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Top 10 Best And Worst Dog Food Brands-2020


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Have you ever looked at your dog and realized just how much they mean to you? Well, almost everyone has.

The dog is our best friend and a walking partner, so one of the things people mostly worry about is his or her diet.

You want to provide your little fluff ball with all the essential nutrients they need to remain active for that. Due to this very reason, all you do is go to a pet shop and pick up the food that promises to keep them healthy and playful.

It seems easy, right? Well, it isn't nowadays as pet shops have tons of rows and Isles comprising dog foods. All guaranteed to provide every fundamental ingredient required for your pup's well-being.

So which dog food brand is best? How do you decide? Don't scratch your head in frustration; take a deep breath. I am here to help you to narrow down your options.
You will find out the best-dried dog foods you can give your adorable four-legged family member.


1)Wellness Core Natural



It's available in a wide range of sizes including 4,12,24 and 26 lb((11.79 kg).)


It comes in a variety of flavors, including;-

1)Original 2)lamb 3)Reduced fat

Moreover, Wellness core natural is packed with antioxidants, omega fatty acids of fish, and flax. Similarly, Glucosamine and Probiotics required for your dog's optimal health are also provided.


This dog food has the following features;-

100% grain-free

Packed with proteins

Natural, Non-GMO sourced ingredients

For adult dogs only

Manufactured in the USA

It's also highly rated in dogfoodadvisors.com and other known sites, so we can say that Wellness Core natural the best dog food on your list.
The brand prides itself on using all-natural ingredients for its kibble.
They assure that they don't use meat by-products, wheat, corn-soy, or artificial colours, preservatives, and flavors.


High-fat content and glycemic potatoes.

2) BLUE Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Dry Dog Foo



You can quickly get it sizes as 6,15 and 30 lb (13.61 kg)


Essential flavors include;-

1)Chicken and brown rice 2) Fish and brown rice 3) Lamb and brown rice

Blue life protection supplies you with real meat dry food containing bits and pieces of chicken, wholesome whole grains, garden fruits, and vegetables.
It is enhanced with three and six omega fatty acids, antioxidants, several minerals and vitamins selected carefully by holistic veterinarians and animal nutritionists.


It has the following features;-

Contains high-quality proteins

No by-product meals

Promotes healthy skin and coat

For adult dogs only

Enriched with Life Source Bits,

In addition to that, it contains the perfect ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, which encourages healthy muscle development and a healthy immune system. Also, it provides your dog with the energy levels that adult canine typically embraces.


Cause stomach issues in some cases.

3)Purina Pro Plan Dry Dog Food



You can also choose between a large variety of size options such as 4,6, 18, 37.5, and even 50 lb bag.


Purina dog food is available in a range of flavours such as chicken, grain-free, salmon, and beef.

We will cover the chicken option that provides 30% protein and 20% fat, helping build lean muscle for your dog and help fuel their metabolism. Various amino acids included in the dog food will help nourish your dog's muscles, especially right after exercise. Eating them will boost their recovery.


Core features are;-

Without soy or artificial flavours

Includes botanical oils that induce mental sharpness

Made with real chicken and beef

It also has EPA and Glucosamine to help support joint health as well as mobility.

This dog food brand is also great for feeding puppies, although you will need to start on moisten food until they can handle the dry harder food.


It's high in carbs

High in calories resulting in overfeeding

Sensitive to the stomach due to cheap ingredients.




You can avail it in 4,10,12,21 and 24 lb (10.89 kg)


For pets, with food sensitivities, Canidae dry dog food is your best option.
It has real meat or fish as its top-notch ingredient and contains bounding fresh farm ingredients that help your dog digest food quickly.
Moreover, it contains antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and Pro-biotics, which give your dog a healthy immune system, healthy joints, and a shiny coat and skin.


This product has the following features;-



Contains seven to ten key ingredients

For sensitive adult dogs

Packed with animal protein

The core ingredients used to make their dry foods include sweet potatoes, canola oil peas, sun-cured alfalfa, potatoes, salmon meals, and Manhattan fish meal.


It's expensive

High level of Grains.

5)ORIJEN Dry Dog Food



Orijen dry dog food is available in 4,10,25 lb (18.61 t) as well as 12 oz (0.45 kg)


1)Regional red 2)Six fish 3)Fit and trim 4)Original

Origin provides a diet rich and diverse in fresh animal ingredients. It offers an assortment of new and raw meats. Its made with fresh regional ingredients delivered daily, including free-range chicken, turkey, wild-caught fish, and nest-laid eggs.


It has the following features

0% grain tapioca and plant protein

biologically appropriate

Wholemeal ratios of nutrients

For all ages

Origin original dog food has balanced ratios of fresh meat, organs, and cartilage or bones, so it resembles a diet a wild dog naturally has.


