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Wags and Whiskers: Pet Lover community comes together

The inspiration of others that have kept me going through the years. I continue to move forward because of you.

Building an Animal Shelter


Finally!! Making headway

Last Saturday, I attended the groundbreaking of the new County Animal Shelter. I have been attending charity events and volunteering for some events, off and on, since 2018. Hoping to do some volunteer work when they are up and running.

My dog has been a constant in my life. When I moved back here, I then had my brother's dog and, later, my mom's dog as a constant in my life. We used to take the three dogs to the dog park to play. We have since said good-bye to my mom's dog. After finding out she had diabetes, and my mom started administering insulin. She didn't last much longer. She was a dachshund.

My brother's dog is younger than my dog. She will be with us for Christmas, as my brother and his family take a trip for his daughters to learn more about their family tree.

My dog attended the above celebration. It was nice. It's always funny how some people can remember you by their dog. My contact with this project recognized my dog, as I went to get hot chocolate for myself and my mother, leaving my dog with my mother. (Also, pocketed some human and doggie treats for later.) There were lots of dogs in doggie sweaters, for this time of year. Always the best event, when animals are involved.

Here's to the New Year of seeing this project come to fruition. Maybe even rescuing another dog.

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