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The Wind of Change for Wildhorses and Burros.

Theres a New Sheriff in Town, hopefully thats good for wild horses and burros.

As if there aren't enough problems for people. theres a new leader in the Interior Department. Not meant to infer theres a problem in the interior Department... by all means this is meant to be good. At least it started that way, however things aare not looking would seem,Ms.Haaland is not the horses friend. The round-ups are schedualed to continue. Now comes AIP, a program to adopt horses and burros. Problem is, all the animals supposed to be adopted ended up in slaughter houses ALL OVER THE COUNTRY.. AWHC says game on, and are sueing.

The photos below reflect the horses and the reality.

The Gilla Herd wild and free.

The Gilla Herd wild and free.

Random wild horses free to do whatever, untill the harsh reality sets in.

Random horses.

Random horses.

This will be the scene all across the country. Sad, most people don't have a clue.


The wild horses and burros in this country don't have a chance.

It has been said the BLM has intentions of rounding up 90,000 horses and burros and holding them in several different locations. When it is all said and done the bill will cost approx. $1.3 Billion dollars. For housing, feed, vets, the helicopters and operators, and if they actually intend to empliment the AIP program, they will need workers for that , as well as everything else they need done. Then there is the question of fertilization and who will be needed for that. It's a vicious circle and lawmakers just can.t see that.

The new sheriff. How grand, someone who will help us with wild horses and burros


Folks, meet Deb Haaland. This native American was recently appointed to lead the Department of Interior. CONGRATD MS.HAALAND. However you will recall this Department also houses the BLM. ( Bureau of Land Management ).The US. Forest Service also is housed here. And lately, they are no better than the BLM. I know a lot of us were hoping for help from the new leader, however, I don't believe anyone is going to hold thier breath on help. Especially after the AIP scandal.All these horses that were supposed to have been sold to loving homes, nope, nope they went to slaughter. But now, we know how many, and where they went. Slaughter houses were once outlawed in this country, however there are sill a few operating.

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Wild Horses and Burros have feelings, families, and are intelligent.

I would like you readers to indulge me for a moment. Imagine you are the horse or burro. You don't have the ability to fight, use firearms and the like. Now YOU are on the receiving end. You are being chased by a noisy flying machine, you are run into a trap and caught. Night comes, maybe you have food and water, or maybe a little one that was yours isn't anwhere in sight. If you are anything like me, you be looking for that little one till you found it Remind you of anything? Think about this for a while.

A BLM holding pen is not the ideal place to be.

Imagine if you can, 90,000 of anything that walks on four legs. Thats the number. Thats how many wild horses and burros are slated to be rounded up. It has been said that the AIP program will take quite a few horses for adoption. Untill then they are penned up .Waiting..Another thing is the fertilization of the mares. But we'll talk about that in another article.We have to stop the BLM, and whosoever else wants to harm or do away with the wild horses and burros.There has to be a way...However, till then all we can do is fight it out in Federal Court, and a few other organizations are doing just that. And they are winning.

This is the sight and sound heard over the countryside.


To coin a phrase, the only thing they are guilty of is being born.

How do we turn this around. Money is needed, lawyers are needed, workers are needed. It all takes money, and great piles of it. But most of all it takes all Americans standing together and saying we won't stand for this anymore. We are not only losing horses and burros here, we are losing our country. Before long it will be too late for either. My opinion! The video below might help you understand. This lady is telling it how it is. Sad part is it"s the truth.

Tucker Carlson and Carol Walker Wild Horse advocate.

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