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Squirrels - Adventures of Chip, Dale and, Bob (It Is a New Generation)

Shyron is a retired Customer Service Rep. for Verizon. Colleges attended: Triton, Melrose Park, Illinois and Elgin, in Elgin, Illinois.

How Three Squirrels, Raided Our Birdfeeder and Stole our Hearts!

When we first put-up the bird feeders, Hubby was filling them up daily. He said "the birds are eating us out of house and home." Just days later, I hear Hubby yell, "Come look at this little son-of-a-gun!" Hubby tapped on the window, and the squirrel scampered up the tree behind the detached garage.

I named him Bob - i.e. bob-tail

Bob - the bob-tail squirrel

Bob - the bob-tail squirrel

Lucky to be alive!

Shortly after that another squirrel joined the first. And then there were two, and then three. The third one was different.

When I first saw the third squirrel, and saw that he did not have a tail, just a stub. The bob-tail squirrel probably got his tail bit off by a coyote, he was lucky to be alive.

Weeks and pounds of bird seed later

My husband was playing with the squirrels, at the same time, trying to; figure-out a way, to keep them out of the birdfeeder. For the next few months they kept getting into the birdfeeder, and had broken it many times, and every time we saw one of them, Hubby or I, would run outside with the little alarm, that when the pin is pulled sets off a piercing sound, and the squirrels would run behind the detached garage and up the tree.

Some weeks, and pounds of bird seed later, the squirrel that was on the birdfeeder that day, stopped running, and just sat and looked at us, and only ran when, I got within a foot of him.

Hubby tried to lower the boom on the “son of a gun."

So Hubby rigged up a boom, out of two cans, with weights on each one, tied with strong string, so that we could drop them on him, as he was eating. Guess what? I think the squirrel is psychic! I watched as Hubby tried to lower the boom on the “son of a gun”, while he was feasting on the bird seed, Hubby opened the front door, the squirrel looked at me, in the window when he heard the beep of the door being opened, it was as if, he knew what was about to happen, he jumped down, and the boom missed him. When I told Hubby what happened, he said “you talk like; you think the thing can reason.”

Hubby lowered the boom!

Within half an hour, squirrely was back, I watched as Hubby lowered the boom and this time it hit squirrely, squarely on the rump. Squirrely jumped down, onto the ground and one of the cans fell off the string and onto the ground beside him. He turned around and went up to the can to inspect it. I guess when he did not find it a threat; he decided to eat the seed on the ground.

The next morning he was back, and I was wishing I had studied how to do the short films on my digital camera. This time, it was my turn to lower the boom. Hubby was watching as I went out and unwound the string, to lower the boom. And "boom"! I made a direct hit with the one can that was left, and again he ran away.

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Hubby and I both love watching the squirrel's antics

When I came back inside, Hubby was laughing, because Squirrely was back, and upon the T-Post that the bird feeders hang from, and he was inspecting the boom, cans, and weight that had fallen on him. Squirrely, was like a puppy, slowly sneak up to the can, sniffing it, and then jump back, then cautiously walk up sniff, and then jump back again.

This is hysterical!! We both loved watching the squirrel's antics. But it was getting expensive to feed bird seed to the squirrels.

I have to learn how, to make mini movies with my digital camera. I told Hubby.

That is when I gave them names!

I had begun to tell my cousin about them, and that is when I gave them the names Chip, and Dale, because I love the chipmunks, and Bob, because he has a bob-tail.

Trying, to out-fox the squirrels!

The raids on the birdfeeders went on for weeks, as we kept trying, to out-fox the squirrels. I would look out, and there was Chip or Dale. I would tap on the window, but after the episode with the boom, they were no longer afraid of us, and would just keep on eating, like we were not there.

I took careful aim, and gently squeezed the trigger!

I looked out, one day and saw Chip or Dale (funny! I don't think I ever saw both, on the birdfeeder at the same time, one would be on the feeder and the other two on the ground) raiding the birdfeeder.

