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Ways to train cats to go out


Cats are very scary animals, so not every cat can go out with the owner at ease. Therefore, before taking a cat out, you must give a cat outing training course to let the cat get used to it and enjoy the feeling of traveling with the owner.

In addition to training the cat’s habits, you must take some safety measures to prevent the cat from feeling uncomfortable because of fear and panic.

Start training cats from an early age:
It is best to start training cats to go out when they are young , so that they can get used to getting in and out of the cat basket. You can even carry the basket and walk around at home, so that the cat slowly gets used to it. Then expand the scope to elevators, stairwells and other places. After the cat has become accustomed to going out, you can slowly change from walking to taking a ride or expanding the distance of movement.

Take measures to prevent loss: Before the cat goes out, it is best to attach a name tag with the owner's contact information to the cat, so as to prevent the cat from getting lost, the person who picks up the cat can contact the owner.

Help the cat to do a physical examination:
Before taking the cat out, it is best to take the cat to the veterinarian for a complete health check to see if the cat is suitable for travel. And it is best to tell the veterinarian how far the journey is, so that the veterinarian can prescribe some motion sickness medicine to prevent cat motion sickness. Or you can ask the veterinarian to prepare some medicine for going out to prevent the cat from getting injured when going out.

Take motion sickness medicine for your cat before departure: Cats who are
not used to riding in a car will inevitably suffer from motion sickness, so it is best to fast for four hours before departure, and then feed the cat with motion sickness medicine one hour before departure to avoid cats. Motion sickness and vomiting.

Avoid anxiety:
Cats may be very anxious when sitting in a car because they are not used to it, so they scratch or bump. Therefore, it is best to trim your cat’s nails before going out to prevent the cat from scratching things because of tension, causing other passengers to be injured, and so on.

Shorten the driving time:
When the cat is not used to it, it is best to shorten the time the cat spends in the car. If possible, avoid traffic jams as much as possible, and avoid letting cats disturb other passengers if you are taking public passenger transport.

Pay attention to the cat's condition:
If the cat is barking constantly because of nervousness, calm down gently until the cat is quiet. If the cat still cannot calm down, it is recommended to get out of the car and let the cat calm down before continuing on the road.

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