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Treating Cat Bites and Scratches

In this article, you will find:

1. The story about how and why my cat attacked me.

2. Important, immediate treatment of cat bites and scratches.

3. Ongoing treatment of wounds.

4. Signs of infection.

5. How to avoid being wounded by a cat.

Cat scratches requiring treatment

Cat scratches requiring treatment

Cat Attack: My Story

Cat scratches and bites can often lead to infection if not treated properly. I know because my cat bit and scratched me.

The other day, my cat found himself in a perilous situation. He was standing on the back of the couch looking out the window. Then he decided he needed to look out the other window. He started racing through the mini blinds, back and forth to each window. Then suddenly his back leg got caught in the strings and the poor cat found himself stuck in the blinds. He let out a horrible yowl and struggled to free himself. I raced to him and tried to support his body with one hand as I frantically tried to free his foot from the strings.

The whole time I tried to help him, instead of taking it out on the blinds, he took it out on me. He bit and scratched whatever piece of skin or clothing he could latch onto. My hands, fingers and thumbs were bloody and sore, but I had to get him out. Since untangling the string wasn't working, I ran and grabbed the scissors and chopped the string holding up the blinds.

After he was freed, he ran around the house hissing at me, ready to attack again. I put him somewhere safe where he couldn't hurt himself or me. I didn't dare pick him up, especially with my hands already hurting so bad. Instead, I opened a door and let him walk through. I put his food and water and litter box in the room and closed the door. Periodically I went to check on him and he still hissed at me. I didn't let him out until he had calmed down.

You can well imagine how much I was freaking out. I had blood dripping from my hands and cat urine all over me. I was shaking and scared because I had thought that he was going to hang himself. While he was caught, a stream of urine sprayed out every which way, as he twisted and writhed to free himself. After freeing him, of course my first thought was, "I'm never going to get the smell out." My second thought, which I vocalized loudly, contained several obscenities and, "Oh my God, it hurts so bad!"

You can't see it too well here, but this is the thumb with nerve damage. He bit it repeatedly.

You can't see it too well here, but this is the thumb with nerve damage. He bit it repeatedly.

Painful Cat Bites and Scratches

I ran to the sink and stuck my hands under warm water until I gathered up the courage to pour peroxide over the wounds. All I'm going to say about that is "OW!" After my hysterics subsided a bit and my feeble attempts at cleaning up the mess failed miserably, I called my husband at work. While I waited for him to get home I used my gimp hands to take down the blinds and throw them away. Who would have thought that mini blinds could be so dangerous to a cat? I always made a point to keep the cords out of the cat's reach, but I never would have thought about the strings on the inside acting as death traps. I was just thankful that I was home when it happened.

When my husband got home he tried calling to get me in to see a doctor. "They can see you in three weeks," he said wryly as he hung up the phone. Instead of waiting two weeks for infection to set in, he took me to the E.R.

I was especially concerned because my left thumb, the one that the cat had repeatedly bitten, was completely numb. I've had cats all my life, but I've never been bitten or scratched that badly. Both of my hands swelled up and hurt so bad I could hardly move them. By the time we reached the hospital I couldn't use either thumb.

In my case, the scratches and bites were so severe that one of my thumbs felt numb and I could barely bend the injured appendages. Everything started to swell and ache.

We come to love our pets as part of our family. We begin treating them as if they were our children, but sometimes when they "bite the hand that feeds them" we are reminded that they are animals.

What You'll Need Immediately:

1. Cleanse wounds thoroughly.

2. Antibiotics for infection.

3. Rabies shot (if bitten by a stray).

4. Tetanus shot (if it's been five years since last shot).

5. Benadryl or antihistamine if allergic.

(Do not delay treatment!)