I tapped on the window, and the squirrel, just looked at me, and kept on eating. I went outside through the garage, so he/she would not hear the beep, of the door being opened. I peeked around the corner of the house, and he/she was too busy eating, to notice. I took careful aim, and gently squeezed the trigger, hitting the greedy little thief, square in the rump.

They were back the very next day!

I am sure it must have burned; the hose had been lying in the blazing sun, because, the pistol grip of the sprayer handle was hot, and the squirrel jumped at least, 5 feet higher, than the birdfeeder. I thought we had seen the last of them, but they were back the very next day, but only one on the birdfeeder.

The bob-tail squirrel falls on the ground, as he lay dead or dying, I knew Bob's luck had run out!

One day when I was outside, doing some yard work. I heard Bob screaming, I looked up and saw Bob on his first, and, last flight, and I don't think he was screaming because he was not flying first class. I can just see, poor Bob, as the hatch opens (hawk claws), and he, the bob-tail squirrel falls on the ground, unconscious/dead, as his luck ran out. I wonder, if the fall does not kill Bob, will the hawk eat him alive?

Make, the squirrels, their own feeder.

My husband, a retired carpenter, decided to make, the other two squirrels, their own feeder in hopes, they would leave the bird seed alone.

First he made a squirrel out of wood, attached to a perch, attached to the Burr Oak tree, outside the kitchen window, about ten feet from the birdfeeder. And every day, he would put pecans on the perch for the squirrels, and they would take the pecans, and bury them, and then go and eat the bird seed.

Nut on the wire

Nut on the wire

Nut on the wire

You win squirrely, you win!

Hubby thought if he cracked the pecans, maybe they would eat, he cracked some pecans, and the squirrels ate them, but still ate the bird seed also. You win squirrely, you win. But Hubby does not give up easily.

Just for fun, and to see what the squirrels would do, Hubby drilled a hole through a pecan, and put a wire through it and fastened the other end to the wooden squirrel. And, we watched, as Chip or Dale got the pecan off the wire. Now I have to learn how to make a video clip.

Learning how to make a video clip.

After I studied my camera's manual, and was all set I asked Hubby to put another pecan on a wire. And I waited the next morning for what seemed like an hour. And, I made the video clip of the squirrel getting the pecan off the wire, but that still did not stop the daily raids on the birdfeeders. (Now I have to learn how to put the clip on Hub pages.)

Hubby, who is adept at sheet metal work, solved the problem. Hubby cut circles out of sheet metal and fashioned skirts out of them, for the birdfeeder posts.

Nut on a wire

Skirt on the birdfeeder post.

Skirt on the Birdfeeder post

Skirt on the Birdfeeder post

We anxiously awaited Chip and Dale's arrival

The following day we anxiously awaited Chip and Dale's arrival. We were not disappointed, as we watched them chase each other around and around the Burr Oak tree. Then one of them ran up the birdfeeder pole, under the skirt, and slid down onto his bushy tail, and did a back-flip. The other one got on top of the evergreen shaped into a ball, sat up on hind legs to look longingly at the bird seed, but could not get to them.

You won, Honey Bunny, you won!

The Crow Convention

Patty Inglish ask if I have a Crow Convention. Here it is Patty

Patty Inglish ask if I have a Crow Convention. Here it is Patty

The Crow Convention Continued

Funny thing, I have relatives named Crow.

Funny thing, I have relatives named Crow.

Just for fun - The Mississippi Squirrel Revival

© 2012 Shyron E Shenko


C E Clark from North Texas on May 29, 2021:

Have increased the creatures who eat on my patio. Now have 3 squirrels, dozens of house finches and sparrows, a cow bird, 2 bluejays, a cardinal and his Mrs., and a wren. They are all fun to watch. There have been several baby sparrows so far too.

