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The Glamorous Ragdoll Cat Loves You

Donna has been a cat parent and writer for many years, and her passion is to share her love for cats with others.

The ragdoll kitten looks so lovely!

The ragdoll kitten looks so lovely!

Who doesn't love a long-haired furry cat? I know I do, especially the ones that fall into your arms the minute you pick them up and fall in love! The Ragdoll cat loves everyone, and everyone loves this cat!

The Ragdoll gets its name because it goes limp when you pick them up. Like when you picked up a rag doll when you were a kid. That is why they Ragdoll!

This Cat is Super Chill!

In 1960 Ann Baker, a breeder in Riverside, California, was the first breeder to breed the Ragdoll. She bred a free-roaming domestic long-haired white female with other cats she owned.

The offspring of this female had unique temperament traits that were very endearing. So, she selected cats with the look, temperament, and criteria she wanted for her breeding program.

Ragdolls reach their full coat color at two years of age.

How Large Will Your Ragdoll Cat Get?

Ragdolls are a pointed breed (meaning they have a pale body with darker markings on the face, ears, tail, or legs).

The ragdoll cat is one of the largest domestic cat breeds because they have a sturdy body, heavy frame, and proportionate legs. Including a muscular body with semi-long hair and a soft, silky coat.

Here are a few interesting facts about this cat:

  • Fully grown female: between 8 to 15 lbs.
  • Fully grown male: between 12 to 20 lbs.
  • Full maturity four years of age
  • Life Span: 10-16 years.
  • Ragdolls reach their full coat color at two years of age.

Most Loved Cat in the Entire World

Ragdolls are a unique breed worldwide. Why? Because of their fascinating, gorgeous features and their loving personality.

They are also loved because their coats have the most beautiful colors ranging from blues, cream, chocolate, lilac, and reds, but they are primarily gray, with white pattern color-point coats.

Ragtown Ragdolls

4 Fun Facts About this Lovely Cat

Ragdoll prices range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. They can be expensive, depending on whether the cat is non-show or show-quality with papers.

If you would like this cat for pleasure, I wouldn't worry about getting a cat with papers.

The Cat Facts:

  • The Ragdoll cat: Domestic breed
  • Scientific name: Felis Catus
  • Origin: The United States. They're popular in the United Kingdom as well. Yet, they are native to the United States
  • Price Range: $400.00 to well over $1,200

Ragdoll owners refer to these cats as "dog-like cats" or "puppy-like cats." Due to their behavior traits of following humans around. They're easy to handle and not aggressive toward other animals or children!

Fun Fact

Did you know you can train these cats to do tricks? You can teach them to fetch, among other great tricks!

The Most Loving Cat for Your Family

Ragdoll cats and kittens love the sound of water and love to play in the bathtub, sink, and pool! Take extra care not to leave them unattended around water because they can hop in and drown.

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These specific breeds are not climbers, so the couch is as high as they want to climb. Yet, most cats love to rise to the highest point possible, but not these cats. The sofa is super fine for this feline!

Perfectly and Beautifully Classic

Perfectly and Beautifully Classic

Your Cat Needs a Buddy

It's always best for your Ragdoll to have a friend, especially if you're away from home. Why? Because they need to interact and socialize, and it helps prevent loneliness.

Ragdolls are in love with their cat parents; they tend to follow them around a lot and, yes, even to the bathroom! And if you love spending considerable time with your feline, this cat is for you!

Brushing this Cat is Super Easy

Caring for this cat is super easy! You only have to brush them twice a week. Brushing them helps prevent mats, tangles, and any shedding. They tend to shed fur in the spring and autumn months the most.

The coat of the Ragdoll is thick and soft, and it has medium to long fur that does not mat.

Ragdolls enjoy getting groomed because of their attention during their grooming sessions. Brush your cat once a day, if possible; brushing keeps hairballs away and prevents matting.

Use the appropriate brush, such as a slicker brush, to groom your cat.

With frequent grooming, you can see any skin problems or irritations under their coat.

