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Taking Care Of A Ragdoll Cat

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This is Kristas kitten named Taffy.

This is Kristas kitten named Taffy.

This is Krista s kittens Kisses and Cuddles

This is Krista s kittens Kisses and Cuddles

If you take good care of your ragdoll cat,they will be healthy,happy, aand a better active pet for you to enjoy!

Colors and Patterns

Colors can be seal point,blue point, chocalate point, lilac point in bi or parti-color. The eyes are blue.


This soft bodied cat is heavy , super docile , non-agressive, with a sweet temperment.It gives the impression of a bundle of rags when lifted.


Bathing is not really necessary if regular grooming is done. It may be beneficial to give your ragdoll a bath a couple times of times each 3 months, to clean the coat if really dirty or if they have gotten into something that cannot be brushed out.Make sure that you use a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated especially for cats, as regular human products may be harmful to your ragdoll.


Declawing a cat is a controversial subject, and one that brings many differentopimions. I generally don't recommend declawing a ragdoll unless it will help with safety within a husehold, specifically with children. Clipping the claws can be done on a regular basis to avoid damage to your furniture or other items in the house, so if that is your only reason for declawing the cat, your decision should be weighed carefully because it is not reversable. Keep in mind that if a ragdoll cat is declawed, it should be limited in it's exposure to the outside world. Without front claws, a ragdoll doesn't have much of a defense against other animals or threats that it might encounter.


The litterbox should be kept in a fairly secluded area to allow for privacy, but not so out of the way that it is difficult to acess for cleaning. Usually a laundry room or other spare room serves as a good location. I recommend scooping out the inside of the box at least once a day, and actually replacing the litter weekly. If you have more than one cat, then it may be necessary to clean the box twice a day, morning and night for example.Ther are many different brands and types of litter out there, it is just a matter of preference. The main thing is to find something that your cat will use, is easy to keep clean and affordable for your budget.


you should take your ragdoll to a vet on a regular basis according to what they recommend. You will want to get vaccination shots and any other treatments that will keep your cat healthyand safe.


Fresh food and water is an absolute necessity for your ragdoll. It i svery important that you get the best cat food that agree's with your cat.

All my kittens at 3 weeks old.

All my kittens at 3 weeks old.


Amna on December 28, 2013:

Claudia: I have a ragdoll who isn't declawed and will never be, but every person is different. Your description of animal lover probably differs from mine and mine probably differs from the next person. Every human tries to do the best they can, each to his own. The fact that Ruthie has put thought and consideration into what happens to her cat in case of an unfortunate event to her shows that the cat is very much loved. It not by to me or you or a third person to look down on another, imposing our views on others. Lets just be the best versions of ourselves and let others do the same.

Bonnie on April 13, 2013:

I just fell in love with a kitty at the human society and got her for $15. She was supposed to be 8 wks old, but the vet confirmed she was only 6wks. About a year later, through the inter net, discovered she was a seal point rag doll. We named her Graycie. She is the dearest, most loving, smartest cat I have ever seen. She is now 9 years old. She has quite a vocabulary and communicates to us her wants very well. Her coat is white, with gray feet, face, ears, back half and tail. She has the most beautiful blue eyes that turn black when there isn't a bright light. She is slightly pug, and right now, she is on my husbands lap. She doesn't shed too much, I comb her frequently because she loves it. She is not declawed, she uses her 3' scratching post. Do I need to tell you we love her so much? Best $15 I ever spent!!!!!!


Billie on August 04, 2012:

I really want a Ragdoll. I've been spending days scouring the internet trying to find out more about the breed. what they cost, and where I can buy them. Sadly that is the easy part, I have a mother who is very against animals. I'm only 13 so I don't get much say but I'm hoping to impress her with my knowledge and preparation to take on the task of caring for one, preferably a kitten. A main reason I want a cat is that they are supposed to be great for depression, something I struggle with. I'm hoping unconditional love will help jump start my recovery. That and I've always been a huge fan of cats. I used to own one when I lived on a farm, but unfortunately we had to leave him behind when we moved. My birthday is also a month away so it should give me an edge. A ragdoll is definitely what I need. :)

beahnsidhex on May 14, 2012:

I am about to get a 4 week ok ragdoll kitten. The family is moving away with the mother. I know she will need lots of love and attention. Maybe a week of bottle feeding and bonding before introducing her to food. Any advice? I don't want someone who won't love and care for her like we will to wind up with this baby! Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

paul on March 08, 2012:

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I'm putting a deposit on a female. I lost my house cat of 17 years about a year ago, and tried to adopt a spca 7 year old long hair white kitty...but it would not adapt to my labrador and shitzu...My dogs love kittys so a newborn kitty should adapt pretty well. Im excited.

