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Top 10 Most Popular Cross-Breed Dogs

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Mixed-breed, Cross-breed or Designer Dogs

Crossbreed dogs, mixed breed or designer dogs are a combination of two or more recognized breeds. They have been purposely crossed and groomed to perform some specific task or to take some genetic benefits over their own breed. Some designer dogs were created by considering suitability with owner, like for apartment living people and people staying with small kids or for the allergic people. Though most of the designer dogs are not recognised and accepted by major kennel clubs, but some of these dogs had gained good reputation and popularity and are in demand by owners and kennels. This article has an introduction of most popular and successful cross-breed dogs and the purpose and benefit to create them.

A Labradoodle is a most popular and well recognized crossbreed dog, created by cross between, Labrador Retriever and Miniature or Standard Poodle. The aim to create this breed was to found a medium sized hypoallergenic guide dog. First dog of this breed was created in 1955, but this dog got off late popularity. In 1988 this was well recognized breed for an excellent allergen-free guide dog.
subcategories, Small, medium and standards. Miniature and small Labradoodles is created by crossing Toy/miniature Poodle with Labrador and Average and standard Labradoodles are created by crossing between a Standard Poodle and Labrador. Depending upon to their sub category their weight and height also varies. A small and miniature Labradoodle can have weight around “15 to 30 pounds” and Medium Labradoodles around “25 to 45 pounds” but the standard poodles can go up to 100 pounds. The Labradoodle is an intelligent, lively and energetic dog breed that make an excellent family and companion dog.

The Shih-poo is a small mixed breed dog, by a cross between a Poodle and a Shih Tzu. This breed is yet not accepted by any major kennel club and also breed standards are yet also not set. But many breeders aiming, to develop this breed as an independent own breed, with a strict breeding program in between multigenerational dogs. The good chunk for initial success is some kennel clubs accepted registration of mixed-breed dogs and allow for performance events such as agility and obedience.

A Cocapoo is the first cross – breed or designer dog, recognized since 1960. It is a cross between the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. This small, active, lively and intelligent and very affectionate companion is also known as Cockadoodle, Cockerdoodle, Cockerpoo, Cock-A-Poo, Cock A Poo and Spoodle. This is a small dog with forgiving and happy nature and good to keep with children and family staying in apartments.
Also, it’s been considered for therapy dog. Cocapoos are very affectionate dogs that won’t let you to feel alone. Based on their size and weight they are categorised in four different sub categories- Teacup Toy (Weight around, 3 kg), Toy (around 5 kg.), Miniature/Mini (around 5.5 - 8 kg.) and Maxi (over 9 kg.)

The Cockalier is a small to medium sized mixed breed dog. This is created by cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Cocker Spaniel and also known as Cockalier Spaniel. This is an affectionate, intelligent, loving, loyal and playful dog that does well in agility and competitive obedience. The Cockalier is suitable for apartment life, but need regular moderate exercise and walk.Its weight and height vary depending upon to parents physical traits, but commonly they are in between 20-30 pounds and height around 10-14 inches.

The Goldendoodle is a recently developed designer dog breed, created in 1990 from Australia and America. This breed was created by crossing between crossing golden retrievers with standard poodles. The purpose to create this breed was to create a non-shedding coat type standard poodle, though Goldendoodle is not a complete non shedding dog, but that has low to non-shedding coat and generally tolerable for an allergic person. This is a medium sized friendly, affectionate and intelligent dog which is reliable to keep with children and suitable for apartment living people. This breed is gaining popularity in America, Europe and Australia.

Maltipoo is a cross-breed dog founded by crossing between a Maltese and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. This is a small sized/toy type dog that retains puppy-like features as well after maturity. Also, this dog is playful, calm, active and affectionate that make them a good choice to keep with children. Also, they go well along with other pets, like cats, birds and well suitable for apartment life with less demand of outdoor exercise or a long walk.

Puggles are the medium sized designer dogs, bred by cross between a Pug and Beagle. Wisconsin breeder, Wallace Havens, bred the first Puggle in the 1980s and By 2000, Puggles were well recognised and demanded designer dogs which being sold commercially. This breed has a good reputation for being social, affectionate, playful and friendly also they are an intelligent and loyal dog. For the people, who like a small sized calm and friendly dog that doesn’t shed, Puggles are the better choice.

The Goldador is a mixed- breed dog created by crossing between Golden Retriever and Labrador. The purpose to create this breed was to grow a working dog with a sensitivity of Golden Retriever with a great tolerance of Labradors. These dogs are performing well the duties they were bred for, like doing great for service, guide dog and to search and rescue, bomb detection, and as a therapy dog.

A Yorkipoo is a small, toy dog of mixed-breed, bred by cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Toy or Miniature Poodle. Purpose to create this breed was to have a toy category dog that suited to homes with allergy sufferers. This dog has silky, long hair and smooth coat, but comparatively better hypoallergenic. This is an intelligent, energetic, affectionate and active dog and is perfectly suited to apartment life. Though they have barking tendency, but if good trend and socialized then that’s can be endurable.

The Golden American Indian Dog a recently developed new Mixed-breed dog, by crossing between Golden Retrievers and Native American Indian Dog. The purpose to create this breed is to farm a sturdy and natural healthy dog that should be suitable to keep in an apartment, good with children and need low grooming. The Native American Indian dogs were the best selection because they are a naturally healthy dog breed without any known genetic defects and have a life span of 14-19 years.
The Golden retriever and NAID Dogs, both are very versatile, intelligent dogs which are always eager to learn and please their owner and good with small children. So only benefit by mixing these two breed was to gain a healthier golden retriever dog that need low grooming.

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Aaradhya (author) on September 16, 2020:

Dear Dora,

Thanks for your valuable suggestions.

I agree until we do not have a very specific requirement, we should prefer adopting a dog from Shelter.

Lora Hollings on September 14, 2020:

An interesting article, Aradhya. I find all my mixed breed dogs at shelters or rescues and many of the dogs on this list, I've come across at the shelters or at rescues. Instead of going to a breeder, I adopt a dog who otherwise wouldn't get a home. My reasoning is: why give money to a breeder when there are so many wonderful dogs at shelters who need homes? Because shelters have limited space, they are forced to put otherwise very adoptable dogs down. Sadly, there is just too much breeding going on to find homes for all of these dogs!

John Hansen from Australia (Gondwana Land) on September 12, 2020:

We bred a Pompoo - a cross between a Pomeranian and a Toy Poodle. It is a very affectionate and lively dog. Also had a kelpie x staffy, a German Shepard x Boxer and various other mixed breeds. Mixed breeds often have less physical defects than purebreds.

Barbara Branson on June 07, 2020:

I have an adorable Cockapoo. She is very playful and loving. I've been told she is the happiest dog in the neightborhood. She loves everyone and their pets. It doesn't matter how big or small the other dog is - she just wants to play. Now I have a friend that wants a cockapoo. Would you know where she can go to find one?

Hi on May 12, 2020:

You should add jack a bees. I have one they are the best. Its jack russel terrier and beagle

Jo Crow on January 24, 2019:

We have had several pure bred dogs all of which were very special and held a very special place in our lives. After our Minature Snauzer had to be put down at age 7 because of Cushing Desease we decided to get a Shi Poo. His name is Bogey because of his Humphrey Bogart dark eyes. He is the most friendly loving adorable and just overall well behaved and special dog we have ever owned. He is eleven years old and just seems to get happier and more friendly as time goes on. If you are considering a new pup a Shi Poo is the only way to go!

Aaradhya (author) on January 02, 2016:

Thanks Michelle!

Michelle B- Grand on January 01, 2016:


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