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The Best Pet in the World

Winson Jim Toledanes is a BSED-English student at Central Philippine Adventist College. He wants to explore the world of writing.

We all have our own opinion and preference when it comes to choosing what is the best, whether it is in terms of food, sports, movies, video games, or pets.

When choosing the best pets, we consider their different aspects and characteristics, whether in their way of action, looks, or attitude as pets.

Though most pet owners believe and claim that their pet is the best and the cutest out there.

Still, the question stands, which pet is the best?

Cutest pet in the world

Science considers cats the cutest pet in the world based on their adherence to the golden ratio.

Undeniably, cats are indeed the cutest. They can charm you with their adorable and enchanting eyes, attract and make you fall in love with their clinginess and sweetness, and even produce a lovely and admirable sound, "meow."


Opinions about cats

As stated by Mr. Lludreg, "Cats have a unique and interesting personality. They have that astonishing sassy attitude and think that they own their owners or even the world." Cats are pretty much unique and dominating in terms of personality.

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According to Mr. Joshiah, "Cats are really nice. They have a pleasing personality and are one of the sweetest. Every time you meet them, they greet you with the most welcoming and affectionate gesture.

As claimed by Mr. Jake, "Cats have a nice body formation and feature. Cats are like the sexiest among other pets or animals out there."

In the opinion of Ms. Francheska, "Even though they occasionally aren't in the mood to cuddle, they are adorable and a lot of fun to be around. I love cats because they actually make me feel less anxious and stressed. I consider them to be my closest pal."


Facts that make cats great pets

Cats require little upkeep. A Cats' notable-appealing feature is that they require less maintenance in terms of toys, attention, food, care, etc. Cats are also ideal for city or apartment living. They don't need a lot of room to play and explore—nodding their way through the nooks and crannies of your kitchen will keep them entertained for hours.

They are self-sufficient. Cats will be there for you when you need them, but they also have the capability to enjoy and entertain themselves. Cats don't necessarily require or desire constant attention.

They live a long time. Parting with your cherished furry friend is the most agonizing and lonely stage of pet ownership. Though you will live longer than your cats, their longer lifespans allow you to spend more time with them—up to 20 years.

They reduce stress and anxiety. Cat owners understand how a few minutes of touching or interacting with their cat can convert a bad day into a pleasant one. According to scientific studies, a cat's purr can help soothe your nervous system and decrease your blood pressure.

They minimize feelings of loneliness. Cats are excellent companion animals. They convey unconditional love that can be equivalent to (or even greater than) that of many actual friends and close associates.

So if you are searching for the best pet, consider taking home a cat with you.

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