How to Treat Cat Scratches and Bites: What I Learned

If this happens to you, see a doctor immediately. Go to the emergency room if you have to. They will cleanse the wounds and prescribe antibiotics to combat infection. If the animal was a stray, you will more than likely need a rabies shot. Regardless of ownership, if you are not up-to-date on tetanus shots, you will also need one of those. Tetanus shots are good for five years. If it has been over five years since your last, or if you can't remember when your last was, it's a good idea to tell the doctors so they can make sure you are properly vaccinated to reduce further complications.

The doctor told me that my thumb was numb because the cat bit very close to a nerve and I may have permanent nerve damage.

If you, like me, are allergic to cats and your skin bubbles up and swells when you get scratched or bitten, take some Benadryl. The antihistamines will help reduce the painful swelling.

Whatever you do, don't wait to get your cat scratches and bites checked out. A friend of mine said he knew someone who had been scratched severely by a cat. The man was trying to rescue a rabbit from a stray cat (which is a bad idea, by the way. Never mess with a cat's food). The cat attacked him and left him with scratches and bites on his hands and arms. The man didn't go to the doctor until two weeks later when his whole arm became swollen and infected. Doctors said that he could have lost his arm.

Ongoing Care of Cat Scratches and Bites:

1. Keep the wounds clean and dry. Do not cover.

2. Take acetaminophen for pain, if needed.

3. Soak affected area in warm water for 15 mins., three times a day.

4. Look for signs of infection.


Keep the wound clean and dry. Do not cover with bandages as the wounds will be more likely to get infected. You may take acetaminophen (Tylenol, ibuprofen, Advil, or Motrin) to relieve the pain.

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Soak the affected area in warm water for fifteen minutes three to four times a day to keep the area clean and to reduce the possibility of infection.

If you notice a red line under your skin (kind of looks like a red vein), see your doctor immediately. This means that you have an infection. Other signs of infection include pus coming from the wound or warmth or swelling around the injured area. Also, if you run a fever, are tired or dizzy, have a headache or cough, call your doctor.

Signs of Infection:

A red line or lines emanating from the wound.

Warmth or swelling around injured area.

Fever, dizziness, headache, and/or cough.

Pus in the wound.

How to Avoid Getting Injured by Cats

Exercise caution when helping an animal in distress. Animals may not understand that you are trying to help and will, more than likely, take it out on you. Avoid touching the animal, if you can. In my case, the scissors should have been the first thing I went for. If you must handle the animal, take the time to cover your hands and arms with gloves and thick long sleeves.

If your cat is interested in destroying your mini blinds, just take them down. Buy some cheap curtains. Or at the very least keep the blinds pulled up to where he cannot reach them.

Also, don't name your cat after a superhero. Batman, my cat, seems to think he's invincible. Maybe it's the name. Who knows?


shirley on May 10, 2018:

they say soak hand that is bitten or scratched what do I soak it in?

Sally parker on January 13, 2017:

what happens if I have the same scratch as you on the picture but I put cold water on my arm?

nancy styler on March 06, 2016:

I have cats who like to play a little rough at times and really really hate the vets! - my hands are covered in scratches which end up staying as scars....

I now use the Dr Max Powers Scar Serum twice a day for just short of a week, I have noticed the smaller scars on my hands have started to fade (they aren't noticeable to others, but as I know where they are I can still just see them). Its certainly a product that I am going to keep using.

Ricky on August 18, 2015: state "nothing to lose seeing a Dr. for a cat scratch" . I don't know what you have for insurance.. but where I come from Dr. visits are not free. Unless of course you are part of the welfare movement where everything is free... if you meet a certain "criteria" then I see what you mean. However... as for my family and I we pay a copay to see a Dr.

