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Newfoundland Dogs Make Great Family Pets

Three Children Were Fun Let's Add Two Newfoundland Dogs

My husband and I are gluttons for punishment. All three of our sons are now young men and what do we do ..... bring not one but two dogs into the family. We've never once regretted it, and would never change a thing.

These two dogs are treated very well, and sometimes I think spoiled more than my three sons ever were. They get away with and are spoiled more than any other dogs I've ever had. All the rules have been broken that my husband and I set up and talked about before getting a dog. All except one, which is no begging at the kitchen table.

In this hub I’d like to share with you pictures of my two Newfoundland dogs growing up. You may have already seen a few of these pictures on other hubs that I’ve written, such as poems and informational hubs on dogs.

Why A Newfoundland Dog

I love dogs whether they are miniature, small, medium, large or giant breeds. However I've always been partial to the giant breeds. There’s more to love. There’s more hair to clean up, and larger messes in the back yard, higher food costs, but in the end to us, so well worth it.

My husband had a Newfoundland dog when he was growing up and always talked about what a great dog Shawnee was. I’d always loved this breed but didn't know too much about them until I started researching and talking to breeders. After finding out the temperament, health issues, longevity, exercise requirements etc. I decided that the Newfoundland would make the perfect dog to bring into our family. Two years later we brought Magz home.

Maggie Magz at 3 weeks old

Maggie Magz at 3 weeks old

My Girl at 5 weeks old

My Girl at 5 weeks old

October 2006 Thanksgiving Weekend 7.5 weeks old

October 2006 Thanksgiving Weekend 7.5 weeks old

"Did you see that....was that a bird?"

"Did you see that....was that a bird?"

Maggie Magz

Maggie Magz is named after our three sons: Matthew, Allan, and Garth. The Z is the first letter of our last name.

Maggie was born in August of 2006.

The first time that I met this beautiful little girl was when she was 3 weeks old. I had been to the breeders and told them that I'd be interested in purchasing a pup from them. This was after meeting all the prospective parents of pups to be born.

Two weeks had passed and I had to see my pup. The breeders encouraged as many visits as possible. I lived 2 hours away and didn't visit as often as I would've liked to. When I saw how big she'd grown in 2 short weeks I was amazed. On this visit my son and I had a lot of fun with Magz, and spent about 2 hours getting to know her.

We get a call from the breeder saying they feel that Magz is ready to go home. I thought that she was a little young to leave her mother at 7.5 weeks old but I was so excited and went the following day to pick her up.

It was Thanksgiving weekend and the leaves had started to fall. Magz had a great time running around her new backyard. I lost count of how many leaves I had to pick out of her mouth. For some reason she thought they tasted great.

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Newfoundland Dog

Newfoundland Breed Female Dog. Spring of 2007 - 8 months old         "Let's play Ball"

Newfoundland Breed Female Dog. Spring of 2007 - 8 months old "Let's play Ball"

Introducing "Bruce"

Bruce at 8 weeks old. Such a happy little guy. Newfoundland Dog Breed

Bruce at 8 weeks old. Such a happy little guy. Newfoundland Dog Breed

Two Newfoundland Dogs. Are You Nuts?

When Magz was eight months old we thought what's better than one Newfoundland dog? You got it ....two Newfoundland dogs. This time I looked around for a breeder that was closer to home. Here at Wildau Kennels we found Bruce. People laugh and ask why would you name a dog Bruce. I wanted to name him Gander, after a city in Newfoundland, or Harbor. Gander was also the name of a Newfoundland dog that was a hero in WWII. My husband said, "Nope, you named our first dog, this one I get to name." He chose Bruce because he felt this was a laid-back name for a laid-back dog. So Bruce it was.

Best of Buddies

Best of Buddies

Bruce after a bath and a grooming.

Bruce after a bath and a grooming.

I have many many more photos of my dogs, but I'll stop here. Thanks for having a look, and I do hope that you enjoyed my pictures of Maggie Magz and Bruce.

Some of My Favorite Dog Quotes

From Amazing Bet Blogs

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” ~ Josh Billings

“Dogs are wise. They crawl away into a quiet corner and lick their wounds and do not rejoin the world until they are whole once more.” ~ Agatha Christie

“A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, big or small, young or old. He doesn’t care if you’re not smart, not popular, not a good joke-teller, not the best athlete, nor the best-looking person. To your dog, you are the greatest, the smartest, the nicest human being who was ever born. You are his friend and protector.” ~ Louis Sabin

“If there is a heaven, it’s certain our animals are to be there. Their lives become so interwoven with our own, it would take more than an archangel to detangle them.” ~ Pam Brown

Newfs Having Fun

The Gentle Giant


All of the photos in this Hub article are the property of the author Just Ask Susan/Susan Zutautas. They may not be used or copied without permission.


Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 01, 2014:

I so miss those puppy days :) Every time I see a puppy I want to get another one. Thank you so much!

RaintreeAnnie from UK on October 31, 2014:

How lovely learning more about your gorgeous Newfies! I Love the photos they are just so beautiful and what very cute pups. Amazing how fast they grew into those stunning dogs.

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on August 29, 2014:

Randi, So sorry, I've been busy and have not had time to get to comments. It's funny how we spoil our pups and cats to no ends. Thanks so much!

Raimer, It sure is.

Wayne, My new children --- that's a perfect way to describe them. Hope you don't mind if I borrow that from time to time.

Randi Benlulu from Mesa, AZ on August 28, 2014:

It's so strange. I wrote a comment a couple of days ago and don't see it here now. Anyway, I just wanted to say that your pups are beautiful. I totally related to the "more spoiled then the kids" comment. Muy daighter is alwauys telling me that I like my kitty girls better than her! Up+ for Magz, Bruce and their beautiful mama!

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on August 28, 2014:

When these two are gone I'd love to get a small dog not that I have anything against big dogs but it sure would make walking and cleaning so much easier. Thanks so much Phyllis!

Wayne Barrett from Clearwater Florida on August 27, 2014:

Big beautiful creatures. I've seen them on FB from time to time. I have a couple of furry children as well. they are my new children.

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on August 27, 2014:

Rebecca, I don't know what I'd do without them.

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on August 27, 2014:

He sure did Ruthi, he sure did :)

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on August 27, 2014:

Paula, Yes cute and adorable but ...... :) a hell of a lot of work. I really bit off more than I can chew by getting the second one. But they're worth every (almost) ounce of energy I put into them daily. Maggie just turned 8 this past week and Bruce will be 8 in March.

Raimer Gel on August 26, 2014:

I actually think raising dogs is like raising children. It's a huge responsibility.

Randi Benlulu from Mesa, AZ on August 26, 2014:

They are beauties! I can really relate to your statement that they are probably more spoiled than your kids were. My daughter always tells me I treat the kitties better than her!

Phyllis Doyle Burns from High desert of Nevada. on August 26, 2014:

Susan, without even knowing them in person, I adore Magz and Bruce! Thank you so much for sharing their pictures, they are beautiful. I always wanted a Newfoundland, but without a good yard for them I could not have one -- it would not be fair to such a large dog. I have a little Pom and he is just fine in my apartment. I love dogs, and I love those quotes you shared. Voted up, across and H+

Rebecca Mealey from Northeastern Georgia, USA on August 26, 2014:

I'm like you, Susan. My dogs are like children to me. Dogs have been around for ages and have served people in many ways from therapy dogs to military dogs. All my love to you, Maggie and Bruce.

Ruth Cox on August 26, 2014:

Maggie Magz and Bruce are gorgeous dogs! But I want to know... Did Bruce grow to live up to his laid-back name?

Suzie from Carson City on August 26, 2014:

Susan....I'm surprised I missed this hub the first time around. What is more adorable and huggable than babies, puppies and kittens? They're lovable, vulnerable and precious.

These dogs are gorgeous. Wonderful additions to any family as you have stated.

I wanted to reach in and scoop up that sweet puppy at the top!..UP+++

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on March 10, 2014:

Peg, I know what you mean, I love looking at puppy pictures too. When I see a puppy or a dog outside I can't help but look as well.

Peg Cole from North Dallas, Texas on March 09, 2014:

These are such cuties. I love big dogs, too. Our Tony weighs over a hundred pounds. Your puppy pictures are gorgeous. Makes me long for a new fur baby. Soon, I think. I can never get enough of looking at adorable puppy pictures.

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on December 30, 2013:

Wesley, First I'd check with your local dog shelters and Newfoundland Rescue places. Good luck wish I could be of more help.

wesley nuice on December 29, 2013:

Im trying to find a black giant long hair.Newfoundland for my wife for a gift 240 855 9624

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on December 07, 2011:

moonlake, Heidi sounds like she may have been a Landseer, which is also a Newfoundland dog that is black and white. Bruce my males father is a Landseer. So glad that you enjoyed this, and thank you.

moonlake from America on December 07, 2011:

Love these dogs. We had a dog Heidi that was part New Foundland she was black and white beautiful dog. Look like yours except for the color. When she was a baby she looked like a little bear, she was so cute.

Enjoyed the story of your dogs.

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on December 07, 2011:

Sharyn, Thanks so much, they are pretty special to me. So are my sons :)

Sharon Smith from Northeast Ohio USA on December 06, 2011:

Aw Susan, your KIDS are beautiful. I love how you came up with the first name (and lost out on the second), ha. Fun story with great pics!


Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 23, 2011:

Eddy, Thank you.

