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Top 10 Fighting Dogs from Asian Countries

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Even now the days Dog fight sport is banned in most of the countries, but fighting breed dogs are still demanded. Generally Molosser and fighting dogs are giant, powerful, courageous and muscular which were created for protection, war dog and property and flock guardians. And they still possess excellent qualities of what they were developed for. You may be surprise to know that these dogs are comparatively less aggressive and child friendly, also they are good go along with other pets because most of these dogs were created as flock guardians. You can refer the dog bite statistics, bite percentage is very less for dogs from, Molosser and fighting dog breeds.

Though usually fighting dogs have dominant personality and reveal relatively higher dominance and dog aggression. But most of these dogs make a good protection and guard dog. There are many excellent fighting dogs are available in Asian countries, which are less popular. If you are interested in an excellent fighting dog from Asian countries, you can refer this article to get options to make your choice.

1. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan mastiffs are the large and hairy dogs, originated from Tibet and Himalayan mountain region. They are available in the Himalayan region of Nepal, China, India and Bhutan. Tibetan Mastiffs are giant, powerful, courageous and aggressive dogs with broad, powerful jaw and muzzle that look like a Lion. Tibetan mastiff dogs were developed to protect livestock from wolf, tiger and other wild animals. They are very strong and fearless dogs, a full grown Tibetan mastiff can take down a wolf alone. They are most suitable dogs for cold weather, but not recommended for warm weather, also they are not a good choice for apartment living person and are less reliable with other dogs and small pets.

Physical Traits

HEIGHT: Male, 25 to 30 inch and Female 24 to 28 inch.

WEIGHT: Male 50 to 80 kg, Female 45 to 65 kg

LIFE SPAN: 10 to 13 years

ORIGIN: Tibet (Himalayan mountain region)

2. Tosa inu


Tosha Inu dogs are the ancient Mastiff dogs, originated from Japan. They are naturally developed fighting dog breed, which are tall, giant, powerful, courageous and friendly dogs. They were developed for personal protection and to participate in dog fight sport. They are excellent dogs in dog fighting sports they have reputation, when they are charged they will fight till death. Tosa Inu dogs are banned in some countries, but they are still demanding in Russia, Pakistan, South Africa and some other countries.

Physical Traits

HEIGHT: Average 21 to 28 inch

WEIGHT: Males 120-170 pounds (54-77 kg.), females 90-140 pounds

LIFE SPAN: 9 to 11 years


3. Bully Kutta


Bully Kutta are tall, giant, powerful and muscular dogs. They were originated from the Sindh region of India and Pakistan. They are aloof, aggressive and courageous dogs that have a great fighting instinct and stamina. The original name of this breed is “BULLI KUTTA”. They got their name from the Hindi/Urdu word Bholi, which means "heavily wrinkled" and Kutta that means dog. They are also known as Alangu mastiff and Sindh mastiff. Bully Kutta are yet not recognized by some of the major kennel clubs. But they became popular in recent years and they are the most demanded dogs in India, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Russia and some other countries for dog fight sports.

Physical Traits

HEIGHT: Male 28 - 32 inches and Female 26 to30 inch.

WEIGHT: Male: 70–90 kg, female: 60–85 kg.

LIFE SPAN: 11 years

ORIGIN: India, Pakistan

4. Hmong Docked tail


The Hmong docked tail is an ancient primitive type dog, native to Vietnam that got its name after human culture of Vietnam. The Hmong docked tail was developed by Hmong people as a hunting companion and to protect the livestock. Basically, it’s a semi wild, hunting dog, which is naturally healthy and sturdy which have excellent stamina and energy. The Hmong people were docking their tail and ear because they have conviction that docking tails and ear of dog will make them more active and aggressive, that’s why they are known as Hmong Docked Tail Dogs. Hmong dogs are territorial and dominant dogs and must be trained and socialized at early stage.

Physical Traits

HEIGHT: 20 to 23 inches

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WEIGHT: 22 to 36 kg

LIFE SPAN: ~12 years

ORIGIN: Vietnam

5. Gaddi Kutta (Gaddi mastiff)


Gaddi dogs are giant mastiff dogs that are also known as Mahidant mastiffs and Indian Leopard hounds. They were developed by Gaddi tribes of Himachal Pradesh, India, to protect livestock from leopard and wolf attack and to herd stray sheep and goats back to their pens. They are very active, athletic and strong dogs which are intelligent, protective, loyal and courageous and make a good guard dog. They are known as Leopard hound because of their capability to repulse leopard attacks. Gaddi dogs were bred for herding and hunting purposes, but they were also used for dog fight sports. Gaddi dogs are devoted and friendly dogs which are reliable with children and other small pets.

Physical Traits

HEIGHT: 63.5 cm (adult), 55.9 – 78.7 cm (adult male), 50.8 – 71.1 cm (adult female).

