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A Love Story ,my Goldfish and Swim Bladder

This is Mixto a survivor

This is Mixto a survivor

This is Mixto checking on his friend Goldie

This is Mixto checking on his friend Goldie

A Tribute to the life of Goldie

There she lay, gasping for her last breaths , what could he do? He was powerless , at a loss to do anything to help her. Why did he care? He was forced into this relationship in the first place. He didn't choose her, for that matter, she didn't choose him either, they were chosen to be together by outside forces beyond their control. But as fate may have it, here they were and they only had each other.

He knew from the get go there was something wrong with her. She on the other hand knew nothing else in her life, to her it was completely normal what she was doing and going through.

For over 2 years now, this is how they lived . Her everyday struggles became the norm for both of them. He learned to adapt as did she and at times he even appeared to "care" as he would stop by to check on her. She couldn't do things normally like most others, her handicap and left her this way, but she still continued to press on each and every day even though the simplest of tasks were so energy zapping that she would spend the rest of the day just laying around. Even eating was too tiresome sometimes and now in the past couple of days wasn't even worth the fight. Had she given up? or had her body just given out?

He continued on with his normal daily activities , although now, with less vim & vigor. If he would venture out, he wouldn't go far and he was constantly going back and forth to check on her. Sometimes, he would panic thinking she was gone and give her just a little nudge to make sure she was still there with him and he would sit by her as if he were counting her breaths and some how he knew she was close to leaving him for good. He would stare out into the world from thier meager abode and search in the eyes of those that passed by as if to scream., " Help us, can't you see she's dying?" " Do something"

But he realized there was nothing anyone could do now, nor could they have ever done anything more to help her than what they had already done. They had tried all the remedies suggested to them. All the medicenes, all the "natural" food,the chemicals but nothing seemed to help, she seemed better for a second only to return to her prison of no control. Now it was almost like a relief to know she would soon escape the horrible life she had been given. He knew he had to be strong , as he always was for her. He remembered the good days she had, he wanted to do everything with her on those days and he was the one that always kept her going even when she was too tired to do anything. How they ventured out into thier small world together , side by side , exploring what there was to find.

Now, all who could do was wait and watch her... he was losing her and he knew it.

(This is the story of my 2 goldfish, Goldie & Mixto, Goldie had "swim bladder" and spent most of her time floating up side down on the top of the tank for the last 2 years, we tried everything to help her. These last two days she has spent her time laying on the bottom of the tank. It's obvious to me Mixto knows he's losing his only friend, and we are both powerless to help.)

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SmartViv on June 19, 2013:

Awww! That is so sad! When I read it, I almost cried while reading it. I feel sad about your fish. I hope it wouldn't happen to your other fish. :-)

Venus on April 24, 2009:

Swim bladder is very misunderstood. Goldfish were bred to be in shallow ponds with plenty of surface area. Aquariums are designed for tropical fish, not goldfish. If your fish flips over, floats to the top of the tank and struggles to get back down to the bottom; lower the water table in your aquarium until it rights itself; simple really.

Visit: goldfish-emergency.com

Mandy on September 03, 2008:

The same problem has happend to my pair of fancy gold fish - Marina and Bubble a beautiful red cap oranda. I too tried all the treatments, read all the books and there she stayed lying at the bottom of the tank for a year. Unfortunately she died on Monday after nearly 7 years - she was a fine specimen and very large. The one happy thing about their relationship was that they did breed a few years ago and I have a fish called nemo - the son or daughter of the pair so Marina is not alone. Wish there was a cure for swim bladder - my bubble was quite a show piece with lovely blue eyes what a cruel disease for any fish to endure. I will miss her - I still find myself tapping the glass and realise she is not there anymore.

Rebecca Mikulin from Sheridan, Wyoming on January 31, 2008:

They can...a fish with SBD is less likely to get the food it needs, will be more stressed and more prone to diseases or changes in water quality. I've known fish that have lived for years with the disease when it wasn't treated on time but also many that have died relatively quickly.

Just Toyia (author) from Tennessee on January 31, 2008:

Thanks for the reference to KoKo's Goldfish, I'll check it out- Goldie has passed but Mixto is doing well so I'm not sure what actually happened to Goldie other than she had the swim bladder, I'm not sure that they pass from only that.

Rebecca Mikulin from Sheridan, Wyoming on January 31, 2008:

aw, that's so sad! Unfortunately, it's also an all-too-common of a story. Have you ever heard of Koko's Goldfish? It's an excellent site for all sorts of information about goldfish and a lively message board filled with "goldfish geeks", even with my years of fish experience I never realized just how much a goldfish needs until I talked to some of the people there.

Just Toyia (author) from Tennessee on January 10, 2008:

Thank you - I'm glad you felt it.

Patty Inglish MS from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on January 10, 2008:

A touching story.

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