Trigger allergies in some cases

High in price due to Top-notch ingredients.

6) HILL'S Science Diet Dry Dog Food



You can also pick between two size options 4.5 lbs and 15.5 lbs.


This dog food is available in two flavours.

1) Chicken and rice 2) lamb and brown rice

This adult dog food is made with highly digestible ingredients to make it easy for your dog to consume and is an excellent food for puppies that don't have the most powerful of stomachs.


Recommended by the most veterinarian

Includes natural chicken, lamb, and salmon

It contains Omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E for healthy skin

All ingredients in this dog food are natural and made in the USA

The high-quality protein included in this dog food is excellent for maintaining lean muscle that is needed in small dogs. Hill Science dog food also has an antioxidant blend that is designed explicitly for lifetime immune support.


Contains potential levels of vitamin D which affects your Pup's stomach

Has below-average proteins and fats

Allergenic grains included.

7) ACANA Regional s Adult Dry Dog Food



You can get it in a variety of sizes ranging from 12 oz (0.45 kg) bags up to 25lb (11.34 kg) bags.


This dog food is available in a variety of flavours such as,

1) Grasslands 2) Wild Atlantic 3) Meadowland 4) Lamb.

Its nutrients are dense, so great for giving dogs the nourishment they need after exercise. It has green-fed lamb, Free-run quail, and freshwater trout, giving your dogs the best of every world.
The high protein content in this dog food will help build strong muscles for your dog, especially after it had a long stressful day of exercising.


Rich sources of anti-inflammatory and heart-healthy omega 3

Provide abundant vitamins and minerals

Includes both plant and animal proteins

Grain and potato free,

The dog food is made by meat, cartilage, bone, and organs, giving you a balanced profile that dogs need naturally. All ingredients sourced from trusted places such as of Regional farms, Ranches, and waters, and it's then delivered to ACANA fresh and made into the dog food mix.


High in price

Contains heavy metals which are Bad for dog health.

8) BLUE Wilderness



You can get this dog food in a few different sizes ranging from 6-30 lbs.


Similarly, Blue buffalo dog food is available in a variety of flavours, but two highly popular are chicken and brown rice or lamb and brown rice.

Blue Buffalo is proud of its dog food for containing real meat as their number one ingredient, so you know it's not filled with a bunch of other rubbish fillers. The high-quality protein that is being provided from the chicken, lamb, or beef will make sure that your dog gets a healthy muscle growth and helps them stay active.


It comes in a variety of packaging types

No wheat, corn or soy by-products

No artificial flavours or preservatives included

Essential vitamins included that promote healthy teeth and bones

Recommended for adult dogs,

The dog food is mainly engineered for adult dogs as it has essential proteins and carbohydrates that they need, and it's made to meet the energy requirements of an adult dog.
It has omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to promote skin health. The formula also has life sorts bits included along with a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.


No such disadvantage founded!

9) Purina Bey Adult Dry Dog Food



You can also get this food in a variety of measures such as 3.2,14.5,15.5,24,27 and 30 lb (13.61 kg) bags.


1) Lamb and whole barley 2)Chicken and whole barley.

This dog food does not contain any peas, lentils or potatoes, which are joint fillers used in most dog foods. The meat is ranch raised and is the number one ingredient of this dog food.


High protein content mainly from real chicken

Provide extra flavour and type for your canine

An ideal combination of vitamins and minerals

Can be used as a complete meal,

Purina beyond also contains no corn, soy, or wheat. The dog food contains limited ingredients, so you were only providing nutrition with your dog needs and nothing more!


High in fats

Addition of potato in some products.

10) KIBBLES ‘N BITS Dog Food



This dog food is available in several sizes ranging from 3lb (1.36 kg) up to 16.5lb (7.48 kg).


BeafyBits is among its top-selling flavors.

The kibbles ‘N bits dog food has dual texture bits that give your dog some variety. It also has tender bites that are great for chewing, and then it has crunchy kibble included so you get the perfect mix of textures that your dog will love.


Ideal dog food for puppies

Easy to chew

High in antioxidants

Source of more than 23 Essential vitamins

Contains savory beef and chicken as crucial ingredients,

The food is made with real beef, which is adored by most dogs. Kibbles ‘N Bits has an entirely balanced profile and will give your dog all the nutrients they need for any adult dog.


Produce allergic reactions due to the addition of Corn and soybean; due to these allergic illnesses, it's considered one of the worst dog food brands.


I hope after reading this, you can answer which dog food is best for your puffball?

Just friendly advice before choosing a specific dog food buy a smaller package.
Give your small dog portions of it and judge whether they like it or not. Any change in their eating habits, energy levels, or hair color indicates that you've to choose another brand.
Once you've found the one your dog approves of, slowly transition your dog from their current diet to this, and it might take a few days. So that sums up our top dog foods. I hope you enjoyed it.