Hope the Covid continues to get fewer and fewer cases, and leaves us for good soon. Posting this on AH & FB.

Blessings, dear friend. Hope all is well with you and yours, and your two Walters also.

C E Clark from North Texas on April 07, 2021:

Time to feed the birds and squirrels again. Scientists agree that it isn't winter so much -- unless you live where it gets below zero like where I'm originally from (20 or more Below zero can be the high for the day) as it is in the spring when most birds and animals are giving birth and hatching little ones that the help is most needed.

Started feeding them a couple of months ago here already. Have a regular squirrel visitor and lots of birds. New birds arrive every day -- ones who haven't visited before.

Posting this article on FB & AH.

Hope you have had your vaccine as it seems to be the most beneficial of anything available to keep people safe. Blessings dear friend. Stay safe. Stick with the program as we're so close to winning the war . . .

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on May 26, 2020:

Au fait, thankyou for the comments, I appreciate you.

Blessings dear friend.

C E Clark from North Texas on July 06, 2019:

About time for the second batch of baby birds now. They're probably getting ready to leave the nest or will soon do so already. There is time for a third batch. This is the time when birds need help the most; when they have babies to feed. It's all they can do to keep up, and a nearby bird-feeder can be such a help.

Hope all is well with you. Noted we're to have 98/99 º everyday for the next 10 days. To be horribly hot for the next 2-3 months, so try to stay in where it's cool in the worst of it. Blessings and hugs, dear friend . . .

C E Clark from North Texas on March 01, 2019:

Seems like the only birds around anymore are the grackles. I hope song birds and others aren't going the way of bees. Of course once the bees are extinct and unable to pollenate the crops, it won't be long and humans will follow suit due to not enough food. Strange how so few people seem to know the importance of bees.

Hope all is well there. Posting this to AH and FB. Blessings dear friend . . .

C E Clark from North Texas on July 26, 2018:

Thought this would be a pleasant read for a change given what dominates the news these days and has dominated the news for far too long. There aren't many birds here at the city library where I spend a lot of time, but there are a lot of squirrels. I miss my backyard menagerie. Hope all is well with you dear friend. Posting this to FB and Awesome HubPages.

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on May 27, 2018:

Au fait, thank you for the comments. I the songbirds very early in the morning when I take chipper out. later in the day I don't hear them, maybe too hot for them.

Blessings and hugs dear friend.

C E Clark from North Texas on May 16, 2018:

Expect the birds and squirrels have their first babies in the nest by now, so they will be working hard to care for them and welcome any help they may get. There are lots of squirrels here at the library, but I rarely see birds other than grackles anymore. I wonder where all of the songbirds have gone . . .

Hope all is well with you. Blessings, dear friend.

C E Clark from North Texas on March 15, 2018:

Considering the behavior I've witnessed by the squirrels and birds the last few days, I would say the mating season is here. That's when they need our help the most, when they have lots more mouths to feed.

Hope everything is the best it can be at your house. Blessings dear friend. Take care . . .

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on September 09, 2017:

Au fait, thank you for the comments.

We do enjoy the birds and other wild life, but the quiet is not a friend, in the quiet I can still hear Steve's words when he called to say that Kev's gone, and I keep thinking this must be some kind of cruel joke and I will wake up from this nightmare and Kev will still be there. His daughter called me and of course the phone is still in his name and when my phone rang and the caller ID said Kevin Shenko I almost jumped out of my skin.

We are trying to hold it together, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers.

Blessings dear friend.

C E Clark from North Texas on August 29, 2017:

I always loved watching the birds and the squirrels in our backyard. They were so fun to watch, and therapeutic too. There is nothing like the wide open outdoors for bringing peace and balance to life. I miss them so much even after all these years.

I was so lucky to have a backyard full of trees and plants and wildlife that I could look out at from inside my air-conditioned house, because it was so awful hot outside. And so I benefitted mentally from just looking at nature and observing wildlife even at times when it wasn't possible to be outside in the country away from all the man-made things and events that add so much stress to life.