WEIGHT: Weight: 35 – 40 kg (female adult), 40 – 45 kg (adult male).

LIFE SPAN: 11 to 14 years


6. Kombai Dog


Combai dogs are an ancient breed, developed from Tamil Nadu in India. They are also known as Combai, Kombai and South Indian mastiff. Combai dogs were developed as a hunting companion for Royal families (Maravar kings) to hunt wild boar, deer and other prey. Later they were used for other blood sports like hunting wild boar, bison, and deer. They are medium to large, healthy, study and athletic dogs that have excellent Power, speed and stamina. They are gentle, devoted, friendly and protective dogs, but they are reserved with other pets and strangers.

Physical Traits

HEIGHT: 21 to 25 inches.

WEIGHT: Average 26 to 34 kg, with some rare examples up to 38 kg.

LIFE SPAN: 11 to 14 years


7. Bhutia dog


Bhutia dogs are ancient giant, strong and courageous mastiff dogs, which are native to Bhutan. They are close relatives of Tibetan mastiff and a link between Indigenous and Himalayan mastiffs. Unfortunately, they are identified by endangered category and very few pure breeds Bhutia dogs are available. They are giant, gentle and friendly dogs that were developed as guard dogs to protect human and livestock from leopards and Himalayan wolves. They are fearless and powerful dogs, which are strong enough to repulse attacks by snow leopards.

Physical Traits

WEIGHT: 35 – 40 kg (female adult), 40 – 45 kg (adult male).

HEIGHT: 63.5 cm (adult), 55.9 – 78.7 cm (adult male), 50.8 – 71.1 cm (adult female).

LIFE SPAN: 12 to14 years

ORIGIN: Bhutan

8. Bone mouth Dog


Bone Mouth Dogs are strong, aggressive, courageous and dominant dogs. They were originated from the Namhoi City from Guangdong province of China to participate in dog fight sports. They are devoted and protective to their family and friendly towards human, but they are aggressive towards other dogs and not reliable with other pets.

Physical Traits

HEIGHT: Male: 19 to 23 inch, Female: 15 to 18 inch

WEIGHT: Male: 19 to 24 Kg, Female: 14 to 21 kg

LIFE SPAN: 10 to 15 years


9. Thai Ridgeback


Thai ridge back is a, less recognized ancient primitive dog from Thailand. They are the missing link between African Ridgeback and Australian Dingos that share many similar physical and behavioral traits like them. They are the only dogs that have ridges on their back like African ridge back dogs. Thai Ridge back dogs are medium sized, sturdy, naturally healthy, well built, athletic, and active dogs. That makes a good watch dog. Thai ridge back is naturally healthy and need less grooming and Vet care.

Physical Traits

HEIGHT: Male: 22 to 24 inch, Female: 19 to 22 inch

WEIGHT: Male: 27 to 34 Kg, Female: 23 to 29 kg

LIFE SPAN: 12 to 13 years

ORIGIN: Thailand

10. Gull Terrier


Gull Terr dogs are new dog breed, developed from Pakistan. They were created by mixing English Bull Terrier with primitive dogs from Pakistan. Gull Terr dogs are medium sized, strong and muscular dogs. They are a new breed and their behavior and breed standard is yet not defined and they are not recognized by Major Kennel Clubs. The initial purpose to create this dog was to develop a strong and fearless, native dog breed for protection and guard. But they went to wrong hands, which are grooming them to participate in dog fight sports.

Physical Traits

HEIGHT: Average 20 Inches.

WEIGHT: Average 24 kgs.

LIFE SPAN: Expected ~12 years

ORIGIN: Pakistan

Dog Breeds Summary

Dog BreedHeightWeight




Tibetan mastiffs

24 - 30 Inch

45 - 80 kg

Tosha Inu

21 - 28 Inch

45 - 90 kg

Bully Kutta

26 - 30 Inch

50 - 90 Kg

Hmong docked Tail

19 - 23 Inch

22 - 36 kg

Gaddi mastiffs

21 - 27 Inch

35 - 40 kg

Combai Dog

21 - 25 Inch

26 - 38 kg

Bhutia dog

21 - 26 Inch

35 - 40 kg

Bone Mouth Dog

15 - 23 inch

14 - 24 kg

Thai ridge back

19 - 24 inch

27 - 34 Kg

Gull Terr

Avg. 20 inch

Avg. 25 Kg

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Tosa on December 22, 2016:

Tosa inu is NOT naturally developed breed, nor ancient breet. It is created by mixing European breeds (St. Bernhard, mastiff, bulldog, bullterrier and so on) to Shikoku Ken.

Aaradhya (author) on August 15, 2016:

Thanks Alphadogg16!

Kevin W from Texas on August 04, 2016:

A very interesting read srai01. I actually consider myself a dog lover, however I have never even heard of several of these dog breeds. Good thing most countries are banning dog fighting, they are beautiful. Thumbs up on your hub.

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