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Tips for Making the Fur of Your Dog Be Beautiful and Light

The loss of brightness in a dog's fur is due to various reasons such as the presence of parasites or diseases. The appearance of the fur is therefore a good indicator of the animal's health. Therefore, the lack of brightness first justifies consultation with the veterinarian so that a health check can be made. But let us not forget that quality food and care are also crucial for the dog to have a shiny and silky coat. Let us assess the situation.


Support Your Dog's Coat Daily

In addition to a perfectly balanced diet, the dog should be looked after daily. In order for it to keep (or restore) a soft, dense, shiny coat, it needs to be brushed as regularly as possible and examined at the same time to make sure that no parasites have settled there. Otherwise, it's important to treat it with an anti-parasitic product.

The brush should be selected depending on the hair type, long, medium, or short. These types of dog accessories can be purchased from a pet store, an online website, some pharmacies, or for pharmacies, or even the veterinarian.

Dog shampoo is also crucial. The ideal is to get used to the animal as soon as possible to enjoy the joys of bathing in order for this beauty ritual to go smoothly. You need to use a canine shampoo that will spotless the fur and also remove dust and oil from the skin. A suitable detangler can be used for long dogs who have a tendency to tangle easily. In any case, rinsing must be careful.

This preservation inevitably involves increased inspection of the dog's skin. The skin has to be perfectly healthy to be beautiful and silky. Any sign of a skin condition should be followed by a consultation warranting the use of a lotion specifically designed to treat skin conditions.


Improve the Quality of Your Dog's Coat Through Diet

Just as a balanced diet affects our hair, it has a direct impact on the condition of a dog's fur. It is therefore important that the animal receives all the nutrients that the body needs daily to keep the coat beautiful and shiny. The slightest deficiency causes a dullness of the coat or even a loss of capillary density. To do this correctly, the owner must make sure that his little companion's food is well supplied by:

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  • The water; which must be ingested in sufficient quantity for the dog to be sufficiently hydrated. Therefore, make sure that the water bowl is never empty.
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6: these are essential fatty acids that provide energy, but that's not all. They allow the body to better absorb nutrients that it cannot synthesize. Therefore, they must be provided by the diet.
  • Vitamins, especially vitamin A, which are essential for a healthy coat, vitamin E, which is an antioxidant, but also vitamin B8, whose deficiency causes hair loss, lethargy, and even dermatitis.
  • Minerals and trace elements also help the dog maintain a beautiful and healthy coat.

Every day, the animal must have access to food with excellent nutritional quality. Vegetable oil, fish, meat, whole grains, eggs, and legumes can be part of the daily serving. Some owners choose to prepare their dog's food themselves but do not always know how to prepare each serving. To avoid mistakes, it is best to seek advice from the vet or buy food or embroidery of higher quality.

Either way, be careful not to change your dog's diet drastically overnight, as this can lead to digestive problems. The food is rebalanced over several days, always on the advice of the vet. Within four weeks, a marked improvement in the appearance of the animal's fur can be observed.


Restore Shine in the Dog's Coat: Advice

If there are no health problems that could change the quality of a puppy’s fur, a few natural solutions can restore its luster. Here are some tips that will give you good results.

  • Preparation of eggs to lighten the dog's coat: emulsify 2 egg yolks in 100 cl of slightly warm water and apply this treatment to the animal's coat after washing. Leave on for 4-6 minutes and then rinse well to leave out all the homemade creams.
  • Homemade lanolin conditioner for Canids: just put a good spoonful of this fat (derived from sheep fat) in 100 cl of warm water and then beat vigorously to get a completely homogeneous mixture. It is then used as an air conditioner that is well distributed throughout the dog’s floor. Simply wash the animal in the shower after a 5-10 minute break.

Some owners even use beer to enhance the softness and shine of their little comrade’s jacket because they have found it useful for their hair. It can be used for a short time, with a break of about 5 minutes. But it is very important to wash intensively with warm, clear water if you want to avoid sticky hair.

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