Quiet time with nature (created by God) and time to think and be with God without the clutter of 'stuff' and 'things' or even people who couldn't possibly understand the contents of my life was an incredible, and indescribable, blessing. Perhaps it could help you and John to get through this horrible time too.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that the pain of losing someone you love never goes away, but time can help a person to accept and to maintain and strengthen their faith that God will make it right when all is said and done. We are all only here for a little while, and I think it's easy to forget that and get bogged down with worldly things and events and to let those worldly things matter too much.

A horrible experience for Kevin, but it is passed now, and he is now with God, the place all Christians say they want to be. No more pain and no more sorrow. Contemplation in the great outdoors watching the wildlife and enjoying God's creations can be very helpful in accepting that God knows what He's doing and in the end, all will be well.

Your step-grandson didn't know what he was doing and couldn't control himself. One day, like we all must, he will leave this world too, and be free at last of the affliction that has caused himself and others so much pain in this world. One must keep faith in Jesus Christ that all things work for good in the end. So hard to accept this sometimes, but I know you understand how important it is to remain steadfast in your faith.

Blessings and hugs dear friend. My thoughts are with you . . .

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on June 23, 2017:

Au fait, thank you for the comments and thank you for sharing on FB and AH. Yes all the birds, squirrels and all the other animals are looking to feeding their brood.

I hope all is well with you.

Blessings my dear friend.

C E Clark from North Texas on June 13, 2017:

Now is when all the new mothers (and fathers) out there need help feeding their broods. Birds and squirrels are working their hardest right now taking care of babies and now is the most important time to put feed out for them to make their jobs a little easier.

Sharing this on FB and AH. Stay cool and take care . . .

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on December 17, 2016:

Au fait, thank you so much for the comment. I do enjoy the antics of the squirrels.

Hope all is well with you, take care and many Blessings.

C E Clark from North Texas on December 12, 2016:

There is what I call an entire 'crew' of squirrels at the library I visit and they are so fun to watch! Still not the same as when I had my own squirrels in my backyard that were half tame, but very comical just the same. There seems to have been an abundance of nuts created this last summer so the squirrels don't likely need much except water.

The birds are another matter. It doesn't seem like it after a night like las' night when it unexpectedly dipped below freezing, but in fact our hot weather will soon be back and shortly before that the birds will start their first family for this coming year. That is when birds need the most help finding enough food, when they have hungry little mouths to feed and not enough time in the day to get it all done.

Just think about it. Wouldn't it have been great if when your children were small a lovely meal would have appeared like magic on your table so that you didn't have to take time to obtain the groceries and prepare meals yourself?

Blessings my friend, take care . . .

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on July 21, 2016:

Au fait, thank you for the comments, compliment and for sharing this again.

We are doing our best to stay cool, and hope that you are doing the same.

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on July 18, 2016:

Hi Susan, I thank you for visiting me and my squirrels, and for the comment. I do appreciate you.

I Hope the foil pans work, it sure can make a person frustrated to have feeders violated by the squirrels, my hubby made the skirt. He did a big one on the tree that is close to the house and the squirrels were trying to get into the attic from that tree they would drop down onto the roof, but the skirt stops them.

Blessings and good luck with you solution.

Susan Deppner from Arkansas USA on July 17, 2016:

What a great description of the antics of your squirrels! I definitely can relate. It's hard to get mad at the little critters, they're so cute, but this past week I was bound and determined to keep them off of the hummingbird feeders as they were knocking them down to the ground which, of course, let all the good hummingbird "tea" just spill out. No one gained there but the ants! What I need is a skirt like you showed above. What I used, though, were foil pans and duct tape to block the path from the ground, up the pole and on to the feeder (our feeders hang on shepherd's crook hangers). So far, so good. We'll see how long the solution lasts.

