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Pet Breeding at Home

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pat animals

pat animals

I. Animal husbandry
Animal husbandry or animal farming is the science of caring for and generating domestic animals, including cows, horses, chickens, goats or any other animal used as a source of food or resources.Animal husbandry is one of the oldest human crafts, it appeared since ancient times after the Neolithic Revolution when humans settled and left hunting, and it is still widespread around the world today and is the basic craft on which millions of people depend for survival.

II. Benefits of raising animals at home

  • Reduce depression: Studies confirm that having a pet at home relieves symptoms of depression, promotes good mood, and does not feel lonely through the companionship it derives from pets, which positively affects the psychological state.
  • Lowering blood pressure: Playing with pets, stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin, two hormones that help relax and calm nerves.
  • Lowering cholesterol: The use of the sense of touch, lowers the LDL cholesterol in the blood, and triglycerides, which are a major cause of heart disease, so patting the pet enhances the therapeutic effects of the sense of touch, which is a basic human need.
  • Some pets, such as dogs, have to take their breeders in order to walk to. They are necessary for dogs, in order to move the intestines and thus not to get constipated, and therefore exercise with dogs by walking or running, which reflects the benefit to health. When a child raises a pet, and is responsible for its cleanliness and food, it enhances the child's self-confidence, develops in him a sense of responsibility, caring for and caring for others early in life, and when playing with or patting her, gives the child a sense of relaxation and calm, moves away from stress, tantrums and nervousness, and learns discipline and commitment.

III. Benefits of pet husbandry
Raising pets helps to treat some diseases as follows:

  • Improve the mood of people, and increase social interaction, especially for people suffering from dementia, because the percentage of depression increases in them, as pets reduce feelings of sadness and anxiety, increase physical activity, and raise the percentage of positive emotions.
  • Reduce the proportion of behavioral problems in individuals, according to a 2008 study by psychologists.
  • Pets work on lowering blood pressure levels.

Note: It is preferable to handle well-trained pets, in order to ensure safety for all individuals



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IV. Safe pets for your children
1. Fish
Fish is one of the best choices you should consider when buying a pet for your children. It takes up very little space, it will also occupy your children by watching it, it can not harm them, it requires the least effort in care, and you can let your children feed them safely.
2. Water turtle
The water turtle lives for many years, and, of course, its size is larger than the size of the fish, so your children may enjoy watching it more.
3. Hamster
Hamsters of the rodent breed, are small and cute animals, and you can bring them to your children to teach them self-reliance and care for their harmless pet. Hamsters do not require much care, as they eat carrots and ordinary vegetables and change the brushes of their cage twice a week. He lives from two to four years and needs only a small cage.

4. Sparrows
Of the birds that are raised, they are beautiful and make lovely sounds, and your children will love them. But don't let your kids take care of it themselves.

  • Raising a pet at home is an opportunity not to waste time, to teach your child responsibility, teach your children not to bother or intentionally harm their pet and to wash their hands after playing with animals.
  • Before bringing any animal, look for diseases it can cause or allergies that your children may have.
  • Ask your friends who have experience with any pet. Super Mama wishes you a safe and entertaining experience with your pet, you and your children.
girl with dog

girl with dog

V. The best animals that can be bred at home
Birds are one of the best pets, but they require attention and daily care, and there are many types of smart birds, and social birds, and the parrot is one of the examples of birds that it likes to raise, as it is characterized by its intelligence, and its relatively low cost, and is also suitable for children who have not had the experience of breeding birds before, and it is indicated that there are pet birds that can be cared for and bred, such as: canaries, cocktails, and cockatoos.
Small cats are one of the favorite pets and favorites of many people, especially in children, and in the case of raising cats, it is preferable to take care of them by taking care of their hygiene, conducting veterinary examinations, and immunizations for cats, and taking into account the need to work on the acquisition of a cat suitable for the age of children.

It is known to be loyal to its owner, and it can also perform several functions to serve the human being, such as guarding the house, guiding people with special needs from the deaf and blind to the road and alerting the deaf to the sound of the phone bell or door when it rings, and domestic dogs vary according to their types, sizes and shape, and the domestic dog.

It needs special care by its breeder in terms of providing good food and permanent hygiene and providing him with housing, in addition to taming and training him daily for thirty minutes until he gets used to it. On the behaviors that his nanny tames him, the best domestic dogs are rodweilers, boxers and pitbulls.
There are many who breed fish as pets, by placing them in aquariums and caring for them, and goldfish are the most popular and chosen fish for this purpose.

The chick
One of the favorite animals in breeding, especially for children, is characterized by its small size and voice, and consists of two colors, yellow and white, and is one of the most beautiful and cheapest domestic birds, but needs special care because it dies quickly, the breeder must put it in a clean spacious cage and not be exposed to extreme heat or extreme cold because it does not tolerate and die quickly, and a sufficient amount of water should be put to drink and fed moderately on the feed .


One of the most widespread types of bird breeding. Some are considered a domesticated bird, some people take the breeding of pigeons as a hobby and others for trade, and the breeding of pigeons is considered easy enough to be placed in a large cage exposed and exposed to sunlight, preferably on the roof of the house and fed with various foods such as wheat, corn and lentils, and one of the best types of pigeons in breeding is municipal and Turkish pigeons.

V. Conclusion
Pet animals are really very nice creatures that deserve to be one of them in our homes.

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