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The 10+ Most Common Strange Behaviours of Cats Are Actually Normal, and the Last One Finally Relieved Me...

To help you better understand the elusive cat, here is a summary of 10 cat behaviours that people think are mysterious. You will find that these habits are not

1. Listen say love cats of all closed Note the

There is no denying that cats are good companion animals, but sometimes they will do something that makes you confused in complete confusion. If you are accustomed to dog behaviour, then the cat's social activities and communication methods will make you very confused. However, it is these special behaviours, such as affectionately rubbing your head and the addiction to cardboard boxes, that make us like cats so much.

2. Why do you like to keep calling at the bird?

In fact, behavioural experts do not fully understand why cats make a clicking sound when they see birds flying over windows. Some behaviourists speculate that this is related to the claustrophobic mood suppressed by cats because they cannot go out to catch birds. Other behaviourists believe that this rapid movement of the jaw is a Pavlovian instinct that allows kittens to move their muscles to kill prey.

3. Why did you come and rub your head?

When the cat rubs your head against you, it is telling you "Hello, I trust you and feel safe". This is also one of the ways for cats to share facial pheromones with you. Behaviour scientists call this kind of curious behaviour "bunting." Of course, if your cat doesn't like to push you, there is nothing to worry about it may be the kind of cat that likes bunting.

4. Why bring you all kinds of "gifts" that you don't want at all?

This is what the cat gave you: there is a dead rodent or insect at your feet. Behaviourists have many theories about why cats insist on doing this. As a kitten, its mother may bring dead prey to it. When a cat gives you a "gift", you may pay more attention to the cat, which is actually encouraging this behaviour. Your generous cat may share its prey to thank you for feeding it, or the cat may simply share its successful hunt with you and admit that you are part of the cat's "owner".

When wild cats can get a lot of food and cannot finish eating, they may bring extra prey back to other group members, especially kittens, kittens and nursing mothers. In other words, your cat may just think that you can also share these extra foods. Of course, from a human point of view, this is a bad habit, but don't punish cats for doing things that are in line with nature. You can let the cat stay indoors or hang a bell to limit this behaviour by making it more difficult for the cat to catch prey.

5. Why bite plastic and other strange things?

Plastic, soil, carpet, wires, can ring, wool blankets-if your cat likes to eat these things, it may be suffering from a disease called pica. Cat pica may be due to medical reasons (such as gastrointestinal disease), or it may be due to anxiety. Just as people bite their nails or curl their hair when stressed, cats also chew non-food items to cope with anxiety. This is strange behaviour that you have to worry about. These things can damage the cat's gums and gastrointestinal tract. The cat’s anxiety also needs our help. If your cat has been eating something that is not food, you should take it to the vet as soon as possible.

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6. What does it mean for a cat to massage me?

If the cat presses its paws on your body rhythmically, it is like a massage. What does it mean? Most likely because it feels satisfying and happy, tries to reduce anxiety or wants to mark you with the smell. This congenital behaviour occurs shortly after the cat is born. The kitten presses its paw on the mother's mammary gland to stimulate the flow of milk. If this happens after the kitten grows up, you can sit down and enjoy a massage. Of course, this behaviour is really out of control, you can consult a professional veterinarian.

7. Cats like boxes and other small spaces

From a human perspective, cats have too many good places to sleep: your bed, sofa, chair, and even luxury pet beds specially designed for cats. So why did the cat choose to curl up in a small cardboard box, an uncomfortable sink, or a certain horn? The small space makes the cat feel more secure. In the wild, cats need to hide in order to survive, so sleeping in open fields is easy to detect by large predators. On the other hand, hiding in small caves also makes it more difficult for carnivores to find them. So next time you find your cat napping in a box, remember that he just doesn't want to be hunted (or disturbed).

8. Why is the cat staring at me?

There is nothing more disturbing than staring straight at you. Don't be afraid, the cat doesn't want to control your thoughts. It may just want to get your attention in order to get some food. If the cat is not trying to eat, then it may just stare at you and think you are doing something amazing and want to know what you are doing.

9. Why does the cat ignore me?

The cat was still staring at you in the last minute, and in the next minute, it may seem that it doesn't care about you at all. Like humans, cats sometimes need quiet "alone" time. When the cat behaves like it needs some space, please fulfil it. The cat will feel safer with you because it knows that you respect the cat's needs. If we let the cat have some time alone, it is actually a good opportunity for the cat to look for you for care or even nap on your lap.

10. The cat does not bury its poop

When the cat no longer covers up the waste in the litter box, this may be a sign of a medical or behavioural problem. There are many conditions that can cause pain in cats, such as urinary tract infections or paw injuries. To rule out any health problems, take the cat to the vet. If this is not a medical problem, there may be several other reasons why the cat does not cover his poop. Cats are very picky about cat litter and may not like the one they are using. Or you did not keep the litter clean enough (not shovelling shit in time). Or the litter box is too small for the cat to use. If you have more than one cat, put more litter boxes in the house.

11. Why do you keep screaming at night?

You just want a good night's sleep, but the cat keeps barking at night. The howling of cats in the middle of the night sometimes stems from the urge to hunt insects and rodents at home. Cat hunting behaviour may cause a series of triumphant howls, of course, if it is not successful, it may also feel frustrating. When feeding cats, provide some different ways to make cats have fun. Give it plenty of toys for cats to play during the day, and restrain the cat's excessive energy and hunting impulse at night. If the cat is very old and barks a lot at night, the problem may be more serious and you need to see the vet.

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