nichole on February 17, 2012:

I sincerely hope that was a typo, amaya. you're not truly going to take a 3 week kitten away from it's mother are you????? and declawing is stupid, cruel, unnecessary and selfish. ranks right up there with tail docking on dogs.

amaya on February 12, 2012:

I'm gonna get a 3-week old kitten for my B-day! He is a seal point ragdoll and I'm naming him Oliver! And just to say, ragdolls are the best cats EVER! There hypoalergenic (good for people with alergies) and soooooooo sweet some of them even like water But there indoor cats only because there sweet nature makes it hard for them to defend themselfs outside. I LOVE RAGDOLLS!!!!!

myrna pagan on October 05, 2011:

i have a Himalayan, Blue-Point. can i breed it with a Siamese???

Syan on June 05, 2011:

hey i'm considering getting a ragdoll but i want a cute slightly smaller one that will snuggle up to me but be quite playful, active and independent as well. Is this breed right for me?

lili ;D on February 03, 2011:

just find out what my cat is .[ragdoll] but one hting is my cat is really agresive help me

Rachel on November 20, 2010:

The kittens in the photo are adorable!

maria on November 19, 2010:


i have a blue point ragdoll who has just turned 1 hes adorable but sheds so much fur around the house what can i do to prevent this does it get better or worse with the sheding?

can anyone help me :)

ragdoll owner on October 20, 2010:

I did not even know that people de-clawed cats...How CRUEL!

Claws are a physical and psychological part of a cat. If you do not want a cat's claws in your life, then don't get a cat. I have an expensive lounge suite, carpet etc and do not have a single claw mark on anything from my two well behaved ragdolls. I simply gave them the cane baskets etc, and put their paws on them and they knew exactly what they were for. If you love cats, you would never even consider removing their claws.

Claudia on July 30, 2010:

Ruthie17: You've made arrangements for your ragdoll to go to your daughter in the event anything happens to you and your ragdoll is strictly a house cat. I suppose you've also made arrangements for accidents to never happen, such as your ragdoll getting out unintentionally. have an amazing gift to be able to control the universe! No cat should ever be subjected to having their claws removed. It's a very selfish act on the part of the owner who dares to call themselves "animal lovers". How would you like to have your finger nails removed?

noname on June 01, 2010:

iv got a ragdoll cat from a breeder for just £75.00

dee dee on April 18, 2010:

i'm getting mixed reviews about shedding. how bad or how good is it

aquamarine on March 07, 2010:

i have a seal ponit kitten his very lazy at times but at other times he loves to play and play all day hes asleep on my bed now.

nerdy on October 04, 2009:

those are the cutiest little suckers eevveerr!!

Sally ...Xx on July 11, 2009:


i am just about to recieve a 6 month old ragdoll her owner is elderly and was given her for company but she can tcare for her. she hasnt beed fixed yet and i was wondering when that had to be done? what is some helpful information i could use to take care of her ?

thanks heaps.... sally

sally8653 on March 11, 2009:

i love them

Frank on January 31, 2009:

Hi Jackilyn. My wife and I have three Ragdoll kittens and we couldn't be happier. These guys are very loving, playful and are great friends to each other and to us. For anyone considering ragdolls, I would recommend them. The will follow you around the house and seek your attention, of course on cat terms. The also are dedicated explorers and strings and toy chasers. Two of the three will flop like a rag when you pick them up or sometimes they will flop on the ground a wait for you to scratch or rub them. They always cry if they can't find a missing brother and hang out together and search for us in the house. Anyway, i really love my Ragdoll kittens. We estimate ours will be 15-20 pounds each. Their names are Tyler, Brady and Austin (Texas Towns).

Great Site and beautiful kittens.

Pat on January 25, 2009:

Hello...I have a ragdoll cat that is now 8 months old...She does not shed but when I wear black yes there will be white hair but not as much as other white cats..She is not de-clawed and I find that she does not claw the furniture..I bought her a claw stump when I first got her and she uses that..I have had many cats in my years but the Ragdoll is one of the sweetest that I have had altho I find that I love any and all cats..She does play with the Maltese dog that I also have which is going on two years old..She does not jump up and onto things but can should she want to or have to...Indoor cat but I have a sun-room that she loves to go into to lounge in the sun..She does not matt.... her fur which I find wonderful as I have had other cats that I have to comb all the time. This may answer some of the questions that I have read through...If you like cats you will adore this breed...

Katie on January 21, 2009:

Hi, i was wondering if you breed and sell your kittens, they are so adorable and exactly what im looking for.

please reply

thanks Katie

Dennis on November 28, 2008:

As I write this one of our Ragdolls is asleep on top of my computer desk, the other is intermittently blocking the computer screen. They are the most beautiful animals I have ever seen...their blue eyes and coloration are simply stunning. When we initially spoke with the breeder she told us they didn't shed (much) and weren't much as jumpers. HA! They are crazed acrobats and we have learned to quit wearing black or dark blue. My advice to anyone who is thinking about a ragdoll. Don't hesitate. You'll be hooked like me.

