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Top 7 Reasons Why Boxers Are the Best Family Dog Breed

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Yuliss has worked with sheltered dogs, training them to be adoptable to good homes. She has had her own dogs and now has 4 human children!


Top 7 reasons why Boxers are the best family dog breed

Man’s best friends are known to be an integral part of many households, plus the joy and love that your canine companion can bring to your household is truly not comparable and makes it hard to think about how someone cannot have a family dog. But, when you begin the process of finding a good family dog breed to select your new companion from is when you will have to start considering the many different traits and attributes. In this Blog, we are going to go over the different reasons why Boxers can be considered as best family dogs.

1. Boxers are considered as high energy dog breed as they were originally bred for hunting and they can go on playing for quite a while with everyone in the family and still be ready for a walk.

2. Boxers are known to be patient and calm-natured , because of which they are considered ideal dog breeds to interact with children. As parents, you won’t have to worry about safety issues or any kind of unwanted behavior.

3. Related to the above-mentioned point is that Boxerss are ideal playmates for kids, because of their sturdy build they are themselves able to withstand rough play by little kids.

4. Boxers are one of the more loyal and loving breeds, over time as they were bred to guard and hunt they are ingrained with a deep sense of attachment towards their owners.

5. Boxers as already mentioned multiple times over this blog were bred to be guard dogs and although they are not particularly violent, but are usually on alert and ready to take care of their loved ones.

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6. Boxers are considered a very intelligent dog breed and with their patient and calm nature are considered as best family dog breed, plus excellent services pets. Their intelligence is a big bonus as it means that it is easier and quicker to train a Boxer.

7. Boxers are absolute goofballs and meme materials, as they have a fun and curious nature they love to play games, explore and be silly.


Interesting Facts about the Boxer dog breed

Boxers have been with humans from very early in our history, they were originally bred to be guard and hunting dogs. Although they are considered to be a German breed but were originally from central Asia. Brought over to Germany are hunting dogs and were used to hunt game as large as bears and bison.

2. Boxers as a dog breed are considered big framed dogs and are usually 22 to 24 inches tall a male Boxer weighs about 80 to 65 pounds, while females are usually a bit smaller about 65 to 50 pounds.

3. One of the top reasons why Boxers are considered the best family dog breed is due to them requiring very little grooming and a couple of quick brushes a couple of times a week is usually good.

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