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Thoughts About Pet Adoption

I have recently put in an application to adopt a dog from a shelter. The dog has seizures but needs us. She is so sweet!


Is a Pet Adoption for You?

Pets give so much love and need that same amount of love in return for them to live a hopefully long and happy life. So if you would love to shine your love upon a dog, cat, or other animals, maybe think about pet adoptions.

My family is trying to adopt a dog from a particular animal shelter. Here are some questions from the adoption application. It proves how dedicated animal shelters are to finding the best home for homeless animals.

How will you handle accidents in your home? My response—With lots of love!

Do you have a fenced-in yard? My response—Yes.

How long would you leave the animal alone? My response—Only while working a few hours five days a week.

Have you ever had a dog, and if it died, what was the reason? My response—I had a dog when I was a young child. My sister and I gave our dog to our grandfather, who had just lost his wife.

If, for any reason, you can't take care of the dog you adopted, would you return the dog to the animal shelter? My response—Yes.

Do you have other pets in your home? My response—Yes.

Would you make sure the pet of choice keeps regular veterinarian visits? Would you give the dog heartworm medication? My response—Yes.

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What is the phone number of the veterinarian you will be using for the care of the dog? My response-- I gave them their phone number.

The office will help the animal shelter know if we are a good fit for the dog wanting to become adopted into your lives.

These are just a few questions for anyone considering pet adoption from most animal shelters. Be prepared to answer many questions, about half an hour's worth of them.

Here is a link explaining questions asked to potential pet adoption owners.

I never realized how much care goes into every pet adoption from animal shelters. The shelter must be sure the pet will receive the best care at their hopeful forever home.

We are in the process of trying to adopt a dog that does have seizures, but she does love cats, dogs, and children. The shelter must be sure we will provide a good and secure life for the one we desire to adopt.

By reading and answering each question, I now feel honored to ask them to consider us adopting the dog of our choice.


I believe someone gifted with a sensitive soul will be a great candidate for adoption from an animal shelter. If the animal shelter chooses us for our pet adoption, we will feel honored to help the special dog of our choice.

The link source below is about why someone might pet adoption.

Why You Should Adopt A Pet: Adopt Don't Shop - Ultimate Pet Nutrition

If we are blessed to hear that we can adopt the dog of our choice, I will write future articles about life with the dog. I will talk about how the adjustment period went for both the pet owner and the dog.

Adopt a Pet Now or Play The Waiting Game

My daughter is so anxious about us adopting a dog that she wants all of them. I told her to pray that we get the right one. I explained to her that if we waited, we might call the right dog, or we could hurry and maybe get one unsuitable for our home.

Adopting a pet of any kind should be entered into with love and much consideration because their lives are in your hands. Adopting a pet will impact your lives for as long as you live with them. Be sure to research the pet of your choice as much as possible so everyone will feel at peace with their decision.

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