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The Coyote, Coydogs, Coywolves, and Coyotes in Urban Environments

The Coyote

Likely one moment here where I live it could well be dead silence in the night or even just before sundown, and then, without any notice to speak of, the night could erupt in screams and howls so vicious sounding as to be frightening. Mostly, the fright is due to the sudden change in the sound scape of my environment.

They most often sound like demons, tormented in hell, urging one onward towards damnation, and as often as not, mixed into it all is the sound of horrific laughter, the kind of laughter that a demented abuser would use as he lashes out at his victim in spite.

Other times, it just sounds cool.

Though I have plenty of neighbours around, there is also just beyond the houses here, a creek bottom and a lot of unpopulated woodlands. Coyotes here are often heard, and seldom seen. Maybe once in a while someone will see one creeping about in the early morning hours around dawn.

In the town of Kaufman, Texas; and in the city cemetery, a very old cemetery by local standards - I once drove through and saw a coyote with someone's family cat in it's mouth. It was shocking to see because of how densely populated the particular area of the town is. I'd imagine that the large cemetery does provide some meals at nights though, as surely rabbits and squirrels are all over the place there.

I thought the thing looked like Satan, and it surely knew that it was getting away with something - it's pointed ears resembled devil horns.

Canis latrans - The Coyote


The Resilient Coyote

  • Coyotes: The Wild Becomes Urban - Advocacy For Animals
    But as elsewhere on Earth, the continent is increasingly overrun with humans, which almost inevitably means a loss of habitat for anything that is not human—coyotes included. Coyotes have therefore had to learn to live around us, a task made less one

The Resilient Coyote

Here in Kaufman County, Texas - it used to not be uncommon while travelling down rural farm to market roads to see dead coyotes hanging on fences. This was the common practice for farmers or ranchers who'd shot coyotes, and the dead one hanging on a fence would serve to allow the other coyotes the opportunity to realize that they'd maybe do better finding another place to hunt or hang out.

I seriously doubt that coyotes were ever much cognizant of the idea of property lines regulated and defined by barbed wire fences, but then again the critters are surely vastly more intelligent than we typically give them credit for.

Last I checked there was still a five dollar bounty on coyotes on the books here. I wonder where I should turn in my dead coyotes and collect my cash?

I'm joking, of course, about my dead coyotes....I've never shot a coyote, they're pretty hard to ever even see, though at any moment I know it's likely to sound like they're having a party just outside my door. I was NOT joking, however, about the five dollar bounty per dead coyote being on "the books" here. I'd imagine that such rewards are legally binding in many counties in Texas and across the nation.

The Urban Coyote


Urban Coyotes

Now the first two text blocks up above I wrote last night, and sure enough, not long after I turned off my computer to get some sleep....the howling began. It sounded like an absolute party just behind me in our cow pasture.

Coyotes are smart, very smart. They seemed to have known that because the lights were off here in this little trailer by my parent's house, that it was time for them to play. I had half a mind to throw on some boots, and fly out the door with a spotlight to have a look at them, but they'd have vanished in an instant. Coyotes are the fastest moving canines in the whole Genus. They can run as fast as forty miles per hour, and they can leap as far as fourteen feet.

Compared to the average family dog, a coyote is some sort of super dog, certainly he is an Olympic athlete among mere pets.

Though it's true that I'm near to a large creek bottom land, the entire area that I've always lived in grows increasingly urban. I dislike this very very much, and wish half of these people would just go bankrupt and find somewhere else to go, leaving their homes to rot into the surrounding gloom. Nothing against them much, I just don't want them next to me and my coyotes. In this way the coyotes and I differ. The coyotes don't seem to much mind that there are more and more houses everywhere - they merely adapt and keep on being coyotes.

I'm told that there is a sizeable population of coyotes inside the city of Los Angeles. No doubt that every major US city featuring some place to hide in some bit of woods also has coyotes within it's limits.

I Do NOT Support Killing Coyotes - But there is also good information in this video

Canadian Folk Singer Killed By Coyotes

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Coyote Food

Some of the meals of coyotes are rather unpleasant. Especially notable is your small dog, coyotes will eat your small dog whenever it becomes available to them. I can't help but imagine that your cat would be preferable to a coyote, but I can't speak for coyotes. I used to keep cats, and I love cats; but I'm in a small trailer and me and the cat would need some space and alone time here and there. Years ago I lived in my parent's house which is next door. The parent's aren't much for cats inside of their home, and so we'd sometimes find cat heads, the heads of OUR cats in our yards.

I can only imagine that coyotes had ate the rest of our cats, as our dogs were pretty chummy with their feline co - pets here on the Shaw farm.

Coyotes are purely opportunistic eaters, and ninety percent of what they eat is meat; any meat, dead or living, is fine food for a coyote. Voles, mice, rats, rabbits, squirrels, deer, cats, dogs, bugs, lizards, snakes, and javelina (where available) are all coyote foods of choice, but coyotes do eat fruits and vegetables during the Fall and Winter.

Please do take care. Coyotes in hard times will become bold and attack a human fully intending to eat him. It's happened before, and will happen again. Most often coyotes attacking humans occur in cases of rabid coyotes - but hungry coyotes will do this as well. Joggers have reported being shadowed by coyotes, and someone who allows their toddler to play unattended in their yard in coyote territory is simply asking that their child be taken from them in a flash of teeth.

I feel like I'm sort of spreading fear here, but that is not my intention. I'm only trying to spread information. The fate of the lovely young folk singer/guitarist in the following video/link below was proved to have been at the hands of RABID coyotes. Coyote attacks are rare, but they do happen.

You shouldn't take this wrong, but if a coyote will eat you, and it's cousin, the dog - then you shouldn't be surprised to know that sometimes coyotes will eat coyote puppies as well.


Coyote and German Shepherd Mix

Coyote and German Shepherd Mix

Coyote and Blue Heeler Mix

Coyote and Blue Heeler Mix

Coyote and Australian Shepherd Mix

Coyote and Australian Shepherd Mix

The CoyWolf


Coydogs and Coyote / Wolf Relations

Not only will coyotes eat your dogs, coyotes will also breed with your dogs. Yes, I know, that's sort of strange. I think it's a matter of either being hungry or horny, and the coyotes live to live and damn the rest of it.