13 year old on September 20, 2014:

What if u touch a stray cat that died a couple hours later and then u notice that red lines that look like veins show up in your arm

lori on September 02, 2014:

My cat attacked me out of the blue. It was about 6:30 in the morning and she was meowing at my bedroom door for me to let her in. So I opened the door and I picked her up when she started biting and scratching me on the arm, shoulder, neck, thumb and legs when I put her down. I was in my hallway and I do not have any idea what caused her to freak out. I ended up taking her to the pound. went to the emergency room where they treated the wounds and put me on antibiotics. It had to happen on a holiday. I can only imagine what the bill is going to be and frankly I cried and cried yesterday. I miss my cat but I cannot trust her not to do this to someone else in my household. She has never been aggressive before.

michelle on December 23, 2013:

I just got out of hospital after copious amountd of iv antibiotics ,after our indoor cat was started through screen door ny a tom cat roaming around lately amongst others ,pur boy is indode and desexed but big boy managed to push bottom of screen foor to get at tom on our doorstep it wad on i didn't get between them shreaked at them they sepstated other cat got knocked about by our cat it was over before it negan but when i went around a couple ft to shoe our cat back inside foor he mistook me still in fight mode and launched himself onto my arm around wrist and bit so hard twice fill length of canine teeth penetrated very deep and scratches,he wieghs 6 kg and large bite i spent last 24 hours in a&e on drop . The pain when it happened was like someone had broken my arm or twisted bones inside scratches didn't even tegoster on paon scale compared to very deep teeth punctures to wrist. I would never wish pain it caused on anyone

Nettaemerson on November 13, 2013:

Does anyone know why my 8mth old kitten always bites me as soon as I get out of the bath ? Also is for ever stealing my face flannel and 'beating' it up . I have a numb thumb where he really bit me hard , must be 5 weeks since the bite and not getting any feeling back , worrying.

Mrs Hozey (author) on July 11, 2013:

Guest, maybe he needs more playtime. Get his some fun toys that he can scratch on instead of you, like little stuffed mice. My cats love playing with those feathers on sticks and little balls. I've noticed the more active a cat is, the nicer he will be when it's time to cuddle and be calm.

Guest on July 08, 2013:

My kitten ( I just got him about a week ago) keeps scratching and biting me when I go to pet him or pick him up. It mostly happens on my feet and hands, rarely on my arms and legs. Anyway, I don't know what to do and I don't want him to think its okay to do so. Any ideas on what to do?

Kimbophil413 on June 26, 2013:

Last week my cat was trying to fight a stray cat through the glass sliding door. I did not touch her and do anything to do. I did tell her calmly, "Rayna, it is ok. Calm down, Rayna." She turned around and attacked me. She jumped up and bit me and proceeded to scratch me severely in 6 different places all over both of my legs. Blood was gushing out. I was in a huge amount of severe pain. The bit bruised my leg. I could hardly walk. I did not go to the doctor though because I do not have medical insurance right now. I will have insurance after next week. I cannot afford to pay cash for it. Now, this morning, my cat out of nowhere attacked me again. This time I did not say anything to her or do anything to her at all. Today's injuries are not as bad as the ones I received last week. It is so painful. I have been keeping neosporin on it and keeping it covered with bandaids.

Mrs Hozey (author) on June 15, 2013:

That is weird that the same thing happened to you. Isn't that the worst sound in the world when a cat is in distress? I hope you heal quickly.

Lyndsey Alexander on June 15, 2013:

I actually stumble upon this page because the same thing happened to me this morning and I was googlin whether I should go to the doctor. I woke up to my cat screaming and his paw was stuck in the blinds I did the same thing and got some nasty scratches and a deep bite. Instead of peeing my cat pooped. Weird how the same thing happened. I think after reading your post ill probably go get it checked out.

Joelle on August 16, 2012:

OUCH!! I've had cat scratches before, but never that bad. I was playing with one of my cats (have three, all siblings) this morning and she accidentally caught her claw on my finger and dragged it down trying to uncatch it. Hurt pretty bad, but it was superficial so I just washed it gently with soap and water and dressed it with aloe and gauze.