RUTHIE17 on May 08, 2008:

love the pictures of the kitties. Good question about the shedding--have a Siamese Munchkin that sheds pretty good. Is the ragdoll shedding more or less?

Sorry, I know the to de-claw or not to de-claw debate can get rather vocal at times but I think each owner needs to make their own choice. My Baby had lazer surgery to remove his claws and was running around the house again in a couple of days. He is strictly a house cat and I've made arrangements for him to go to my daughter if anything should happen to us.

Christopher on March 28, 2008:

I have a 4 month ragdoll female who can become very aggressive and I need to know how to stop her from this behavior and become more loving and gentle.

narmina on January 27, 2008:

i have a qusetion do the shed alot of hair?.......and do the tear up all of the frniture and walls??

narmina on January 27, 2008:

i have a qusetion do the shed alot of hair?.......and do the tear up all of the frniture and walls??

Jackilyn (author) on January 03, 2008:

Yea, I guees that's a quiet way to go. I'm sorry. if you're think'n about gett'n a ragdoll , you should look in the news paper and see if any are fo sale. I've noticed that. Some of them you can get for about $200.00 just be a little patient.

Zsuzsy Bee from Ontario/Canada on January 03, 2008:

I love the ragdolls. My himalayan was with us for almost 17 years, by the end she was blind and deaf, one day she went to sleep and didn't wake up again, (which is a good way to go I guess...I only have barn cats at the moment. I will have to look into these ragdoll cats.

Thanks for a great HUB

regards Zsuzsy

Jackilyn (author) on December 27, 2007:

=] thanks!

MrMarmalade from Sydney on December 21, 2007:

i like thos beatiful cats. They really look something

Ashok Rajagopalan from Chennai on December 21, 2007:

A beautiful hub, Jackilyn, with pictures of those lovely people! I agree with Earth Angel about not declawing them! They are our children!

Tony Sky from London UK on December 21, 2007:

I want them all lol. How many are you keeping! They are very beautiful:) You must have so much fun with all your pets. i wish i could spend more time with the animal race!!

when i give water to him, i put fresh water in a bowl and leave the tap dripping very slowly in the bathroom because the occasional fly dive bombs in his water bowl!!

Good tips too Earth Angel. My one kat takes less than 60 seconds to just clip the really sharp end of nails but i don't do the back paws! He is a house cat:)


Jackilyn (author) on December 21, 2007:

Awe, I feel bad for those kitties. I'm glad you enjoyed this very much. Yes people should learn to clip the nails not declaw them! =]

Earth Angel on December 21, 2007:

Jackilyn, these Ragdolls are too, too precious!!

I almost passed on your Hub as I am swamped (who isn't this time of year!!??) because I thought it really did have to do with caring for the old (famous) Raggedy Ann and Andy red-headed stuffed doll set!! For those of us who are less informed, you might want to consider adding the word "Cat" or "Kittens" in your Hub title!!

Also, I am one of those who RADICALLY opposes de-clawing under any circumstance!! Hopefully our precious pets live a long, long life!! 20+ years!! Too many people with good intentions have their cats de-clawed (which is actually amputation from their top knuckle and is a very painful recovery!!) and ten years later may move or die and the cat is defenseless as it gets bounced around until it finds new home!! Their lack of being able to protect themselves, combined with their heightened anxiety, then makes them harder to find homes for because they are "problem" cats and wind up in shelters!!

Six declawed cats were ripped to shreds last summer where I live, in their own backyards, only outside for a "short potty break," by a voracious coyote just doing his thing!! There are at least 30 more, who all have claws, that are fine!!

With pet ownership comes responsibility, as you know and are a GREAT proponent of!! People, learn to clip your kitties nails!!

It took me a while to learn how to do it and now I can clip my three kitties nails in less than 60 seconds each!! If I get hit by a car tomorrow, I know my kitties will at least have some of their defenses in tack!!

Another GREAT Hub Jackilyn!! Blessings to you and yours and your fur/feather/fin-angels this Season!! Earth Angel!!

Jackilyn (author) on December 21, 2007:

Show cats sell for about $1,000 and regular house acts sell for about $300 to $1,000

trakker14 from franklin on December 21, 2007:

If those kittens were mine, I would want to keep them precious.

trakker14 from franklin on December 21, 2007:

Th cats are just beautiful, I have friends who own them and just adore them, and your kittens are just sweet as Christmas candy. What do Ragdolls normally sell for at a breeder?

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