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Things to Consider Before Getting a Guinea Pig


So your child or children have decided that they want a guinea pig or another kind of rodent but you are not so sure if they are the right pet for your home. So I will explain how to properly care for a guinea pig they are great pets, but they Are not always the best pets if you do not know how to properly cared for them. Before you get a guinea pig or another rodent please be sure to do your research. They are amazing loving pets if happy and very well cared for. If possible you should get two guinea pigs. Never put two males in the same cage as a female because they will fight. If you can not get two you can get one but they will need lots of attention and play time. If you only get one and you do not give them the attention they need they can get depressed and die and no one wants that!!!


Things to Get You Started

  • A cage!!!- If you still want a guinea pig the first thing you will need is a cage. At pet stores they usually have a starter kit but if they do not you will need at least a 42 by 24 inches.
  • Vitamin c supplement- Guinea pigs do not produce the vitamin c they need so you will need to put drops in their water, food, or get food with extra vitamin c, or even treats that have it.
  • bedding- You need to clean your guinea pig's cage at least once a week so you go through it pretty quickly, I get the biggest bag.

What to feed your guinea pig

  • Red/green leaf lettuce- You can feed this to your piggy daily
  • Butterhead lettuce- Can be fed to them daily
  • Broccoli- Can be fed to them 2-4 times a week!!!
  • spinach, collard greens, And kale can be given to them only once or twice a week!
  • Green and yellow bell peppers- Can be fed to them daily and so can all kinds of tomatoes
  • Baby carrots, peas, and squash can be fed to them 2-4 times a day
  • you can also give them apples (with the skin and core removed)
  • And on top of all of these you can give them blackberries, blueberries, grapes, mango, melon, AND EVEN MORE!!!!!!


Facts about Guinea pigs

  • They sometime grow to be 11 inches
  • They are expected to live 8 years with proper care!!
  • Guinea pigs originally came from south America
  • Your pig/ pigs will need clean water 24/7
  • Guinea pigs only sleep 4 hours ( could you imagine being up all the time???) I would not be able to do that!

Different types of breeds

  • The American- These piggy's have straight hair.
  • The Abyssinian - These guinea pigs have kinda long hair with a swirl.
  • The Peruvian- they have super long hair, the longest hair recorded on a Peruvian was 20 inches!!!!
  • The silkie- They are kind of like the Peruvian their hair is long and soft and even goes from their head down.
  • The teddy- They are not as smooth or silky they have super curly fur that needs to be brushed a lot


While guinea pigs are very hard work they are so sweet and will cuddle with you anytime. They absolutely love being pet or at least mine does. I recommend going to a pet store and seeing if any are up for adoption, because anytime you can help an animal that the owners could no longer care for is an amazing feeling. If none are up for adoption there are always baby guinea pigs in pet stores. They are some of the cutest animals I've ever seen, but they can be expensive just like every other animal.

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