I think that in most situations like this with ANY cat, you need to use a thick towel. I've got a couple handy in very accessible locations just in case. When they freak out they don't tend to think about the fact that you're trying to help. I've had a cat get a leg caught in mini blinds before. I promptly took all the blinds down and replaced with cordless ones or curtains. Never a problem since, and IMO they look nicer.

I have a skittish kitty that hates being held, but is very sweet and loves to sit in laps. In any situation that she would need handled for more than 10 seconds a towel would be necessary or you'd be pretty hurt.

Missemi on July 09, 2012:

I was at my friends house and she has 6 cats and there all so wonderful but about 5 days ago I was playing with her adopted kitten who's about 5 months old and she accidentally clawed my toe and left one little tiny nick it started to heal with anticeptic cream but now thats not working, and by reading this I am off to the doctors, :) the kitten who scratched me is soo cute and so soft hearted i can't be mad at her. Hopefully all your wounds have healed without any issues :)

Melissa A Smith from New York on June 23, 2012:

That sounded like a harrowing situation. The worst injury I've ever gotten from one of my pets was when my iguana tore open my lip trying to escape my grasp when my dog was trying to jump up at her. Luckily I just healed on my own, it stitched itself up quite rapidly. Your injuries made me wince. Animals of all species can become quite dangerous when they are scared and go into the flight mode. It's sad that ownership of non-domesticated animals is immediately condemned when similar incidences occur. No situation is without its risks.

Lily on April 13, 2012:

My daughter got scratched only once by our cat after giving the bugger a bath. Within an hour, it was swollen and she had nausea. Thank you for your article, I cleaned and treated the wound with Neosporin, gave her a Benadryl for the swelling and Tylenol for the pain. I had not thought of an allergic reaction. Both the cat and she are caught up on their shots. I will be monitoring her scratch for the next few weeks. Thanks for the information.

brandi on April 13, 2012:

my tom cat we have choose me too when we moved we rented a uhaul truck and he was at the truck place i ask the guys working if it was around to keep the mice out of garage but they said someone droped him off and they been feeding him there lunches for awhile so we took him home i think he was about 4-5 when we adopted him we since had him for 5 years awesome cat we had him neautered after we brought him home 5 years ago and about two weeks ago hes been attacking my kids for no reason he will hid under the coffee table and just lung out grabbing with both front claws and ripping them with his back ones that was to my 10 year old boy and he didn't do anything to him he was just sitting on the floor watching tv and today he done it to my 3 year old don't know why hes lashing out today he lunged on him and i got him off before there was any damage and the cat hid behind the couch as i was walking away to get some stuff to clean out his little scratches he jumped on him again and this time he didn't come off so easy my son now has bites and scratches everywhere the cat would of died if i coud of caught him running away but i was too busy helping my screaming son i have no idea why hes doing this maybe hes old and just don't know but still think hes going to be put to sleep i just cant have this happening all the time he was such a good cat too uvery sad today any suggestions on why hes acting this way?

liz on April 11, 2012:

Just got a nasty scratch and deep puncture wound from a cat in the bottom part of my thumb. I cleaned it with soap and water and put on Polysporin. Next day (today) its hot, red and I can't move my hand its so swollen. I went to docs who immediately gave me a tetanus shot and 10 days worth of antibiotics. He said you should ALWAYS get cat bites or DEEP scratches seen to at docs. You can get badly infected with tetanus, rabies or cat scratch fever. Nothing to lose by seeing doc and everything to gain.

Toni on March 31, 2012:

@Sharon, I Understand why you didn't want to touch it again, but if it were me, it's either 'get a few bites a scratches, or take away the cats life' My best friend's cat bites and scratches me all the time, in fact i've got about 7 deep scratches and about 4 bites on my right hand, and it stings but doesn't bother me,

Cats have souls just like us you know, don't just leave them to die..

Jessica on March 17, 2012:

Thanks for this. My sweet 2yo Egyptian Mau attacked me yesterday morning while trying to get her in her carrier and to the airport. I made it on the plane covered in blood and cat pee. It's severe and I had to go to the dr in the Vienna airport to have things checked out. I was not prescribed antibiotics and I am trying to figure out what to do to minimize pain and risk of infection.

