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The 10 Most Respected Breeders Who Founded New Dog Breeds

Usually we talk about dog and dog breeds, but missing to remember the legend breeders who developed them. Though the Most of the dogs were developed hundreds or a thousand years ago, sand their development history is not known. Also, another reason, the creation of dog breed is a lengthy process and sometime it’s a long term project where more than one person was involved. Also, you can notice that the most of modern pedigree dog breeds have originated from Germany, which are descended from Gray Wolf. But their creator history is not available..

But some of the famous and excellent dog breeds have existence to just one person and bear the name of creators. You can refer this article if you like to know about some of the most successful and legend breeders.


Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann was the first breeder of the Doberman Pinscher, who created Doberman Pinschers in 1863 (when he was 29 years old). In 1963 his dogs were presented on the first dog market in Apolda, Germany and received great appreciation and recognition.

Louis Doberman was a tax collector and he need to collect tax and travel along with collections which was a dangerous role. He aimed to have a dog for personal protection and decided to create a new ideal brave, courageous and devoted dog breed and created Doberman dogs in 1863, but they got popularity and demand from 1910 onward after his death in 1894.

Biography of Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann

Born: 2 Jan 1834
Died: 9 June 1894 (aged 60), Apolda, Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach
Nationality: German (From, state of Thuringia, Germany)
Qualification: NA.
Profession: Tax Collector in Germany.
Dog Breed: Doberman Pinscher
Breed Registration: First Dog of Doberman breed was presented In 1863 and English Kennel Club accepted this breed latter an year.

About Doberman Pinschers

The Doberman Pinschers are the medium- tall, squarely built dogs that have an athletic and muscular appearance. They are courageous, energetic and intelligent dogs. Doberman Pinschers have unmatched protection, quality and they are highly appreciated for their courage, protection and dedication to their owner and family. They are the most reliable family pets and most demanded dogs around the world for military and police operations.


Though the breed development history for Doberman dogs is not available, but the most accepted theory for their development, is these five dogs are the ancestors for Doberman breed creation.

1: The Rottweiler
2: Dutch Shepherds
3: Manchester Terrier
4: Greyhound
5: Unknown Hound or Primitive Dog

Physical Traits of Doberman Pinschers:

Height: Female: 27–41 kg, Male: 34–45 kg
Weight: Female: 27–41 kg, Male: 34–45 kg.
Life-Span: 10 – 13 years
Temperament: Intelligent, Alert, Protective, Energetic, Courageous, Devoted.

Creator of German Shepherd

Creator of German Shepherd

Modern German Shepherds were developed by, Max Stephanitz was the creator. Who was a career cavalry officer from Germany and spent time serving at the Veterinary College in Berlin. From where he gained knowledge in biology and science of movement, later applied his knowledge for the breeding of a new breed of dogs.

Max Stephanitz started improving to local Shepherd dogs he explored many other shepherd types of dogs in his project. And when he observed some other shepherd dogs that have a wolf like appearance and also they were very intelligent. Then he got an idea to create a new breed of dogs, and created Modern German Shepherds, which are one among the most demanded dog breeds around the world.

Biography of Max von Stephanitz

Born: December 30, 1864, Dresden, Germany
Died: April 22, 1936 (aged 71)
Nationality: German (From, state of Thuringia, Germany)
Qualification: Associated with veterinary College in Berlin.
Profession: career cavalry officer.
Dog Breed: German Shepherd
Breed Registration: First presentation of German Shepherd Dogs was in 1901 and The English Kennel Club accepted this breed and registered in 1919.

German Shepherds are well-balanced, multi-talented dogs, and also they are the one among the world's most appreciated and demanded dogs. German Shepherds are also known as Alsatian in Great Britain and some parts of Europe. They are intelligent dogs of working category, which are strong, energetic and are unmatched for their devotion, courage, and intelligence. Even this multi-talented and loyal companion belongs to shepherd category and most valued for police and military services. But they also make an excellent companion and family pet.

Physical Traits of German Shepherds:

Height: Female: 55–60 cm, Male: 60–65 cm
Weight: Female: 27–41 kg, Male: 34–45 kg
Life-Span: 10 – 13 years
Temperament: Intelligent, Protective, Alert, Obedient, Loyal, Brave, Confident.

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Walden was a farm manager in Boston, Massachusetts. Later he moved out to Yukon River to work for freight, supplies. There he found an Eskimo dog, named “Chinook”. That was a massive 100-pound male in lean condition and a very capable lead dog. That made a deep impression on Walden, but in January 17, 1929, Chinook was disappeared on his 12th birthday.