C E Clark from North Texas on July 16, 2016:

I really miss being able to feed the birds and squirrels and to watch them. They were always so entertaining. Came back to share this article, one of my favorites because of the subject.

Hope you and John are staying cool. Take care dear friend. Blessings always.

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on April 17, 2016:

Au fait, yes and we are having a time with the new brood of squirrels. They got on the roof and are trying to get inside they got the flashing loose around the chimney and one got in the attic and like the commercial where the lady says to her son the father won't call the exterminator he says it's personal this time.

John put a skirt on the tree that the squirrel had been climbing to get up there, but it found another way that we haven't seen yet.

Hope you are out of the rain, I have to go to the doctor tomorrow and I hope I can get out without getting stuck.

I hope all is well with you.

Blessings and hugs dear friend

C E Clark from North Texas on April 15, 2016:

It's that time when the birds and squirrels are having their babies. Love watching their shenanigans. This is when the birds especially need a little help the most -- when they're trying to feed their new brood. Came back to share this great hub.

Hope all is well with you and John. Supposed to start raining tomorrow and keep it up for 8 days! We're going to be swimming before it's over. Take care dear friend. Hope to talk soon.

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on October 18, 2015:

Au fait, thank you for the comment and for sharing.

It was so beautiful this morning, I thought about you.

Blessings and hugs dear friend.

C E Clark from North Texas on October 07, 2015:

Sitting here watching the squirrels through the window this afternoon. Won't be long and they'll be getting ready for winter if they aren't already. Guess they don't hibernate here like in some places. Don't see may birds.

Hope you plan to stay inside for the next few days while Texas gets the rest of the heat out of its system for a while. Hope John is better and that you didn't catch whatever it is. Take care . . .

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on August 07, 2015:

Au fait, thank you for the comments, I really appreciate you.

I hope that all is well with you too.

C E Clark from North Texas on August 01, 2015:

With all the creatures busy with their babies, feeding, and especially making water available during this beastly hot time is so important. I never had any serious trouble with the squirrels. I fed them too. They were my pets as much if not more than the birds. Loved them all and they knew it.

How about that guy who shot the lion in Zimbabwe? He's in hiding so I'm told, even from U.S. Fish and Wildlife, who are actively seeking him at Obama's order.

Hope all is well there. Take care. Blessings dearest friend, to both of you. Sharing.

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on July 08, 2015:

Au fait, thank you for the comment, thumb-up, compliment and for sharing this again.

Hubby went to the doctor today and things have improved a lot.

I hope everything went well for you.

Blessings and Hugs to you also.

C E Clark from North Texas on July 03, 2015:

Creatures are getting ready for their second and sometimes third family of babies. They need assistance with fresh water and food more than ever because raising a family is a lot of work.

Sharing this again and voting it up. It's a great story!

Hope all is well there and that you are well and staying in where it's cool. The humidity is really outdoing itself today. Blessings and hugs, dear friend.

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on June 09, 2015:

Moonlake, I have missed you, I am so happy to see you, I hope all is well with you.

Sorry you have a chipmunk bandit eating all the birdseed.

Thank you for the visit, comment and up votes.

Blessings and hugs


moonlake from America on June 08, 2015:

I have a chipmunk eating all the feed right now. His cheeks are full when he gets off the feeder. Voted up.

Shyron E Shenko (author) from Texas on May 01, 2015:

Au fait, thank you for the comments, and for sharing. You could write a hub about the critters that you fed and shared with. Opossum's we haven't had a one who use to come around until the persimmon tree was cut down. We had a Road Runner who came to visit yesterday when we came home from the doctor.

We had so many of our neighbors who came by to help us get the truck out of the quicksand. That is what Texas soil is in the winter and spring quicksand and concrete in the summer heat.

We worked at least 3 hours yesterday to get the truck unstuck then took it for the state inspection.

It was a long and tiring day.

Hope all is well with you, and that you have a Blessed day.