Evee on February 15, 2012:

Okay I'm kinda freaked out now! I got bitten by my cat Nimh on Monday. My thumb is swollen and hurts to bend and it feels like there is something in it being squished. I'm seriously scared now.

joe on December 15, 2011:

I have a cat it hurts

joe on December 15, 2011:

awch on October 14, 2011:

My cat was always mean. He didn't like to be touched. He would come love you but he didn't want you to touch him. And I just always played rough with him. Since he was a kitten I played rough with him. (didn't hurt then. lol) I always enjoyed it and he didn't know any better. I always made sure that he was kept clean, well groomed. He was bathed regularly and his nails kept clean. I don't believe in declawing them because I can't guarentee 100% that I can be around to make up for his not having them. That isn't fair. So I just make sure that I'm tough enough to handle having a pet with claws. My cat could say "f*#k you" in like 9 languages LOL... I just loved it. But the relationship I had with that cat before he um...moved on.. was so rewarding. I'll never have another friend like him. He truly was one of the greatest gifts God ever gave me!

I quite enjoyed your story. Soaking it is good advice. Going to the ED is also good advice. (I work in health care and as a nurse already knew this, of course) I'm so glad that so many people were able to get some good from this. I'm so sorry that you were hurt and that your cat (poor thing) was so tramatized. Anyway, thank you for posting. I like to hear about people and their cats. I think cats are such amazing animals. Each so unique. The one I have now is so mellow and sweet compared the last one I had who was such an asshole. The last cat was mine because, well, because he wanted to be. He wasn't supposed to be actually. He chose me. It's a long story- I didn't really have a choice, he wanted to be my cat. So he was. It was the best relationship I ever had! Hands down. And I've had some good ones, too. And the cat I have now is so different. He won't use his claws. He has them. And I have a three year old that is a little monster...she means well, she's just rough... but this can just won't claw her. Doesn't matter if someone's watching or not. He's really great. Maybe he's hoping I'll really adopt him into the family before winter. He's actually a neighborhood stray. The guy who he belonged to just went into a nursing home to die and he's been hanging out here since. Me and another neighbor have been feeding him but he hangs out here mostly... maybe he'll change if I decide to let him in for the winter and get him fixed. I really doubt it. But he's certainly a keeper if he really is as mellow as he's been so far. I've never seen a cat put up with so much. He seems to be one that would have let you help him and not have bitten you. on October 03, 2011:

my cat hit my father on hand and the was look like the attement of seucide like cut the nurves what can i do plz plz tell me

ashley on September 28, 2011:

the kitty that got stuck on the fence..perhaps you shouldve called animal control i dunno just a thought or maybe even a wildlife place or..a rescue? you just left it there of course it didn't survive

Dan on April 16, 2011:

I got bitten by a cat and now my finger is getting swollen. I think I'll be allright since I got a tenis shot not too long ago

A 12 yr old on March 13, 2011:

My neighbors cat got in our house and had a cat fight with one of my cats.they got in to it on my moms bed waking my mom up. Now my mom has two gashes on her thumb and scratches all over her hand her hand is swollen and in some places there is bruising. I'm not a doctor but I have first aid training and the bruising is farther from the heart than the injury So doesn't that mean possible vain damage. And I know she wont listen to me because I'm 12 but even my dad is telling her to get medical help but she is still refusing medical help

cfiske from Orange County, CA on January 16, 2011:

Thanks for the advice! I've had cats for years but only recently learned how seriously they can injure a person. One time, I accidentally stepped on my cat's tail and she responded by chomping on my calf so hard that I have scars there to this day. If faced with enough fear, cats can indeed have the potential to cause irreparable harm. I had a friend who almost lost their hand when an angry mother cat became too defensive and chomped down. I'm glad you've provided some good advice for responding to such an incident. Keep it up!

joe on December 10, 2010:

I was bit by my cat this week when he went on a catnip binge (my fault ) We were celebrating the complete healing of a eye injury he had.He went to bite the bottle of catnip and nailed my right hand,the one i need to shoot a nail gun with to make a living My hand swelled up so bad i could barely move it and the pain is incredible!Being treated with some nasty antibiotics, Doctor says i may end up in hospital,he said the only bite worse than a cat is a human ,but grizzly bear would suck also.