The loss of Chinook affected him deeply and Walden said in a newspaper interview afterward that he was no longer able to run in front of a sled all day. And he returned back to New England to live in the Tamworth area, where he made his mind to recreate an ideal sled dog breed, he started developing Chinook dog Breed. He used many females, mainly Belgian and German Shepherds and husky to create Chinook Dog breed.

Biography of Arthur Treadwell Walden

Born: May 10, 1871, Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America.
Died: March 26, 1947, Wonalancet, New Hampshire, United States in a fire broke out.
Nationality: United States of America.
Qualification: Educated from Chattuck Military School in Faribault, Minnesota and went to Boston, Massachusetts in 1980.
Profession: Farm manager, Chinook Dog Kennels and Book Writer.
Books: A dog-puncher on the Yukon, published in 1928.
Dog Breed Created: Chinook sled dog.
Breed Registration: Engagement started from 1902 and continued till 1917 and chinook breeding program was setback in 1922-1923. Chinook Dog breed was accepted by American kennel Club in 2013.

The Chinook is a hardy, muscular and energetic sled dog that was created to pull sleds in the Mountains of New Hampshire. It has very powerful muzzle and enduring teeth that help in pulling sleds. The Chinook is a calm, playful dog and very devoted and protective for family and kids in the family. The Chinook is considered one among the best dog breeds to keep with kids and is the official state dog of New Hampshire's.

Physical Traits of Chinook Dogs:

Height: Female: 53–64 cm, Male: 58–69 cm,
Weight: Female: 27–41, Male: 34–45 kg
Life-Span: 10 – 13 years
Temperament: Calm, Friendly, Intelligent, Devoted, Hard-working and Versatile.


Leendert Saarloos was a Dutch dog breeder and creator of Saarloos Wolfdog. He anticipated creating a dog breed aimed for a police dog, rescue dog and seeing-eye-guide. He started breeding program in 1932 by mixing German shepherd and European Wolf.
His priority was to create a healthy dog systematically. But he was not interested for a degenerated” breed. In Year in 1935, he selected European wolf named “Fleur”, from the zoological garden Blijdorp and mated her with a German Shepherd male called Gerard von Transrhenum. He named his new created breed “The European Wolfdog.”. And later in 1975, Dutch Canine Organization renamed them Saarlooswolfhond (Saarlooswolfdog).

Biography of Leendert Saarloos

Born: 16 November 1884, Dordrecht, Netherlands.
Died: 13 January 1969, Dordrech.
Nationality: Netherlands.
Qualification: NA.
Profession: Dutch Dog Breeder.
Dog Breed Created: Saarloose Wolf Dog.
Breed Registration: Started breeding program from 1932. The First Dog was acknowledged in 1975 in the Netherlands and registered with FCI in 1981.

Saarloose Wolfdog is a well build, athletic and muscular dog that has a wolf-like face and expressions. This breed was created by mixing European wolf, Female and German Shepherd male, and have qualities from both the genus. They make a proud and elegant walk, they use their feet lightly and walk slowly also they are dominant and aloof by nature. This breed needs a lot of exercise and running and not recommended for apartment life, also they are not well suitable for warm climates and recommended only for cold climates and outdoor living persistence.

Physical Traits of Saarloose Wolfdog:

Height: Female: 60–70 cm, Male 65–75 cm
Weight: Female: 36–41 kg, Male: 36–41 kg
Life-Span: 12+ years
Temperament: Sturdy, Reserved, Aloof, Devoted, Energetic, Courageous, Proud, Independent.


Ing. Karel Hartl started developing a new breed in 1955, by mixing between a Carpathian Wolf and German Shepherd. And in 1958, first pup were born. His initial aim was to examine the "Results of crossing wolves with dogs" and create a breed that would have the best qualities from both genus, like the temperament, pack mentality and trainability of the German Shepherd Dog and the strength, physical build, and stamina of the Carpathian wolf.
In 1965 his lecture got attention at the World Dog Show in Brno and at the annual meeting of the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and the International Cynologic Congress in Prague. The third generation of the series were born in 1977 which are the parent for today’s Czech Wolfdog. In 1982 the first dog of this breed was accepted by Czechoslovakian breeders associations as a national breed and in 1989 they got FCI membership also they won the title of "World Champion" at World Dog Show in Brno in 1990.