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The Egyptian Mau - Cat Breed Information and Care


History of the Egyptian Mau Cat Breed

There are many variations of the story as to how the Egyptian Mau first came about and whether or not their lineage is primarily related to a line of cats that originated from off the streets of Egypt. It is believed that at least the earliest ancestors of the Egyptian Mau did indeed come from Egypt. A prestigious woman, who some believe was an exiled princess from Russia, wanted to create a breed of cat that best replicated the cats depicted in the manuscripts of ancient Egyptian murals. She decided to use the cats she found in the Cairo region as her first breeding stock. Eventually the noblewoman returned to Rome, Italy where she decided to have one of her cats professionally shown. In 1956 she brought a pair of cats to the United States; they were eventually thought to been breed with numerous American cat breeds to perfect the Egyptian Mau as it is now known today.

The Cat Fanciers Federation accepted the Egyptian Mau as an official breed of cat in 1968, and later in 1977 The Cat Fanciers' Association also recognized the Egyptian Mau as a purebred cat. It wasn't until 1992 that the Egyptian Mau cats were accepted in Europe as a true breed.


Egyptian Mau Cats - Physical Appearance

The Egyptian Mau is classified in the shorthair group of cats. They are small to medium sized cats with muscular bodies. Generally female Egyptian Maus weigh between 6 to 11 pounds, and males tend to weigh anywhere from 10 to 14 pounds. They are one of the few cats with naturally spotted coats. Their heads are partially rounded and wedged creating a slightly oriental shape. Egyptian Maus have prominent, slightly slanted, large eyes that are usually light green in color, but they sometimes come in blue and yellow. They portray pointed ears that are relatively big in size, with shell pink inner ears. Their bodies have a tendency to be a tad elongated in comparison to their legs, with the hind legs slightly longer than the front. The Egyptian Mau breed have medium length tails that are tipped with stripes.

Egyptian Mau cats display coats that are short, silky, and dense. These gorgeous felines have spots that vary in size, shape, and width, contrasting with the backgrounds of their coats. Their grooming needs are minimal requiring just enough brushing to remove the dead hairs from underneath. This rare breed of cat comes in three traditional color variations of silver, bronze, and black smoke.


Egyptian Mau Personality, Health, and Cat Care

The Egyptian Mau have personalities that are affectionate and lively with their loved ones. This breed has a tendency to come across as extroverted with their owners, but they tend to be aloof, cautious, and shy with strangers. For people with children Egyptian Maus are a recommended breed as long as your children understand the concept of respecting animals, and they tend to do better with smaller families. They are intelligent cats that are capable of learning some tricks without being fussy. They enjoy having plenty of space for jumping and climbing.

Egyptian Mau cats are a relatively healthy breed of cat. They don't have any known genetic predispositions that might cause particular health concerns. Like most cats though it is recommended to not allow your cat to roam and hunt out and about since cats are very susceptible to spreading disease and bacteria with humans when left to their own devices or when communing with feral cats and other wild animals such as raccoons.

These gorgeous animals are not only visually stunning, but they are also kind and pleasant with their owners making them beautiful both inside and out. They tend to be a relatively rare cat breed, but Egyptian Maus continue to intrigue and fascinate the few who have the opportunity to have them in addition to their lives as a part of the family.

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