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The Round Ups Continue.

A familiar site. Hopefully a thing of the past...soon!


2021 Has Been A Rough Year For Everyone !

After all the court battles and being beaten, the BLM is still working against a long standing Presidential order, enacted to protect the wild horse and burros from just what they are doing. This writer just doesn't understand how they get away with it. Moreover, how do they expect to keep all those horses, since selling to kill buyers and the slaughter houses have been shut down, and they aren't allowed to ship out for slaughter, what is going to happen to ALL those horses ? Penned up day after day. I have a pretty good idea.

One of several BLM holding pens.


I think it safe to say there is no barns or shelters at these pens.

These pictures say a lot about these holding areas. Just think how crowded it will be after 90,000 horses are rounded up and penned up. Now keeping in mind this is all to make room for the cattle that need what pasture land the horses and burros are eating up from them. Over something like, 3,ooo,ooo acres of grazing land...Public land. Ok, I made my point, I think. Let me show you another graph.

Cattle vs Horses


I think the photos speak for themselves.

I know of at least four holding area pens where there is absolutely no shelter for all these horses. They are constantly exposed to the elements. So its a fact they won't all survive the heat, the cold, lack of food possibly, who knows. These animals are intelligent. They are better off on their own. Did you know that in winter, a cow will stand in the snow and maybe starve to death because it won't move the snow with it's hoof to get to the grass ? a horse will an eat the snow for water. Burros have sorta a sense for water. They will pick an area and start pawing the ground and dig a hole and find's a fact.


The photo above is an old one but the point is, there were no shelters in place then, and nothing has changed. Compare pictures, it's very obvious. We have no clue how to intervein in this problem. We could protest all we want, it would do no good. After all, this is the BLM. While it is true we have a new director of the BLM, no body knows how she is going to act. I haven't heard anything about her. Good or bad so maybe that is a good sign.

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A Dream Of Change. So Fleeting.

Well folks, I think I made my point. The fight will continue, the court cases will go on, and nothing will change. The wild horses and burros will die, some will not...some will be adopted, maybe, some will not.The cycle will continue, and no one will do anything to change it. There are however, some of us who are doing our best to turn things around. For a while there we thought it may have happened. But alas, we were wrong. And so, things continue on. All we can do is keep on truckin, and hope for the best. So long for now.

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