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The Hunting Dogs of India

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Hunting Dogs Of India

Hunting Dogs Of India

Dogs are the descendants of wolves and are classified as a subspecies of the grey wolf. And thus they have an inborn hunting instinct. But based on the purpose of creation and their breed category and classification, they have their own expertise. Some dogs are good to guard, personal protection and some have expertise in hunting. There are many dog breeds which were created to hunt and have expertise in hunting. If you are looking for a hunting dog from India, then you can refer this article to more choice for your selection.


This breed was created by the king of North Indian city Rampur from where they got their name Rampur Hounds. The Place Rampur lies between two well-known Indian cities Delhi and Bareilly. The basic purpose to create this breed was to hunt deer, fox, jackal and rabbits. Latter Rampur Hounds were also used to herd abandons war horses. These dogs were considered a test of courage. They can take down a golden jackal easily and they have a great running stamina and speed. They are capable to jump over a six foot high fence by their standing position.

Rampur Greyhound is the fastest running dog of India that can reach up to 40 miles per hours. Usually they are reserved dogs and known as a one man dog. They do not welcome other pets and don’t like strangers to touch them.

Rampur Greyhounds are acknowledged as "Royal Dogs of North India".

Physical traits of Rampur Hounds,

Height: Male 24- 29 inches and Females 22- 27 inches.
Weight: Male 27-30 Kg, Female: 22- 26 kg
Category: Sight hound
Life Span: 12 - 14 yr.
Origin: Rampur City, from Indian State UP.


Soriala Greyhounds (or Sarail Hound) are native from West Bengal, India and Sarail Hounds in BanglaDesh. This breed is acknowledged to endangered category and has risk of extinction. Only a few dogs of this breed are left. Some dogs of this breed are present in Bangla Desh also. This dog was created to hunt deer and hare, And to protect livestock from jackal and wolves. They are considered, to be the further extension of Rampur Hounds and Unlikely to other sight hounds, they have a broad and strong jaw.

Physical traits of Soariala hounds:

Height: Male 22 - 27 inches, Female: 21 -24 inches.
Weight: Male 23- 27 kg, Female: 21 -24 Kg
Category: Sight Hound
Life Span: NA
Originated: West Bengal, India.


Chippiparai dogs were developed t hunt bear, wild boar and hares from, Madurai district of Tamil Nadu, India. Apart from their excellent hunting skill, they are excellent livestock guardians.

Initially this breed was reserved with royal families in Chippiparai, near Madurai district of Tamil Nadu, India. From where they got their name “Chippiparai Hounds”. The ancient rulers of Tirunelveli and Madurai had kept them as a symbol of royalty and dignity. Many breeders believe that they are, the further extension of Egyptian Saluki. Salukis were bought in India, by Arabian invaders and soldiers. And further they were bred with local native dogs to create them.

Physical Traits of Chippipaparai Dog:

Height: Male: 23-26 inches, Female:21- 23 Inches
Weight: Male: 15 -20 kg, Female: 12 -16 Kg
Life Span: 12 -15 years
Family: Hound
Origin: Chippiparai near Madurai district, Tamil Nadu.


Rajapalayam dogs are the Royal dog of Southern India. They are tall, muscular and intelligent dogs with a proud and confident impression. That looks like a white mini Great Dane. They were created to hunt wild boar and hare and companion of the royal family of the Southern Indian town Rajapalayam, the city from where they got their name.
Rajapalayam is very intelligent, courageous and devoted towards its owner, they are well reputed for personal protection. During the Carnatic and Polygar war Rajapalayams were very effective and highly appreciated for their role. And from then, they got another name Polygar hound.

Rajapalayam are acknowledged as "Royal Dogs of South India".

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Pyhysical Traits of Rajapalayam Dogs:

Height: Female: 22 - 27 and Male 25 - 30 inches.
Weight: Female: 25 - 35 Kg and Male 28 - 40 kg.
Family: Hound and working category.
Lifeapan: 10- 12 years.
Origin: South India.


Kanni is a tall, athletic and intelligent indigenous dogs from Tamil Nadu, South India. They have natural, cropped ears, long tail and appears like a smooth-coated like Saluki. This breed is a further extension of the Caravan or Mudhol Hound which were a descendant of the Saluki. Kanni dogs were bred to hunt and guard. They are a great hunter and were used to hunt vermin, hare and deer. They are reserved with strangers and other dogs, but reliable with family and children.

Physical Traits of Kanni Dogs:

Height: Female 21 -23 inches, male 24 -26 inches.
Weight: NA
Family: Sight Hound
Lifespan: NA
Origin: Tamil Nadu, South India.


Caravan hounds or karwan Hounds are well recognized and most respected dogs of India. They are available in some parts of the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh and also known as Karwan Hounds.

This is an exceptionally loyal and intelligent breed, which is capable of providing an excellent performance in the field on a consistent basis under grueling conditions that would decimate most other dogs. They are a great athlete and have tremendous stamina. Possibly they can’t run as fast like Rampur Hounds but they have equal are better stamina to chase in the long run. Their physical strength couples with great speed and plenty of stamina to allow- it to catch and kill several types of game, from here to Black buck, over rough country. They are reserved with strangers and do not like to be touched by strangers.

Physical Traits of Carvan Hounds:

Height: Female 22- 26 and male 24 - upto 30 inches.
Weight: Female 18 -23 and Male 21 to 28 Kgs.
Family: Sight hound dog
Lifespan: 10- 12 years
Origin: NA


Pashmi hounds are recognized as an endangered sight hound dog that has an athletic and strong built. It was bred to hunt bare, fox, gazelle, wildcat and marmot.
They have long, white coat and looks a sophisticated dog. But they do well in hunting and field games. They are intelligent and affectionate dog that love to be around to family members and keen to please them. Usually they are friendly with strangers and easily they can get along with other pets.

Physical Traits of Pashmi Hound:

Height: Male: 22-25 inches, Female:21- 23 Inches
Weight: Male: 16 -21 kg, Female: 13 -16 Kg
Life Span: 9 -11 years
Family: Sight hounds
Origin: NA (Considered from Maharastra india)

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