with a Weimaraner.

They are a very interesting breed of dog, given the comparative similarities from one of these dogs to the other.

That should make it quite easy for you to notice that you now have a dog that, unlike other mixes, feels like a perfect blend and combination.

For that reason, many people see the Weimaraner Vizsla mix as the ideal half-way house between getting a classic Vizsla or a Weimaraner.

They are interesting dog breeds, with no shortage of charisma and charm about them.

The challenge for most dog owners are deciding if this is the kind of dog that you can make the time for.

Like their parent breeds, these mix breeds can be rather high maintenance dog that, at times, can feel like more than a bit of hard work.

Can you contribute the required time?

Hungarian Vizsla

Hungarian Vizsla

Size, Looks & Apperance

In terms of looks, you often wind up with a dog that feels like a happy blend among the two.

This mix is a dog that often carries a fair amount of charm and charisma with it wherever you go.

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What you will soon notice with this kind of dog, though, is that it can be a happy mix between the two parent breeds.

For example, the classic Vizsla is around 21-24” in terms of height, and around 45-65lbs in terms of weight.

Meanwhile, the Weimaraner is around 22-28” in height, and around 55-88lbs in terms of weight.

That leaves you with two dogs that are similar(ish) in terms of size and weight, meaning that they are going to be a somewhat happy medium.

Expect it to be a touch bigger than a Vizsla, but not quite as big as your largest Weimaraner.

One thing to note about their looks is that they tend to have a very similar appearance to both.

You might actually have some troubles at first being able to tell if this is a Weimaraner or if it is a Vizsla.

Their visual appearance is quite unique, but you should be prepared for a dog that does not mind leaving a bit of a mess around the place.

Many people can find it tough to get their head around how such a thin and athletic dog can manage to leave so much hair around the place and dander in the air.

If you can put up with that, though, the cross breed is often a beautiful mix of dog.

They often have quite charming faces, too, so be prepared for one of those dogs that, if it does manage to test your patience, is able to pull the perfect face to get out of trouble with!

Personality, Traits & Temperament - How Do They Act?

In terms of mood, expect these dogs to be the kind of dog that wants to be outdoors a lot and somewhat energetic.

Given the sheer amount of hunting blood and history in the family, it should be of little shock to you that this is a dog that wants to be outside and seeing the world, taking on everything as it comes.

You might want to make sure, then, that you are going to be able to give it enough time and effort to go outside on a regular basis: otherwise, expect an abrasive dog.

One thing that we have an issue with when it comes to these hybrid dogs, though, is that they can be quite hard to get back inside.

They love to spend time with other animals, and this can cause some problems with the way that they spend time outdoors.

This can make it harder for you to get them back inside and is likely to cause a few issues over time with regards to the way that your dog will act.

If your home is going to be a busy place with a lot of high traffic, don’t be surprised to see your Weimaraner Vizsla mix sleek off into the quiet spot of the house.

They tend to want to be left with a bit of peace and quiet.

So, if you have a full home, they won’t be wanting to inject themselves into the room and become the life and soul of the party.

That should bode well if you are looking to make sure that your cross dog will be able to stay in a good mood and handle the mood of the room should a lot of people come to your home.

As pack dogs, though, make sure you try and keep them in mid-sized company as often as you can, or they can get a touch anxious and aggressive.

Feeding & Diet

Given their history, it should be of little shock to you that the Weimaraner Vizsla mix is going to enjoy a raw food diet the most.

However, for some of us, getting our dogs onto a raw food diet can mean missing out on some essential nutrients and other beneficial items that they need to live a happy and full life.

If you would like to avoid that, then we recommend that you take them to see a vet.

Also, please note that these dogs can potentially have a lot of allergic issues.

As such, you want to get them checked out for anything they cannot eat so that you can avoid it.

Try and improve their intake of food such that has a lot of fish oils, and try to get some more glucosamine into their system via supplements.

This helps to fight off some mobility issues later on in life, but will also generally just keep your mix breed in a much more positive mood moving forward!



Potential Health Issues

Like all other dog mixes, the Vizmaraner mix is a dog breed that can have some issues with their health.

That is why we recommend that you are strict about where you get your Weimaraner Vizsla mix from; they are the kind of dogs that need to be given the all-clear from the breeder before you buy.

Some of the most common problems with these mix breeds include:

  • Problems with their eyes and ears, including epilepsy and entropion, as well as cataracts.
  • Blood clotting is common, too, so keep an eye out for signs of that.
  • Hypothyroidism is common in dogs, too, and can cause numerous issues with their weight.
  • Bloating is another issue to keep an eye out for; a serious problem for a dog to deal with.

All of these are issues that we recommend you have looked into when you first get the dog, or before you get the dog.

Also, have them checked out allergic reactions, especially for the products you use at home.

Exercising & Fitness

Make sure you are ready to give your cross breed a lot of exercises as often as you can.

Like most hunting dogs, they tend to have a lot of natural energy and if they are not allowed to use it they could become quite frustrated.

You will often find that you have to get them outdoors for at least 2-3 bouts of strenuous exercise per day, or your dog will genuinely have problems getting to sleep at night.

If you are someone who is indoors a lot or is not going to be outdoors doing physical exercise, consider another dog.

That might seem harsh, but these dogs are certainly going to suffer if you are someone who spends their time at home.

These are dogs that love to roam around and see the world; keeping them inside all the time is actually going to really hurt their mood.

If you do happen to keep one of these crossbreeds inside a lot, don’t be shocked to come home to something akin to a massacre.

Your dog will have a lot of trouble holding in all of that energy and might use their energy to cause carnage around the home.

It won’t do anything too severe, but some damaged upholstery and ruined files will likely become common if you cannot keep them happy with enough exercise!

Life Expectancy

With regards to life expectancy, it is actually quite difficult to work out for crossbreeds as firstly we don't know how much genetically they have adopted of each parent that is responsible for the longevity and secondly there is just a smaller sample size to go from.

That said, we can get quite a good prediction by trying to combine the lifespan of each breed and then combining them to get a good average of what you can expect.

For Hungarian Vizsla the average life expectancy lies around 12 to 15 years, so we can see the median age there are around 13.5 years.

Then we can cross-reference this with a Weimararnar life span of between 11 and 14 years, that give us a median age of roughly 12.5 years.

So you can see by combining those two it is like to be around 13 years, however, you can expect a life span of between 11 and 15 years on the whole. Hopefully, this gives you a better indication of what to expect.

Where to Buy Vizmaraner Puppies?

Once you have done your research to ensuring that it is a vizmaraner that you are wanting to get, then it is time to try and conduct some research into where you can get one from.

The best place to start is online, there are plenty of outlets there that advertise that they have puppies for sale - however, I would just recommend that you fully carry out your research and make sure that you are actually getting the puppy from a legitimate breeder.

There is a range of ways you can test for this, but the best one is to simply ask questions and whether they can competently answer or not. If the answers they give you are generally vague, then that's usually a bit of a red flag, ask for documentation that they are a legitimate breeder etc. This is to ensure that the puppy you are getting is in good health and won't be subject to potential costly visits to the vet.

Plus, they should just be able to give you some genuine advice on how to ensure the best for your puppy on how care for it.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

© 2019 Harry Sheen

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