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Top 10 Dog Breeds of 2022 According to AKC Ranking

Usually, dogs are the most breeding animals deliberately bred in the most demanding color, size, or purpose. Dogs are created through artificial selection, producing around 400 globally recognized breeds.


The breeds possess different traits and morphology, such as body weight, head length, fur type, body shape, and coat colors. Some characteristics like aggressive behavior, fear of the unknown, and being friendly with owners are the most common features in dogs. Most of these dogs come from a small group of founders, over 200.

There have been many variations in the rankings from 2009, and also this ranking changes each year.

The selection of breeds depends on numerous variables. Let us talk about the top 10 dog breeds in the world.

Labrador Retriever

In 1917, the AKC recognized this breed. Since then, quite popular among people. These dogs serve some ideal services hence termed the perfect dog. This breed got its first rank in 2013 and is still at the top.

Labrador comes in Sporting groups having three variable colors, yellow, brown, and black, and is affectionate toward family and children. This double-coated dog has small hair, Shedd less, adaptability level is friendly with people. The life span of these dogs is 10-12 years. This dog species is less prone to diseases, has protective/watchdog capabilities, and is very energetic. This dog is ideal for everybody who wants to get a family dog and a watchdog.

French Bulldog

French Bulldog is a Companion dog, known for its medium size and bad ears, and comes in short lengths. They are domestic dog breeds and result from a cross between toy bulldogs from England and local routers of Paris. Also named Frenchies, these dogs are intelligent and sweet-natured.

These dogs can’t swim due to their heavy body structure. The life span of these dogs is 10-12 years. Affectionate towards children and family, good with strangers, adaptability is a high, active, and playful pet. These dogs don’t bark much and are great for apartments.

German Shepherd

This breed originated in Germany for herding purposes, but now they are every family’s favorite. They are protective dogs and the most intelligent dog breed in the world. They are long, athletic, hard-working, and energetic dogs. The life efficiency of this breed is 10-14 years. These dogs are playful, affectionate, and protective towards the family. They are the No. 1 breed for training easy to train them. German Shepherd can tolerate both cold and hot climates.

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Golden Retriever

They are the family’s favorite breed for an extended period. They are super intelligent, calm, loyal, and devoted dogs and are fabulous family pets and working dogs. These dogs are cute and loveable. They usually have a life efficiency of 10-12 years. They originated in Scotland in the mid-19th Century. They are active, strong, and used as service dogs. In 1925, the AKC registered the Golden Retriever as an official breed.


The American Kennel Club ranked Bulldogs as the fifth most popular dog breed in 2017. Due to their cute face structure, it is an attractive breed to have in the family. Bulldog has thick folds of skin that come around their brow. The eyes are typically broader than other dogs, while the muscles are shorter and higher on the face. Hanging skin comes under their neck, with drooping lips and pointed teeth. The life span of this pet is 8-12 years listed as a Companion dog.


The most recognized dog breeds across the world. Poodles are highly known for their unique appearance, eagerness, and intelligence. They are lively, active, and fun-loving canine companions that make great family dogs. These graceful dogs have remarkable intelligence, athletic ability, and tremendous loyalty. The life span of this pet is 12-15 years, stated a Toy dog. This breed originated in Germany but developed more in France. Hunting and companionship were the ideas behind their breeding. But later, they were seen in circuses where they dressed in costumes and trained for several tricks. In 1886 the AKC registered these breeds.


Beagles are loving, cute, and friendly dogs with an intelligent nature. These small hounds are packed full of energy. They have a playful personality but a hugely adventurous spirit with a genetic need to track and hunt. These are some of the most vocal dogs and are pretty difficult to train. They are notable through their floppy ears, expressive eyes, and low-maintenance coats. Categorize under the Hound group by the AKC. Their life expectancy is 10-15 years.


This breed originated in Germany as guard dogs, a square and stocky pooch well noted for their big intimidating looks. They are big, muscular, active, clever, and independent thinker dogs. They are highly devoted to their assigned task. The life span of this breed is 8-11 years. They are affectionate towards their owners and known for being goofy and loveable and follow their favorite members from room to room. They are also known for being powerful, protective, loyal, and best for guarding. These dogs prefer warmer climates and can’t survive in cold weather due to their tiny hair fur coat.

Pointers(German Short-haired)

Their abundant pointing and backing instincts are medium to large size breeds. They are the field dog and an exceptional family companion as well. They are good to show excellent performance from fields to show rings. These dogs require plenty of exercise daily and lots of space to play to keep their energy in check. In 1938 the AKC accepted the pointers, and in 1938 the American Pointer Club was founded. They are affectionate, protective, attentive, intelligent, and loyal dogs. The Pointers can live up to 12-15 years.


These dogs have impressive personalities and are famous for their adorable body shape. Their long body, short legs, and hound-type body meant more than just making humans fall in love with them. They are fun-loving dogs which is the main reason for their wide popularity. They are also known as the wiener dog or sauces dog. Over hundreds of years in Germany, they have bred for hunting. The life span of this breed is 12-15 years and comes in Hound Group.

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