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Top 5 Dog Training Tips

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There’s no such thing as a bad dog or a dangerous dog breed. It’s not about the dog, but the owner. If a puppy is behaving badly, the owner is the one to blame! When you think about it, it’s really strange why some people fail to train their puppies properly, especially knowing that training a puppy is an easy thing to do. In order to help you with raising a smart and joyful dog, we decided to give you some advice. Follow these 5 dog training tips and you won’t have any problems with your pet.

Set Up Basic Rules

Dogs learn quickly and some of them will remember the rules for the rest of their lives. That is why you need to make sure the rules you set are good, both for you and for your pet. If you set rules that you’ll change in the future, the chances are that your dog will not adapt to changes easily. For that reason, it is extremely important to set the rules for once and for all.

For example, if the rule is that the dog is not allowed on the furniture, you need to make this rule from day one. On the contrary, the puppy will grow thinking that climbing on the furniture is a good thing, which is why it will be very hard to teach them otherwise later.

Teach Your Dog to Respond to His Name

You need to choose your dog’s name wisely. It needs to be easy for the dog to understand it. It has to be simple, preferably with a consonant at this end. Such names will create a better sound effect so that the dog will get alerted each time. So, with that in mind, you should focus on choosing names like Ginger, Penton, Oscar, Rex, etc. You get the idea…

Focus on Positive Motivation

Instead of scolding or even worse, hitting your dog, when he behaves badly, you need to award him when he shows good behavior. This is best demonstrated with an example – if your dog jumps up to greet you, which they often do, you should not start screaming at him. Instead, wait till he calms down and give him a cuddle.

You mean the world to your dog, which is why the puppy will feel the worst when you ignore him. This is exactly what you need to do every time he's behaving badly. The biggest punishment a dog can get is for the owner to ignore him.

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Make Training Sessions Short

You shouldn’t spend too much time trying your dog as it won’t bring any good, neither to you nor the puppy. Training sessions should be short. You can teach your dog to behave nicely if you spend just 5-10 minutes on training every day. Otherwise, your dog will get bored of the training sessions and will likely respond badly to them.

End Every Training with a Treat

If you want to train your dog properly, you need to make sure the training is fun. A trick to make your dog fall in love with training lessons is to treat him with his favorite food at the end of every training.

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