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Teach your ferret to steal for you

The word ferret is originated from Latin language and means "little thief." There are many qualities that ferrets have that make it hard to use this term lightly. Ferrets like to tunnel. Not only do they like to burrow through their bedding or litter, they also love crawling through small dark places. Ferrets were actually used to carry cables through small tunnels for oilmen, camera crews, and many other people back in earlier years. They can be easily trained to do many things, including stealing.Once you have taught them to steal they will more than likely run to those dark tunnels or under the bed or couch to hide the evidence. Ferrets tend to steal out of instinct so it is not hard to train them to be specific with their thieving. Ferrets can actually be trained within a period of a couple of days. Using ferret treats,depending on which your ferret enjoys most, you can guide them with your hands to do what you want them to. There are many other options for training ferrets other than using treats. You can do clicker training or Google other ways that may work best for you. Most ferrets will steal wallets and other personal belongings without having to be trained but with ferret treats, you can do just about anything. Show your ferret how to unzip purses by guiding the treat into the purse and having them fight to find it. Eventually, even if it takes a few days and multiple tries, your ferret will more than likely make it inside that zipped up purse. They may not like wallets or purses made out of certain materials though. Usually softer materials that are easier to latch on to with their teeth will be the ones that they go after. For those of you that wouldn't mind taking a little money from people, leave your ferret out when you have guests over. For those of you that are too nice for all of that, tell your friends what your little critter can do and spend some time smiling and laughing at how entertaining ferrets can be.


My experience

When I first got my ferret I was using a wallet that I later found she wanted more than I did. One day I had about $100 in my wallet. My ferret stole my wallet and crawled under my bed where she ripped a hole in my box spring and hid the wallet inside of it. I could not find my money anywhere until I finally noticed that the box spring was hanging a little low and I was able to put the pieces together. Now I no longer use a bed frame that way I can keep her out of my bed.



Ferrets are extremely entertaining, especially when they steal from you and then run off into the dark corners of your home. YouTube is great place to find adorable videos of ferrets and other animals doing some awesome and adorable things. It is a place for animal lovers.


This picture is from when my ferret was tunneling through some Styrofoam just for fun, and as you can tell she still has a little stuck to her cute little face.

This picture is from when my ferret was tunneling through some Styrofoam just for fun, and as you can tell she still has a little stuck to her cute little face.

Ferret Treats

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