Rose on November 21, 2010:

daaamn D:

well like idk if this is bad but i think i'm alergic to my cat, if i get scratched by her can something bad happen to me? D:

Cb on November 08, 2010:

Thank you for all the info. Am keeping an eye on my finger that us numb and bitten and scratched. My cats hind leg got hung up in the kitchen drawer handle when he jumped from the counter after I shsssed him to get down. I am still trying to get him our from under the bed to make sure he is ok. OUCH!!! Will use a towel next time and hopefully think before I act

person on November 06, 2010:

i say u should just go to the doctor and get it checked out, i got scratched tday at petsmart and it still hurts. its not bloody, but very painful.

khadija arham on October 23, 2010:

i was just petting a stray cat when it gave me a slight cut on my hand !!! blood came out so i put iodine and a bandage on it!!! it healing but ichy and im scared of injectins im just a 12 year old!! what should i do?

George on August 31, 2010:

I've got a 3 n a half months kitten. She bites all the time - she doesn't like to be touched at all, but even if I don't pet her she ocassionaly attacks my hand/feet. I average a good bite per day.

Never went to a doctor or something to get antibiotics.

If losing limbs from bacteria was so easy I would only have my head left by now... Just a thought.

Ericka on August 29, 2010:

I'm allergic to something on the cat.. something in her coat so i put on dishwashing gloves take 2 claritin and give her and anti dandruff/ skin conditioning bath every week. she hates it but normally grins and bears it. if it were up me to id get rid of her but she is my boyfriends cat sooo.. i deal with it. well today when i gave her a bath she freaked bit and scratched me. she ddint bite realy hard or deep and the wounds are healing well without any infection that is noticable... but it is numb as hell and really starting to freak me out! this happened at 9am and its now 6 pm and im still numb and really worried... any suggestions.. i don't wanna make and er visit if they cant fix it

Darlene on July 24, 2010:

I have a cat that has sracth me several times noe she has sratch me over the eye-lid twice and left a trouble scar my friends say i should get rid of the cat but I won't I have had the her since she was left aoutside at a few days after birth what can I do

karrissa on July 24, 2010:

i got bit on my index finger by a cat the other day. he is immunized and my finger is slowly healing, but it is really numb by the bite. it's been a few days and it's still numb. if i go to the doctors can they fix it or is it going to stay like that?

becky on July 15, 2010:

i was bit by a cat around 5 hours ago. it was stuck on chicken wire so i tried to help it and the lil bugger bit me, i had to tear it off with my other hand and after a few minutes of struggling it freed itself. i have four puncture wounds on my hands and loads of scrathes,i cant move 2 of my fingers, and ive just been researching about what to do. think im gunna go to the doctors, or hospital 2mora thanks to all ur information, just a bit scared about the needles :(

Mrs Hozey (author) on July 06, 2010:

I'm glad my information helped you guys. Sorry I didn't get around to commenting back sooner. Worried, I hope your friend is okay and the antibiotics worked. I love cats, but they sure are unpredictable.

xVisage on June 21, 2010:

Thank you so much for sharing this, my kitten (3 months old) decided to bite my land while giving him a bath (not his first bath at all!), after 24 hours my left thumb is now swells badly, I went to professional care and they gave me a Tetanus shot, also 5 other shots for Rabies in which I must take across a whole month!

