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Top 10 Dangerous Dogs : Top Dog Breeds


Dogs are Human's Best Friend: Choose Wisely

Dogs considered human's best friend. Dogs are with humans since ages and the bond keeps getting stronger and stronger with time. Dogs are wonderful with their love, affection, friendliness and their aggression. They can be human's best friend and protector. Dogs are a very smart animal and can cleverly think to protect their owner.

Nowadays there are many different types of dog breeds are available to get as your pet. Some are small, some are very huge. Some are mischievous, some are protective. Some can be a good friend to a lonely person while some can be a funny buddy for kids. So one has to choose wisely when you want to get a Dog. Many prefer to get dangerous dogs to protect themselves, their family and their home. Such dogs often look more dangerous and are more aggressive. Here I tried giving a list of top 10 dangerous dogs and dog breeds. I also tried to provide their nature and plus points so you can have a better understanding of the breed. So let's start with number ten in our list.

Some Dogs are Playful, Can you Handle it ?


Huge Great Dane


10. The Great Dane /German Mastiff/ Danish Hound

Starting at number 10 we have the great Dane. They are also known as Danish Hound or German Mastiff. Great Dane is big dog breed. They are huge in size and very tall. Actually, the Great Dane holds the record for world's tallest dog at 44 inches. They are originally from Germany. Great Dane originally used for hunting deer and boars. Great Dane is a friendly but still aggressive dog. It is more dangerous because of the huge body.

Top features: Friendly, Patient, Dependable

Chow Chow Lion


9. Chow Chow : The Lion Dog

Originally from China, Chow Chow sweet looking, but dangerous dog breed. If you ever try to get near to a Chow Chow's owner, the dog will definitely attack you. It is used for hunting and protecting livestock. It is also known as the lion dog because of its aggressiveness and structure. They are very aggressive and considered as a high-risk dog. They can be dangerous even to owners if they don't take care of them well.

Features: Adaptability, Trainability, well groomed



8. Huskies : The Charming Dog

Huskies are originally from the northern region. They are used to pull sheds because of their strength and stamina. They are adventure friendly and intelligent. They have stronger aggression if anyone comes into their area, especially someone with a smaller frame. Huskies are complex in nature and usually not recommended for beginners as it may demand more attention.

Height: 20-25 inches Weight: 35-50 lbs

Features: Tough, intelligent



7. Doberman : The Police Dog

Doberman considered a very loyal dog to their owners. They are huge dogs and aggressive in nature. They considered as one of the best breeds for guarding people and livestock. Originally from Germany, this dog used as a Police dog.

Height: 24-28 inches Weight: 60-85 lbs

Features: Athletic, Courageous, Noble



6. Boxers : Masculine but Sweet Dog

Boxers are aggressive and friendly in nature. They have an aggressive and masculine look. Although they are aggressive, they are playful and often like to play with small kids and with the owner. They love sunny, bright days and love to walk out. Boxers are also originally from Germany.

Height: 20-25 inches Weight: 50-60 lbs

Features: Muscular, Sweet


5. Alaskan Malamutes

Alaskan Malamutes are aggressive, but friendly in nature with the owner. This breed also needs attention from the owner. If you do not pay much attention or play with them, they can be boring and aggressive. Alaskan Malamutes considered good for farmhouses or villages where it can get plenty of walks outside and play a lot.

Height: 20-25 inches Weight: 70-100 lbs

Features: Playful and Dignified


4. Caucasian Ovcharka

Caucasian Ovcharka bred to protect livestock. It is also known as Caucasian Shepherd. They are aggressive and protective in nature. They are also courageous and are not afraid of anything. If they are not managed well then they can be dangerous and hard to manage.

Height: 64-75 cm Weight: 45-50 Kgs

Features: Courageous, Alert

The K9 Dog


3. German Shepherd : The K9 Dog

German Shepherds are very popular police dogs. They are obviously from Germany. They like to walk and exercise a lot. The German Shepherd needs lots of exercise and activities to stay fit. They like to play with the owner and kids. They are protective and caring for the owner.

Weight: 22-40 Kg Height: 55-65 cm

Features: Alert, Fast, Courageous, Protective


2. Rottweilers

Rottweilers are the most popular dog breed nowadays. Rottweilers are strong, masculine and aggressive in nature. They have strong head and jaws. They are very protective and they can attack any stranger if anyone comes nearby owner or owner's family. Rottweilers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

Height: 56-69 cm Weight: 35-60 Kg

Feature: Large, Powerful, Steady companion

All time Favorite: Pitbull


1. Pit Bulls

As you have already guessed, we have Pit Bull at number one position. We all know how aggressive and dangerous a pit bull can be. Pit bulls need to be raised with family as a family dog. They are protective and can attack anyone from small animal to big animals to humans. Unfortunately, many pit bulls are not raised correctly and when they become more aggressive, people think they are not the family dog.

Height: 17-21 inches Weight: 30-85 lbs

Features: Strong, Sweet, Family dog, Fearless

Your Favorite Dog

Dogs are not Dangerous all the Time, Treat them well

All dogs need to raise properly and in the environment, they are comfortable in. If they don't get raise correctly than they became aggressive and attack. So, it is not about how dangerous a dog breed is but it is how a dog is raised and treated.


Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on June 22, 2014:

I like German Shepherds my neighbor has one he is so adorable. Dogs are mostly trained by their owners and develop their characters over time. Dogs become aggressive if their owners make them that way.

ktnptl (author) from Atlanta, GA on June 21, 2014:

I agree PawsitivelySafe that these dog breed are protective but we can not eliminate the aggressiveness. They are aggressive in nature and if a stranger comes nearby it will be very dangerous to them. I consider general public when I wrote the article and not just owners. So these dog breeds are dangerous to strangers but I definitely agree that they are very protective to the owner and their family. Thanks for your useful comments. I will keep in mind not to be biased on my posts.

JanMarie Kelly from Pennsylvania on June 21, 2014:

This article should not be labled most 'dangerous' dogs you are feeding into the media frenzy and giving dogs a bad rap. If you want to call it most protective I could maybe agree with you, but having been in animal rescue my entire adult life and dealing with, raising and training many of the animals on this list I can tell you that, as a whole these dogs (except for maybe the chow) are not dangerous dogs. Depending on their owners they can become so, but that can be true of most breeds. The dog that is responsible for the most bites... the chihuahua. And listing the Great Dane, known world wide as 'the gentle giant' as a dangerous dog proves my point.

I've seen a friend with Dobermans who barked fiercly if someone knocked on the door, but run if anyone came in, I've had several huskies and rescued, transported many more and not ONE was ever anything but lovable and affectionate. I've also worked for a year and a half on a rescue devoted to rotties and pits (and mixes) and not one of them every attacked anyone either.

Yes, some of these dogs should have responsible and experienced owners or they can become a problem, but the dogs themselves are not dangerous and it's sad to see the myths continue to be spread. Take the word dangerous out and substitute it with protective and I think you have a better, more truthful article and most likely the one you were trying to write. I see at the end you put in about it's how the dog was raised, but you still say it's not how dangerous the breed is - if you would have just left it at "it's how the dog was raised" that would have been accurate.

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