Ragdoll Kitten

Ragdoll Kitten

8 Helpful Grooming Tips for You!

Make grooming time for your cat fun and relaxing. Reward your Ragdoll with a tasty treat during and after the grooming session. Not only does your cat get clean, but it's a bonding time full of hugs and love!

Grooming tips:

  • Start your grooming routine when they are kittens.
  • Use a variety of brushes and combs.
  • Avoid brushes with hard-wired bristles.
  • Softer brushes tend to keep the cat calm.
  • Use grooming gloves.
  • Let your cat smell the brush or comb before use to get acquainted with the new device.
  • Use a human toothbrush for difficult-to-reach areas such as the inside of the ears.
  • Reward good behavior during and after their grooming session.

Ragdoll Kittens

Time to Give Your Ragdoll a Bath - Let the Fun Begin!

Bathing your sweet cat doesn't always have to be a regular chore. Ragdolls are super clean cats, so you don't have to wash them often. Why? Because most cats with thick coats have double coats, undercoats, and topcoats. But the Ragdoll has a single coat, so you only need to bathe them once a month.

If your cat tolerates the blow dryer, blow dry their fur to ensure you get the coat completely dry. Some cats love having their hair blow-dried. It makes them feel like divas at the salon!

Helpful tip:

Brush your Ragdoll cat when it's a kitten so they get used to it.

Blue Ragdoll with a Blaze!

Blue Ragdoll with a Blaze!

Some say that Ragdolls are "dog-like cats" or "puppy-like cats." All because they follow their humans around the house. This beautiful cat is easy to handle and is not aggressive toward other animals or children!

Ragdolls Personality Traits

When you visit the breeders, observe the kitten's parents. By watching their parents, you can tell what the kitten's personality will be—and inquire the breeder about the parent's health, genetics, and lineage quality.

As your kitten grows, its unique personality blossoms as they grow into adulthood.

Watching the kitten play with its litter mates gives you an idea of your kitten's personality.

Temperament of this Fabulous Cat

Some say that Ragdolls are "dog-like cats" or "puppy-like cats." All because they follow their humans around the house. This beautiful cat is easy to handle and is not aggressive toward other animals or children!

Ragdoll cats have unique personality traits:

  • Accommodating and affectionate
  • Submissive, obedient, and laid back
  • Gentle, loyal, and fun water babies
  • Friendly, pleasant, and sweet

Ragdolls especially love their humans! And, of course, we love them! But remember that not all Ragdolls will have the same personality traits. It depends on their ancestry and how you raise your cat.

You can be sure this feline will be forever loyal and faithful to you.

But beware – they tend to love everyone and have no fear of other humans that may be strangers. And if your cat goes outside, and because they love people so much, they will wander off with a stranger.

This cat knows NO stranger!

Blue-eyed Ragdoll Kitten

Blue-eyed Ragdoll Kitten

Your Life Made Beautiful with a Ragdoll

Ragdolls are happy-go-lucky, carefree, calm, and sweet. They are loyal and loving to their owners and enjoy following them around. This is one affectionate cat, so much so that it goes limp in your arms when picked up like a (toy) Ragdoll!

They love the water; can you imagine your cat taking a bath when you do? It's possible. Everything about this cat is groovy, calm, and a "let's chill all day" breed!

3 Minutes of a Ragdoll Cat Being a Ragdoll Cat/Bowie The Ragdoll Cat


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Donna Rayne (author) from Sparks, NV on March 25, 2020:

Thank you, Peggy, I'm happy you enjoyed the article. But, also sad about the loss of your dear cats.


Donna Rayne

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 23, 2020:

The cats we have had have been adopted as strays, and they were loved and cherished. The information about Ragdoll cats is informative and interesting. I could see many of the same traits in our last cat who we named Peaches.

Donna Rayne (author) from Sparks, NV on March 20, 2020:

Yes, Carolyn, they are very protective of their cat parents! I would love to have one!