(I am giving my kitten his vaccines with my vet, he is still have 3 more shots to take)

I'm taking antibiotics for my thumb, the swelling starts to shrink a bit next day (which is today!), may be the pain is much more annoying, but it used to be a good sign indicating that my body and the antibiotics is actually working and the infection seems to be defeated (hopefully), otherwise I know that I must do mini-surgery to rescue that thumb!!

I couldn't stop thinking about my thumb getting infected and some doctors strives to take it out of my body!! until I found this article, I feel much better now, thanks to you ..

Worried on June 14, 2010:

A friend of mine came over this weekend and had brought his dog to keep in my back yard for the night. He went to go check on the dog while I was in the bathroom and let my cat out (who is really scared of dogs). He went to go pick up my cat and the cat eventually saw the dog and went crazy... biting him several times. The hand became infected over night and he went to the doctor the next day and the doctor had told him if the antibiotics don't work they would have to cut off his hand... this all has me really concerned about my friend... what are the chances the antibiotics won't work?

Kelly on June 04, 2010:

I'm an animal lover,I have a rescued dog from puppy mill,& an abused cat I saved from an abusive family,the cat has behavioral issues d/t mean people, He does bite & scratch BUT is getting so much better & calming down now he is in a loving home. A cat bite is one of the worst they have 20 some different bacteria's in their saliva, people have almost lost limbs from their bites, the cat has to defend its self, good luck on ur injuries & keep showing animals love remember they're just people w/ fur only sometimes nicer.

mian on May 27, 2010:

thnx i am felling so bad =( oh =(

Nice kitty bites when startled on April 03, 2010:

my cat has attacked me badly twice, and another person once. Both time it attacked me it was fighting another cat and i made the mistake of grabbing it and he bit me. The first time his tooth penetrated between my pinky knuckle and finger bone and he almost dislocated it. Plus he split my pinky knuckle to the bone in a 3/8" gash from his tooth and scratched the crap outta my hand. The second time he bit my wrist and it swoll up something fierce, within 6 hours of being bitten it was so swollen it felt like the circulation was cut off in my hand and i couldn't bend it in any direction cuz it was so stiff and fat. Neither times did i go to the clinic but man both times it hurt so bad. The pain is crazy, i almost passed out the time he partially dislocated my finger and ripped my skin open. I should have gone to see a doctor both times im sure, first time for stitches atleast, and the second for antibiotics...This mornin i was sleeping and a girl who was in bed with me her alarm went off. She reached up to get it and my cat bit her arm hard, blood everywhere and two good punctures....f#*@in cat!. But im sure her alrm startled him and then he saw an arm and pounced.... but yeah im scared to have him around kids cuz kids are dumb and don't understand when an animal doesn't wanna play dress up or be a pillow....

holly on March 19, 2010:

linda............. re-type

linda on March 08, 2010:

my legs are so bad and my better half get mad at because iam the one scratches and not her ???

holly on March 07, 2010:

Angry.... get rid of your cat then and get a nicer one! My cat bit me yesterday evening. i was holding her and my neighbour came to the window with her rottweiler. i was obviously stood indoors with the window open, still with my cat in my arms. the rotty put his two front paws on the window ledge and scared my cat half to death. in panick she bit my thumb and jumped out of my arms. She left 3 puncture wounds which blead like hell!i didn't realise that cat bites are serious until my thumb doubled in size.i got advised to go to the A&E where they cleaned and dressed the wounds.i also needed my tetanus jab and anti-biotics. it's now the morning after and the pain and swelling has travelled up my fingers and down my hand! i can bearly move it and cannot use my thumb at all! it has got much worse and spread alot in such a short space of time! If anyone has any swelling after a cat bite i would not hesitate to visit the doctor/hospital asap. you could end up loosing your hand!!

Angry on February 17, 2010:

In my opinion, why even get a stupid cat?! they are nothing but trouble. I've had a cat for ten years and it's always bitten me every chance he can get! I hate it! In fact he just did it again today.