Eiddwen from Wales on November 23, 2011:

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful dogs with us.

They are absolutely beautiful and must have an up up and away.

Take care and I wish you a wonderful day.


Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 22, 2011:

Sue, Thank you, they are pretty special to me. When my mother in law comes to visit once a year in the summer they both greet her with tails a wagging and head straight for the treat cupboard. They remember from year to year that gramma will dole out treats. It's so cute to see.

tirelesstraveler, Border Collies are wonderful dogs. I almost got another Newf., but gave my head a shake and thought no, two are plenty :)

Judy Specht from California on November 22, 2011:

Sometimes you just have to have two dogs. When we got two Border Collies people said. "Are you nuts"? Well it kind of fits the description of mothers with three sons and two dogs. We are a happy group anyway. Love Newfoundlands, but can't imagine how you get around such massive dogs

Sueswan on November 22, 2011:

Hi Susan

Maggie Magz and Bruce are adorable!

I don't have a dog but my sister has a Border Collie. He always is happy to see me when I visit. First thing he does is throw his tuggie toy at my feet. :-)

Voted up and awesome.

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 20, 2011:

Bill, Thanks.

homesteadbound, Thanks for stopping by, and yes it so easy to spoil them. They are well trained though. Have to be at their size :)

Cindy Murdoch from Texas on November 20, 2011:

When they are that cute, who can help but to spoil them. Oh my goodness! It is so easy to allow them to get by with so much. They are such wonderful companions at all times. it only seems right.

WillStarr from Phoenix, Arizona on November 20, 2011:

What great looking dogs! Up and beautiful.

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 19, 2011:

Daffy, I have a Newfoundland calendar with that exact quote too. I had to go and look to see what a Schipperke looked like as I'd never heard of this breed before. What a lovely dog. Thank you.

Daffy Duck from Cornelius, Oregon on November 19, 2011:

I have a bookmark with puppy paw tracks on it with the same Josh Billings quote. My dog, Moxie, is an 8 year old Schipperke and I think of her as my child.

Love the hub!

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 19, 2011:

arusho, Yes they're both all black except Magz has a while blaze and a bit of white on a few of her paws. Bruce has a very tiny bit of white on his paws. Thanks for stopping by.

MM, So glad you like my doggie hub and thank you so much.

Movie Master from United Kingdom on November 19, 2011:

What a wonderful hub Susan, I love all dogs but sadly don't have one any more.

Bruce is such a handsome guy...

I Loved the story and love the photos, thank you for sharing and voting up, best wishes MM

arusho from University Place, Wa. on November 19, 2011:

I love your dogs, so big and fluffy! Are they both all black?

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 18, 2011:

b. Malin, So glad you enjoyed my hub. I love these 2 dogs so much and would be lost without them. Belgium Shepard's are gorgeous and sorry that you no longer have Brandy and Burt.

SusieQ, Maggie weighs a little bit more than she should. But Bruce is lean. Thank you reading and your comments.

Ruby, Thanks so much, glad you liked this story.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on November 17, 2011:

Enjoyed your story Susan. Both dogs are adorable and i could sense that you are a good Doggie Mama..Thank you..

SusieQ42 on November 17, 2011:

Great story and great photos. Our dogs are our babies too. Very spoiled and getting fat! No wonder. They've got the lives of riley. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading this very much.

b. Malin on November 17, 2011:

What a Wonderful hub, Susan. It made me Smile, and remember my Two dogs, Burt and Brandy... Good for you guys, having two dogs, they both look so Happy and Content. Bruce, ( actually I Love the name, we have a Friend named Bruce) and Maggie, is such a Great name. Now I'm wondering if my Burt was part "Newfoundland"...I'll never know, for both have gone on to Doggie Heaven. Brandy was a Belgium Shepard.

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 17, 2011:

cherylone, Thank you. I do know people that live in condo's that actually own Newfs. But I don't think there's enough room in a condo for one, unless it's a very large condo.

Cheryl Simonds from Connecticut on November 17, 2011:

Beautiful dogs. I think big dogs are great also, but my condo is way tooooooo small for one, or two, or three.....

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 17, 2011:

alekhouse, Sorry for your loss. They do become such a big part of our lives and our family. Thank you and I hope that you do get another one soon.

Nancy Hinchliff from Essex Junction, Vermont on November 17, 2011:

Beautiful dogs. My Golden Retriever died a few years back and I still miss her terribly. Looking forward to when I can rescue another one.

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 17, 2011:

Island Tropical, Thank you.

aemillervb, I have a few more hubs on Newfoundland dogs. I love this breed. Is your article on Newfs posted on HubPages? I will come by and have a look. Thank you.

