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Top 7 Insight of Dog Behaviour

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I love to share the facts and trails of pets. Make sure to read the entire article for complete information.

7 Facts about your Dog Behavior


Understand your Dog Better

Here are some of your answers to all bad habits to keeping you playing games in bed at night but why do your dogs have this kind of behavior. Okay, so let me explain the 7 dog behaviors Everybody knows that how Dogs are very friendly and playing creature on earth and they definitely don't have that air of mystery that cat's do but dogs have their uncertain behavior which if you know then it will help you to understand your dogs better. It is really often hard for people to know and understand the K9 social cues and body language of any dog. Have you people notice or ever wondered that why your beloved pet dog always want to chase his tail or do you know why your dog pumped his leg and stands or why your dog sniff other dogs butt well I know, this is insane but for sure you are not alone with such behaviors in this world who had noticed such kind of behaviors from a pet dog.

Sniffing dog


1. Sniff other dog butts.

Well, as we all know that how dogs are completely different from human being and as we humans mostly sees the entire world through the eyes but smelling the entire world is a dog dominant behavior. so, just think about it for a second that you only sees and just think that your dog goes in front of other dogs and starting sniffing the butts but the truth is your dog is just not sniffing around but he is collecting the tail
information of his colleagues standing in front of him.
BUT HOW ? let me explain, so they have an inner glands in their tails that can give more personal information to the dogs after sniffing like what is their gender, what are their reproductive status and how much healthy they are you will shock after hearing this that they can also get to know what breakfast they had for the day. The smell of this gland is unique to every dog depends upon their breeds just like an human fingerprint which filter every information of an individual. And if we talk about dogs their smelling power is ten thousand times then a human being, isn't that obvious. Through this we should understand that how much information they get after scanning the butts. In a world of dogs, smelling butts is a socially accepted and approved way of pleasing others. So, I think they also ask some question to each other like.
1) Where are you from?
2) Can we become friends?
3) And who's is that person who is holding your leash and harness.
Well and many more which we don't even know. comment me below if you have any?

Before lying down


2. Always walk in circle before lying down.

Have you ever think or do you ever had any unstoppable desire of explaining to your dog that they don't have to walk in a circle to lie down or by doing this their bedding will not change any comfort? Well, I think your dog is not the one to blame for such behavior because that comes from their genetics. And it is also proved that this behavior comes from genetics which means their ancestor is half wolves and half dogs who lived many years in the wilderness. so before lying down or falling asleep, they used to walk in a circle whether they are in the snow, or grass, or just in between branches to make a better sleeping spot for them. however, if your dog does this stuff continuously then you should consult a vet in your area. Then after if your dog do this again, then for sure your dog is a fan of mass car racing.

Mounting and humping


3. Always hump legs, object and other dogs.

Well, this scenario is similar to almost all dog owners. So whether it is a male or female dog mount another dog during a walk in a park or on their favorite toys or even they hump on your legs and vet always says that mounting or humping is a normal sexual position for a dog and if your dog is 1 year old and a male dog then this is the position he is thinking for sure. And if your dog is matured and young then the same behavior happens to show the dominant to other dogs or humping on you to getting attention for them. So this is okay with all dog owners and nobody had said their dogs to stop this type of behavior. But if you seriously want to control the mounting and humping then you have to get your pet's attention with a toy or treat as soon as they started humping something and give them a command to sit.

Rubbing butt on ground or floor


4. Always drag the butt on the floor.

This behavior is almost recognized by many dog owners that their dog moves across their living room dragging their butt on the floor. Many people forced me to think that what's happening to my dog and many laugh saying what their dog is doing is it really seems normal? It is normal to anything your dog does but every single thing depends upon the contact and the dog thinks that by doing this they will clean their dead-end properly without having a doubt. Also, we think that cleaning the button the carpet is innocent. Well, your pet may be suffering from any health problem like tapeworms or their inner glands. The inner glands in tacked and get emptied to fluid and they only think to clean as fast as possible.

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Tail chaser


5. Dogs chasing his own tail.

Dogs are playful by nature and they often play with themselves by chasing the tail. Okay, Let be honest with this stuff here wouldn't you catch your tail if you have one. come on this looks fun and just like a dog, it's focused on playing with full energy. They always think smart so when they started running for their tails then their master pays more attention to them so this is their secret behind this stuff. And if we think another reason for chasing a tail is not that cheerfully or acceptable. Also, dogs running after their own tail has some phycological issue or maybe anxiety. What do you think? I recommend you to add some peanut butter in your pet diet to increase the nutritious value.

Cock its head when looking at us


6. Tilt it's head if looking at you.

So when you speak in high volume or when you whistle or make any funny noises then by seeing you your dog demonstrates the cutest behavior ever and they tilt their head. Why Dog do this? it is believed that they are just trying to make sense of what they hear or they trying to find a keyword like sit, lie down or walk, or maybe it is possible that your dog is trying to hear that from where this sounds coming from but if you found your dog lying their head side all the time then for sure there is some problem with them and for this, you should consult a vet. And if your dogs look at you for some treat then your dog will definitely love this.

Dogs Eating grass


7. Always eat Grass.

I know like me you all think that what is going wrong with the dog that your dog started munching the grass like a goat or a cow. And we all started thinking that Is my pet sick? or bored ? or Starving. Well, there is any reason
that why a dog eats something which is against his diet and the reason is maybe just because your dog got bored and secondly eating clean grass may clean your dog digestive system. Maybe also they need fiber or maybe want to taste grass. Really! why not?

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