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Why Do You Need A Cat? What To Consider Before Getting One!


The Basic Motive

On your way to having peace of mind and calming your pace in your life path, you may feel you miss something or have an inner worry that you cannot identify its source. This may be negative energy surrounding you, or deep boredom with your life’s facts.

Cats have an ambiguous thing that strikes your soul, or rather refreshes it. Their eye looks, actions, reactions, or even their way of relaxing. The strange thing is that God created them most looking similar to human babies. This is a big reason behind our empathy toward them.

No need to say that watching their behavior, actions, meowing and eye looks, makes you feel you have the cutest baby ever. They force you with their helplessness to offer them all you have of love, kindness, and protection.

However, to be ready for the matter and entirely aware of all its sides, you have to know everything about it, the pros and cons, so you can make your decision properly.

Benefits of Raising A Cat

  1. The most significant advantage is the continuous satisfaction of motherhood or fatherhood feelings you live with that baby-like creature. A creature you are responsible for in terms of love, care, and affection. Entirely dependent on you. That may satisfy those who have profound feelings of motherhood or fatherhood that make them cat-tolerant people who accept all their disadvantages, accidents, and inconveniences produced by them in everyday life.
  2. Another positive point of raising a cat is benefiting from the positive energy produced by them in your home. They provoke compassionate feelings that you may wonder if you have ever had.
  3. They instill in your children valuable feelings, meanings, and principles they necessarily need in their character development years.
  4. The unique advantage, from my viewpoint, is that having a pet compels you involuntarily to understand its world and all pets’ worlds eventually. You find yourself reading, asking, and researching to find answers to your questions about them. Then, you become an expert in their life. That, itself, is exciting and interesting to anyone. It is like anthropology, but of another kind.

Cat Language

What You Have To Know Before Getting A Cat

  1. You have to consider your cat in every step of your life and infuse its natural routine into your daily one. Their meals, recurring cleaning, medical care, and their litter’s regular cleaning may be time and mind-consuming if no other people help you take care of them in everyday life.
  2. Their food, litter type, litter box, and medical care require a budget, so you both can live together safely. Vaccines and seasonal or periodical diseases require special care that might be expensive for anyone to afford, especially if you are not financially ready for that.
  3. If you are a perfectionist and feel overwhelmed with the mess, you may not feel well, if a cat misbehaves or rather, behaves as its nature suggests.
  4. A cat in your house is quite like a baby that never grows. So, you should not expect it to be like humans to follow your guidelines perfectly.
  5. You have to find time for them during your day to play and interact with them. So, if you are always busy, or spend your whole time outside, you can hardly take care of them.
  6. Cats go through periods of behavioral, or physiological disorders, as a result of aging and puberty, playing with biting and scratching, imprudence when young, diarrhea, vomiting, or any viral disease they can experience. If you are not a serious cat lover, and ready to stand their trouble, do not try the experience.
  7. The constant need to find a mate for your cat is very exhausting and requires a continuous connection to the cat lovers’ community to find a mate during heat cycles or puberty periods.
  8. During puberty, and when cats require a mate, their behavior changes. Male cats start to spray urine everywhere to mark their territory. Besides, it gets more aggressive. Female cats meow loudly in special tones. They tend to escape finding mates in these periods.
  9. Some prefer to neuter their cats to avoid the process of finding cat mates periodically, and also the hassle of finding fosters for the kittens. But others find it unjust to deprive their pet of living naturally like their peers in the wild.
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Final Decision!

Now, you have the pros and cons of raising a cat. Whatever your decision, you should consider that a pet is a living creature that feels, behaves, reacts to the surroundings, gets hurt, and suffers. So please think a lot before making your decision, if you feel you cannot afford their raising’s consequences, leave it alone and do not be the cause of their suffering.

There is some good compromise that can satisfy all parties. Some families with a backyard, prefer to keep their pets outside with the necessary secured pet stuff. That may help mitigate the consequences of the pet's complete habitation in the house.


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