Rebecca, Thank you and yes I sure do love them.

drbj, Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

RH, Three dogs and she wants a newf? The good thing is that Newfs do get along with other dogs very well. Thanks for sharing and letting me know. Hope her husband doesn't hate you too much :)

Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on November 17, 2011:

Awww - I shared on FB and my BFF just commented:) I told her NOT to look because she already has 3 dogs and 2 birds....but I knew if I told her NOT to do something she would do it! Now her husband hates me:) lol. She wants a Newfie so bad:) lol

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 17, 2011:

Phyllis, Thank you so much.

Paladin, Newfs are the perfect breed for working with Children with disabilities, the hearing impaired, guide dogs, water rescue dogs, and pretty much anything to do with people. There's a wonderful website that I found one day if you'd like to have a look. It's called Newfoundland Friends.

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 17, 2011:

Sunshine, One day we were at the dog park and there was a tea cup terrier there. Bruce saw this tiny adorable little dog and came running. I thought oh no, he's going to trample it. Right before he got to the dog he put on his brakes and slowed down. He ended up with the tea cup terrier underneath him. It was so cute seeing Bruce with this miniature dog underneath him. All the dogs in the dog park that day were big and they all ran around including the terrier, enjoying the dog park.

drbj and sherry from south Florida on November 17, 2011:

This was such a sweet hub, Susan. Thank you for sharing the story of how you adopted these two beautiful dogs and including the winsome photos. Enjoyed it all.

Rebecca Mealey from Northeastern Georgia, USA on November 16, 2011:

Cool hub Suz, Your babies are sweet looking, I know how much you love your pets.

aemillervb from Virginia on November 16, 2011:

I am in love with your dogs! They are beautiful. I actually wrote an article about newfie's 2 days ago. I learned a lot. I have a black lab and they seem very similar. Could be my next breed :)

Island Tropical on November 16, 2011:

Bruce certainly looks good.

Paladin_ on November 16, 2011:

I've had the pleasure of knowing only one Newfie, and he was huge (and quite a drooler! :-) Bismark was the companion of a human friend of mine, and was very mild-mannered. He worked as a therapy dog for children with learning disabilities, so you can imagine the huge amount of patience and tolerance that requires in an animal.

Is that sort of temperment typical for Newfoundlands, or was ol' Bismark extra special in that regard?

Phyllis Doyle Burns from High desert of Nevada. on November 16, 2011:

I love Newfoundlands and these pictures are beautiful. Great hub!

Linda Bilyeu from Orlando, FL on November 16, 2011:

Awwwww how precious! I prefer little dogs which is why I have a toy fox terrier, Foxy is a cool pup.

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 16, 2011:

Sylvia, Thank you. I really should make a point of coming to visit with Bruce.

Sylvia on November 16, 2011:

Very very nice,

I ,still have Bruce's Mom, she is 10 years old this month and

Susan Zutautas (author) from Ontario, Canada on November 16, 2011:

Nell, Thank you. They are a joy.

RH, True and as animals are attached to their people, people are attached to their animals :)

Audrey, Thank you so much.

writingfrosh, Thanks and Welcome to HubPages.

Thomas, I think Truman and my two would have a blast together. Thanks so much for the votes.

Experience Toknow, Bruce is laid-back, Maggie on the other hand is leader of the pack and is very dominant over Bruce.

ExperienceToKnow on November 16, 2011:

...A giant yet laid-back breed? My search has ended, yet it has begun...

I admit that I love cats more than I love dogs, but giant dogs are an exception to the case. So big and strong and beautiful! A few months back I was looking at giant dog breeds, but most of them had a 'dominant' attittude. I want a giant dog that's laid back so that he can fall asleep in my lap! Ah, one day I shall find that fuzzy giant ~

ThoughtSandwiches from Reno, Nevada on November 16, 2011:


Dang you have hella cute pupppies! I am typing this quietly so that Truman doesn't hear...but still...very, very cute.

Like you...I am a fan of the 'Giants' and I wouldn't have it any other way!


PS...pushing all the buttons.

writingfrosh from Philippines on November 16, 2011:

Bruce and Maggie are absolutely adorable! You also have a great hub. Thanks for giving me an idea to take pictures of our puppy right now too! :)

Audrey Howitt from California on November 16, 2011:

Great hub and beautiful dogs!! Cute puppy pictures!

Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on November 16, 2011:

I was wondering how you came up with Magz - I love it! The photos are awesome! Such gorgeous dogs and the puppy pic is so cute!

When my birds hatched - I visited them until they were old enough to come home. We would play with him in a private room and that way when we brought them home they were familiar with our smell. I guess it worked and proves all animals are attached to their people!

Nell Rose from England on November 16, 2011:

Hi, they are absolutely gorgeous! I love the names too! the only dog we had that was quite big, was an alsation cross something, we never did find out what the something was! lovely photos, cheers nell

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