Donna Rayne

Carolyn D-G on March 20, 2020:

I had a Ragdoll cat. She was like a gard cat, if she didn't like someone she would stair at them. I knew not to invite them over again.

Donna Rayne (author) from Sparks, NV on March 19, 2020:

Thank you so much, Kyler and good luck with the dog... I know with dogs things can get a bit ruff haha


Donna Rayne

Kyler J Falk from California on March 19, 2020:

Wow, these cats are absolutely beautiful. I can definitely see why you would want one. I've had so many cats over the years, but I'll be switching to dogs soon. Couldn't handle both at the same time as much as I would like to.

Wonderful article!

Donna Rayne (author) from Sparks, NV on March 18, 2020:

Thank you, Ms. Ruby, I appreciate you reading my article and that you enjoyed it.


Donna Rayne

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on March 18, 2020:

The Ragdoll cat is so beautiful and the blue eyes are stunning. Your article is full of info. that people can use. Your love for cats shines brightly.

Donna Rayne (author) from Sparks, NV on March 18, 2020:

You are so welcome, Pamela, I love them too and thank you for reading my article! A little bit of sunshine goes a long way!


Donna Rayne

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on March 18, 2020:

This is a beautiful breed of cat. I would love to have one or more. Thanks for all this excellent informaiton, Donna.

Donna Rayne (author) from Sparks, NV on March 18, 2020:

Thank you, Paula, I want one too! Always have and thank you for reading my article.


Donna Rayne

Suzie from Carson City on March 17, 2020:

Donna....What exquisitely beautiful cats! Those eyes & such luxurious fur. How I would just LOVE to have one.

The video of the ragdoll being a ragdoll was great! I laughed out loud! What a laid-back, overly relaxed baby! He/She didn't even care about the ball......"Oh yeah, a ball....BIG deal".....I'm just chillen." LOL

Thank you so much for such a thorough education on this wonderful breed. Now I will continually think of wanting a ragdoll!! Cheers, Paula

Rosina S Khan on March 17, 2020:

A beautiful account of Ragdoll Cats. I loved reading about them, Donna. Thank you for sharing.

Donna Rayne (author) from Sparks, NV on March 17, 2020:

Thank you very much, Ivana, I appreciate your kind words. Have a lovely day.


Donna Rayne

Ivana Divac from Serbia on March 17, 2020:

I love everything about this hub! Ragdoll cats are too adorable, and reading an article about them made me smile. Other than the obvious cuteness of the cats, you provided everyone with so much useful information. In the end, your style of writing is beautiful.

I really enjoy reading your content, and I look forward to reading more!

Donna Rayne (author) from Sparks, NV on March 17, 2020:

I agree with you, Flourish, it's better to adopt than shop. I take care of a stray who lives outside and then I have Sammie who is inside. I love your story how you take care of stray cats too, shows a person with lots of compassion and a super big heart!


Donna Rayne

FlourishAnyway from USA on March 17, 2020:

Growing up there were two stray female Ragdoll cats that used to come around and beg for food. We got them spayed and vetted and took care of them. My family always had at least 3-4 cats that started as strays. These gals came and went as they pleased. One was especially fond of my father. I would hope people would adopt rather than shop. Right now I have a community cat I feed and have fixed/vetted who looks to be a Turkish Van. Others care for him too because sometimes he smells of light cigarette smoke.

Donna Rayne (author) from Sparks, NV on March 17, 2020:

Thank you very much, Brenda and Manatita, glad you enjoyed it. I would love to have one if I could, but they are so expensive and high maintenance.

Blessings to you both,

Donna Rayne

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 17, 2020:


I love this article.

Their eyes are so amazing!

I think these are the best kittys, except for combing them so their fur doesn't mat.

I wish I had one here with me now. Absolutely beautiful!

The video is cute too.

Thanks for sharing.

manatita44 from london on March 17, 2020:

This is a sweet, cute and loving article of an amazing breed. They are so beautiful!! You made me want to love cats .... more, perhaps. Nice job, Donna. Every photo is incredible! They die too soon.

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