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The Longest Horns in the World


A 7-year-old Texas longhorn cow in Alabama, USA, has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records because of its huge horns.

On May 8, 2019, Guinness World Records confirmed that this longhorn cow named Poncho has a width of 323.74 cm, which is more than twice the width of the grand piano.

This means that this super cow not only has the world's [largest live cattle horns], but also defeated all competitors in the past, creating the Guinness World Record title of [the longest horns in history].

Poncho lived on a farm in Goodwater, a small town in southeast Birmingham, Alabama, and was raised by the Pope family.


For several years, the Pope family has been enthusiastic about this record category. When Poncho was four years old, the family had noticed the difference in its horns. Unlike most long-horned horns, which have curved horns, Poncho's horns grow directly horizontally. Breaking the world record? "


Last month, the Guinness Book of World Records passed a measurement of Poncho's horn size, confirming the family's conjecture that Poncho became a world record holder. Poncho eventually replaced Texas's original longhorn record holder by more than an inch, a longhorn named Sato.


Jeron Pope, owner of Poncho, recalled the beautiful sight when he first saw the longhorn: "My wife and I once drove a hay cart somewhere west, and we saw three or four longhorns on a hilltop . They're so eye-catching against the sky-breathtaking. I told my wife then that we must raise a longhorn in the future. "


"Poncho was only six months old when he first arrived on the farm. I named it Poncho Via, a character from [1960s] TV series and movies (based on the authenticity of the Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa in the early 1960s) Adaptation of story). "

Unsurprisingly, Poncho has become a local star in Clay County, Jeral explained: "As long as there are guests from local neighbors visiting, they will come and see Poncho's style. Poncho is a gentle and big man. Everyone will bring something with them. Food comes-Poncho loves apples, carrots and marshmallows. "


Although Poncho's horns look daunting, the Pope family believes that Poncho's personality is very docile. Jeral's son Dennis (also known as Jeral Pope) said: "Poncho is like a relatively large pet. Over the years, many people have come to see it and feed it. It has become an amazing big pet. "

For Dennis, this record is not only a tribute to Poncho, but also a testament to his father's vision and community spirit: "[Father] loves to have a positive impact on the family and the community. Poncho brought us overnight fame Opportunity."

"We are one of the poorest counties in Alabama here, which is a bit unfortunate. [But] the birth of the longhorn bull, which broke the Guinness Book of World Records, will make the world known here.

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George Jones is part of the Pope family. He works on the farm to help take care of Poncho. He revealed that as he gets older, Poncho's temper becomes more gentle: "When it was young ... at that time, his horns were still very good It's small, but it's very lively ... It will flutter, snorkel, and dash ... But as the years pass, Poncho becomes more and more mature ... Now, Poncho goes slowly wherever he wants to go, instead of dashing And go. "

Although Poncho has never intentionally hurt anyone with his horns, clumsy horns can occasionally be a burden-Jones knows this well. Jones recalled sadly: "One day, I went fishing and Poncho came over behind me ..."

"He pulled out a water bottle from my pocket with his tongue. He was playing with the bottle there, and I reached out and scratched it ..."

"After a while, it might be a horsefly or something that bit him, [because] Poncho suddenly turned his head, and I flew into the pond in an instant! I was hit by the whole person in the water. "


Given Poncho's origins, Claire Stephens, the Guinness World Records senior manager of the US responsible for handling Poncho's record-breaking application, became very interested in this particular record: "In Guinness World Records, we receive records from all over the world every day Apply, so I'm thrilled to see the record holders from my home state of Alabama. "

"Although we are accustomed to something amazing, this record is really very different because it is so visually striking."

"The feeling of delivering record-breaking good news to people is really great. The Pope family is very helpful and they are passionate about showing the Poncho Via record to the world. It is clear that the Poncho and Pope have united the local community together. One of the most beneficial things the Nice World Records do is to be able to celebrate such a unique record with the world. "

More Horny World Records

Poncho is not the only farm animal to leave a mark on the Guinness Book of World Records for its extraordinary horns ...

LURCH: The Guinness World Records Hall of Fame has an African bull named Lurch. The horns of this ox may not be as long as those of Poncho, but in terms of its thickness, Lurch set [the thickest horn in history]. The thickest part of Lurch's horn is 95.25 cm in circumference!

JERICHO: JERICHO set the world's [longest yak horn] record, which is longer than Poncho's horn (though it is recognized that Poncho's horn is more rolled). JERICHO is owned by Hugh and Melodee Smith, Welch, Minnesota, USA. As of December 23, 2018, the corner length of JERICHO was 346.4 cm.

RASPUTIN: In order to prevent American cattle from stealing all the limelight, the Guinness Book of World Records came to Austria in February 2018. There, we saw Martin Pirker and his Valais black-necked Rasputin, whose horns are 140 cm long and are the world's largest goat horns.

Jacob sheep: When it comes to the number of horns, sheep have more horns than cattle. The Jacob sheep is the [most animal with the most horns] in the world. It has as many as six horns, and even the most common four-horned sheep (pictured above) is equally impressive.

Incredibly, in the late Cretaceous, the close relative of the Triceratops, Kosmoceratops richardsoni, had as many as 15 horns! These horns are distributed around the head, including the nose, eyebrows, and neck edges, making it the animal with the most horns ever.


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