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The Neabot P1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit Makes It Easy to Groom Your Pet


Pets Need Grooming

People love their pets, and for most people that means a dog or cat — at least more often in urban settings (not to say rural doesn’t have their share of dogs and cats, because they do). But as much as people love their pets, what they don’t love is having to keep them groomed. That’s just a fact and if you ever saw your miniature longhair dachshund having spent a session at a small dog park where twigs and leaves and bits of bark abound, then you know that a good brushing afterwards is pretty much a requirement. And that doesn’t even take into account just the daily need for brushing or for more intense grooming because the dog’s hair has gotten past the point of acceptance (you’d think with the way some dogs shed that they wouldn’t need the application of a clippers, but - sigh - you’d be wrong).

So as seems obvious, a pet owner is going to have to make the decision of either 1)taking the dog/cat to a professional groomer to take care of the issues, or 2)have the portable groomer show up at the home, or 3)forget about it. Since 3 isn’t acceptable and 1 and 2 aren’t great either, why not take the grooming into one’s hands and “do it yourself?” Because you can’t do a good job if you don’t have the right equipment. But if you have the Neabot P1 Pro Pet Grooming, then you do have the right equipment. And as those with pets know, grooming not only can be calming for the pet, but also for the pet’s owner as well.


A Pro Grooming Kit That Doesn't Require A Pro To Use

The Neabot P1 Pro Pet Grooming is for sure a pro grooming kit, because it provides the means not only for clipping hair and brushing hair, but also for sucking up that hair (i.e., vacuuming) so that’s there is no mess when done. Looking a bit like one of those old-time portable vacuum cleaners, in that you’ve what appears to be a horizontal tank with a hose attached, for sure this is a modern iteration of suction in effect. What attaches to that hose takes care of business, while the suction takes care of the hair/detriment that is being created and needs to be shuttled away.


Clip, Clip, Clippers

So it’s a clipper system with a set of 5 different and interchangeable tools — each of which is designed to do a different thing in a specific manner: for general grooming of the pet’s coat, you use the Grooming brush for a daily cleaning (we take our dog to a dog park daily and he manages to pick up a lot of junk without ever appearing to pick something up), while the DeShedding brush does exactly what it says it does for pulling off the loose hair so as to keep it from going out and around the home — if you’ve ever used a vacuum under a table or bed where there’s a free roaming pet, then you’d not be surprised at just how much hair ends up being sucked up. That doesn’t mean it needs to be used every day, but the frequency is pretty much dependent on the pet and the owner’s desires. Adding to that the physical act of grooming does more than just make the pet look good, it also stimulates the skin and aids in creating a bond between owner and pet. Plus dogs love it because treats tend to be part of the whole process. Plus you can give a dog's paws and feet a quick once over to remove junk after time spent outdoors.

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More Brushes

The other two brushes are the Nozzle head, and the Cleaning brush and which excels at picking up hair that’s fallen on the carpet, the floor, etc. It’s also good for taking care of hair business on carpeted stairs and sofas (this we know).

And of course there’s an electric clippers to use — don’t just jump into using this like you would the other accessories. We didn’t think it’d be a bit deal because we’ve watched a groomer do the clipping bits quite a few times, but…… But because we’re smart or at least not willing to have the significant other or the pet give us the stink eye, we watched a few YouTube videos first. It helped. A lot. As did the fact that the clipping comb is adjustable for handling the clipping of hair at different lengths (6 - 12 - 18 - 24mm). The detachable guide combs go on/off quickly for use


Now we’ll repeat it just to make the point — whatever is being done with the brushes, the vacuum suction is also going on and it’s strong enough to get hold of the most of what’s coming off the pet. Plus the sound isn’t so loud as to be problematic, but getting the pet used to the sound will take a bit of time and so spend that time getting the pet used to the sound before you start going in for a grooming session. And treats, for sure. And as obvious, emptying the vacuum container regularly is a must (if weather permits, empty directly into the garbage bin outside so as to avoid detriment escaping into the home). So send those dust mites and allergy creating crap on its way and out of your house.

Now we’re not saying you can’t use the Neabot P1 Pro Pet Grooming Kit on other animals than dogs and cats — in fact we’re sure you can. But should you have a dog or cat and want to keep grooming in the family, as it were, then you can’t go wrong. For more details go to

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