Mrs Hozey (author) on October 04, 2009:

Ouchie. The numbness is the worst part. Glad I could help. Hope your wounds heal soon.

Shelley Young on October 04, 2009:

Wow and ouch. I volunteer at a local cattery and got bit by one of the newer cats who has a fear of other cats and some kind of pain syndrome. Anyway, the cat scratched me when I was holding on to her to keep her from attacking the other cats. Deep cut on nose and arms...she hit me so hard that the wounds were numb until about 24 hours. I was lucky, though, because I wear glasses so she couldn't hit my eyes and haven't gotten any infection worth seeing the doctor for. Thank you for your note though on soaking the wounds for 15 minutes. That is one thing I haven't done and I think it is why the scratches are taking a longer time to heal than normal.

Hang in there and again thanks for the information. It is lifesaving and certainly painsaving for me now.

Mrs Hozey (author) on September 11, 2009:

Wow, Sharon! That sounds horrible. There was nothing more you could have done, though. At least you tried to help the poor thing.

David Fallon from Pomona, CA on August 27, 2009:

ouch! those pictures are hard to look a life time owner of many cats, I feel your pain hehe

Sharon on July 26, 2009:

Your story sounds a little like mine. My husband and I were out walking. We live in a rural area. We came upon a cat who's fur was caught on a barbed wire fence. My first thought was to help get the poor cat free. So I climbed over a fence to get to the cat. I approached and it began hissing at me. I bent down close to it and it starting scratching, clawing, biting and gnawing at my hands, arms and legs. I screamed in pain! I literally had to punch the cat in the head to get it to release my hand. Bloodied, bruised and crying I climbed back over the fence. My husband called my daughter to come and pick us up as we were quite a ways from our house. I came home and ran running water over my hand but my husband ended up taking me to the emergency room. They cleaned my wounds and sent me home with antibiotics and vicodin. We were not able to free the cat and I feel bad because I don't think it survived.

gabriela on July 16, 2009:

thanks for the info!

Mrs Hozey (author) on June 12, 2009:

I'm glad it helped!

ang on June 12, 2009:

nice read.. thanks, my kitten Elvira got me good and your info really helped. Thanks again

Lgali on March 05, 2009:

useful info

Mrs Hozey (author) on March 05, 2009:

Thanks for the comment. That's a great tip about the towel. Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking too clearly at the time. The noise he was making was very unsettling.

Your kitty sounds so cute!! When I was little I had a cat that was born with a crooked paw. We called him Hook. He was a good cat and the paw never seemed to bother him.

The cat is still in the garage for now. It happened yesterday so I'm still pretty sore, taking my meds and soaking my hands a lot. We haven't had him for very long and I'm on the waiting list for an appointment to get him fixed. As an un-neutered male cat I expected a bit of aggression when he was given to us. I can't really blame him for lashing out in that situation because he was just scared to death. My husband said that if we keep him, we're getting him declawed. I've always been opposed to declawing, but I'm reluctant to give him up as I've already grown quite attached to the little devil.

My husband is in the USAF. I will pass on what you said. It always means a lot to him to hear comments like that. =)

Bill Russo from Cape Cod on March 05, 2009:

Ouch!  I've had cats for many years and never had a problem like that. 

I do know some people with scratchy cats.....they always keep a thick towel handy.  Wrapping the pet in the towel makes it much safer for you (and the cat) when you need to put the pet in a carrier, or to cut its nails, or even to untangle it from a set of blinds. 

I've always had very gentle of my best, called Fragment, had TRIPLE PAWS and GIANT CLAWS but was so sweet that when she flopped that outsized mitt on top of your hand, it felt like a soft never felt the claws!

I hope you are ok.  What have you done with the cat?.  If it were me, I am not sure I would keep the cat.

Are you okay now? Also are you American Military? If so, thank your husband and you for your service...and sacrifices.

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