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The Cat Is Beautiful Animal

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Soft and delicate-looking cats are great pets. The cat will love you as much as you love it, it will be waiting for you whenever you come home, it will love you very much and it will play. One of the main reasons cats like this is because of their habit of keeping themselves clean. They clean different parts of their tongue with their claws daily

Cats that look oblivious to their appearance are actually one of the best predators in the world. Like lions and leopards, domestic cats chase prey and play with it but do not eat it after it has been killed.

It is too late to see any insects or rats in the house and the cat will immediately grab them.

The average height of a cat is 23 to 25 meters. Most cats are up to 30 cm long. Their body temperature is 38 degrees Celsius. Their heartbeats 120 to 140 times a minute. Breathing speed at rest is 16 to 40 times per minute. Due to the tissues in the cat's eye (Lucidum Tapetum) this animal can see in the dark. In Arabic, the cat is called Huraira

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The scientific name of the cat is Domestics Felids. It is called the family (Felidae). This is a carnivorous animal. The cat has been around humans for an estimated 9,500 years. It also has the ability to see at night in the dark and hear sounds that humans cannot hear. The cat can make 32 kinds of noises. It has a very strong sense of smell. The cat is the most famous pet in the world.
That is why in 1777 a German scientist added the name (Domestics). Belly usually weighs 4 to 5 kg. However, the weight of a girl named Hum (Coon Maine) has also been recorded as 11 kg. The world's smallest cat weighs 108 kg.


The cat is very small and a pet.
Cats have four legs, two bright brown eyes and a tail.
Its claws and teeth are very sharp.
Cats have a strong sense of smell.
She has silky and soft hair all over her body.
The cat is one of the largest pets in the world.
Cats like to eat milk, fish etc.
The cat likes to rest more, it sleeps 8 to 10 hours a day.
Some people even consider a cat a bad omen.
Even today, in superstition, it is considered bad to cut the path of the cat.

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