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The Fastest Horse in the World

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The fastest horse in the world

The fastest horse in the world is the Winning Brew, according to the Guinness Book of Records. This horse traveled 71 km per hour in the 2008 competition, and since then has won the title of the fastest horse in the world, and in a comparison between the Arab horse, Thoroughbred, and Quarter Horses In 2006, quart horses were faster than thoroughbred horses over short distances, with a speed of up to 89 km per hour.


Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is one of the oldest recognized horse breeds in the United States; Where this breed emerged in about 1660 AD as a symbol among the purebred horses, and the origin of the Quarter horse goes back to the Spanish horses used by the first colonists, and the English horses imported by Virginia in approximately 1610 AD. With large muscles, short head, calm and cooperative temperament, the American Quarter Horse Association, founded in 1940, includes more than 2.5 million horses and is thus the largest organization of horse breeders in the world.

Arabian Horse

Thousands of years ago, Arabs lived in desert lands in the Arabian Peninsula, and among the Arab Bedouin tribes, there were wars, invasions, and long journeys. The Arabian horse has evolved with the capacity of its large lungs, and its endurance; To suit these harsh desert conditions, the Arabian horse is distinguished by its high tail, precise head sculpting, long neck, dyed face, short and straight back, chest depth, strength and thickness of its legs, springy ribs, large nose, large, expressive and round eyes, and small ears, and indicates its appearance. Generally on intelligence, courage, nobility, full energy, pride, and agility

Horse Speed

The average speed at which the horse runs is approximately 48.2 kilometers per hour, but its maximum speed can reach much higher. According to the Guinness Book of Records for 2008, the horse Winning Brew was able to travel a distance of 70.76 kilometers in The clock, which earned him the title of the fastest horse in the world.


Racehorse Characteristics

Racing horses, such as Thoroughbred horses, have many characteristics that enable them to run quickly, and some of these characteristics are:

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  • Neck: Racing horses have a long neck that moves in harmony with the front feet, helping to push the horse forward.
  • Hind legs: the hind legs of the horse are bent and then straightened in an almost vertical line, which produces an effect similar to the effect of a spring that pushes the horse forward.
  • Respiration efficiency: A racing horse is able to obtain its need for oxygen during jogging thanks to the heart's ability to circulate 284 liters of blood in one minute, in addition to the spleen's ability to supply blood during jogging with more red blood cells, so that the rate becomes 65% instead of 35%.

Horse gait types

A horse can perform four types of movement, which are as follows:

Normal walking: It is a side gait characterized by four strokes of the hoof, and three feet alternate in contact with the ground at one time so that the fourth foot is in the air. Then the front foot is on the same side.

Trotting: This type is characterized as a diagonal gait using four strokes of the hoof, in which one of the front feet touches the ground and the opposite hind foot simultaneously, and each leg bears the weight of the body separately.

Running: It is a gait with three hoof strokes, in which one front foot touches the ground with the opposite hind foot simultaneously, while the other two feet touch the ground separately.

Sprinting: It is the fastest gait of a horse, and it is similar to running, except that the back foot touches the ground shortly before the opposite front foot touches.

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