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Top 10 Non shedding Dogs

Top 10 Non Shedding Dogs

Top 10 Non Shedding Dogs

  • Large dogs that don't shed
    Nearly everyone has an allergy one of the most common allergen is related to pets. Dogs’ hair in particular can be a serious allergen that can cause serious allergy. Besides the dog hair, some people are allergic to dog saliva and dander. Large Hypoa

Top 10 Non Shedding Dogs

Top 10 non shedding dogs are the most sought after dogs for adoption as family pets. If you are looking for non shedding dog breeds for adoption, you probably have previously suffered dog hair allergy. Hypersensitivity to dog hair is the sole reason that many people with kids, prefer to adopt non shedding dog breeds. If you have been researching on dogs that don’t shed, you probably have come across several lists that leave you more confused. I would like to summarize the list of dogs that don’t shed to top 10 non Shedding dog breeds as they have been reviewed by several sources. When selecting a pet dog the family, you need to get it right. You should consider the size of the dog, behavior problems, if they can be good with children and how easy the dog can be trained. If you like large dogs for adoption, you should consider large non shedding dog breeds as your best choice for a pet.

Non shedding Dogs Selection

Considering breeds that make good family pets is a considerable factor in selection of dogs, all the top 10 non shedding dogs make good family pets. Nearly all new dog owners probably wish they could get a dog that perfect in terms of behavior and health, this seemingly is one elusive thing about dog ownership. In most cases you have to be ready to learn how you can live happily training your dog on how to get along with your family. Non shedding dog breeds should also be easy to train, low exercise demands and adapt to your home for them to qualify as good family pets.

Why non shedding dog breeds are the best family pets?

Low shedding dog breeds are somewhat considered by many dog owners that they shed little and are therefore said to be non shedding dog breeds. It is impossible for any dog breeds not to shed. The most disturbing phenomenon about dog shedding is dogs that shed more and often shed all the seasons. Consider a dog like the one shown in the photo below; the dog does not only litter your floor, make it hard to clean especially for carpets the hair is a serious allergen that can cause serious hypersensitive reaction in your children. Think about that and you will appreciate why non shedding dog breeds make good pets.

  • List of Dogs that Shed the Most
    Dog shedding is one of the most serious concerns amongst people who are predisposed to allergies that are caused by pet fur, dander and hair. The choice between a dogs that don’t shed and those that shed the most is a great distinguishing factor...

Non shedding Dogs Ideal pets for Allergy Sufferers

According to statistics at least 10% of the entire population is allergic to animal hair. One of the most close animal to man is obviously the dog. The dog hair allergies are therefore a large percentage of the allergies that affect people. It is in this regard that nearly all allergy sufferers find solace in adopting any of the non shedding dog breeds. These breeds have generally been observed to have lower incidences of allergies.

It does not mean that the non shedding dog breeds do not shed fur at all. In fact most of these breeds will shed a little hair during winter. With proper dog grooming and care that includes a good diet you can be able to minimize the chances of spontaneous shedding.You should also consider learning tips to stop dog shedding. Allergy suffers find the top 10 non shedding dog breeds to be great pet companions that are ideal for the entire family. If you are looking for an ideal pet for allergy suffers or asthmatic kids, you should consider these dog breeds considered as the top non shedding breeds.

Top 10 Non Shedding Dogs Opinion Poll

List of Top 10 Non Shedding Dogs

  1. Yorkies
  2. Bichon Frise
  3. White Terrier
  4. Maltese
  5. Havanese
  6. Boston Terrier
  7. Miniature Schnauzers
  8. Shih Tzu
  9. Chinese Crested
  10. Poodle

Share your Opinion on Non Shedding Dogs

Please share your opinion on the top 10 non shedding dog breeds and me know what you think though the comments.

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Brody on November 10, 2017:

Can cats be non shedding

FR on January 16, 2013:

I think you're top ten is a good selection however you've missed the Coton de Tulear. They are low shedders (if groomed properly) and are good family companions and wonderful with children. The Coton also is smart! I find with some of your top ten list the breeds are lacking in trainability which would not make them a top choice for a family pet (in my opinion).

Cotons' stature is sturdy which enables them to hold up to smaller children rough housing with them better than some breeds you have listed.

With any dog, children should be monitored while spending time with a dog to prevent accidents.

peanutroaster from New England on December 05, 2012:

I concur on the pugs! Hair factories - but cute!

peanutroaster from New England on May 28, 2012:

"White Terrier" I think you mean West Highlands White Terrier. No shedding but you have to brush out dead hairs. No big clups of hair come out like a shedding dog but they do lose hairs

Tams on May 05, 2012:

Boston Terriers definitely shed. They have short hairs that like to cling to your pants.

Joe Njenga (author) from Nairobi Kenya on May 03, 2012:

@Bloggering Thank you for your insightful addition its highly welcomed.

bloggering from Southern California on May 03, 2012:

Great hub! Pugs are definitely NOT on this list :-) It's incredible how much hair comes off our pug - but we love him anyway. But in the years ahead, we will be thinking of a lower shedding dog.

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