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Strongest Dog Breeds That Originated From Asia

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Strongest Dog Breeds that originated from Asia

Asia is the world’s largest continent. It consists of 48 countries and accounts for more than 4.5 billion people. And from each country and unique origins in this continent come some of the most lovable Asian dog breeds that the world loved. Years of civilization and exceptional landscape have made Asia a prime breeding land for extraordinary dogs. These days’ Asian dogs made their way to different corners of the world. Many of them become popular in the nations they migrated to as well. Here we have listed 5 of the strongest dog breeds that originated from Asia.

Thai Ridgeback

The ridgeback is an old breed that could be seen in archeological documents in Thailand written about 360 years ago. It is mainly used for hunting in the country. People also used it as watchdogs and to drag carts. They are muscular medium-sized dogs that have a stream-lined body which makes them sharp and a natural athlete. Today most ridgebacks are companion dogs. But, they still maintain many instincts for the job for which they bred hunting and guarding. They had to be independent, so efficient, and hunt for their food which gave them strong survival instincts, a high level of intelligence, and a high prey drive.

Akita Inu

The name Akita is the province of Akita in Northern Japan where they believe to be originated. The Akita’s known existence goes back to the 1600s when the breed was called Japanese Royalty. It was used for hunting fowls and large animals including bears. The Akita does not pack down by challenges. Consequently, they are fearless and real guardians of families. Yet, they are also respectful, affectionate, and amusing dogs when properly trained and socialized. Male stands 26-28 inches in height and weighs 85-130 pounds.

Bully Kutta

Bully Kutta is originated in Pakistan and India. It is a weird dog that is not spread far from its place of origin. This is a strong mastiff dog of huge proportions. The nickname “The Beast of the East” just sums up the dog. Originally the bully was used to guard property, flocks, and people. They did the time in the past as a fighting dog. Foreign ally, the new legal assignation make the sport illegal and the bully is building a better future and reputation as a companion dog. Male stands 30-44 inches and weighs 150-170 pounds. They are very aggressive dogs, therefore used in dog fights. They are also intelligent dogs, unlike other big dogs.


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The Kangal is the name of their homeland of Anatolia in the central part of Turkey where they are still a point of pride and have even been honored on a national postage stamp. The Kangal is dominant, independent, and highly intelligent. They are overprotective of their family and flock. The dog is to get speed, strength, and courage to meet every intruder. The grown male weigh above 140pounds and this mysterious dog has a shocking biting force. The force is over 700PSI.

Tibetan Mastiff

By so many breeds, he has little document history for the late 19th century. But, he is believed to be a bit around from the late centuries. DNA evidence tells us that the mastiff-type dogs originated in Tibet some 5000 years ago. Tibetan mastiff is no doubt is a decedent of those dogs. It is highly intelligent, independent thinker, and highly protective. Male stands at least 26 inches tall of the shoulder and weighs 100-160pounds or more.

Moscow Watchdog

The Moscow watchdog is a recently developed dog from Russia. They are intended to be all-around watchdogs. They are suitable as family and working dogs as well as being tolerable to the cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions that are often found in Moscow. A mix between Caucasian Ovtcharka and Saint Bernard breeds will be used as the basis for the breed with small contributions from few other breeds. The Moscow watchdog is very large. It is two feet tall and generally weighs between 100-150 pounds. They slightly tend to be longer than they are tall, generally with a hardy and well muscle build.

Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd is strong, loyal, and uncourageous. It is the fierce family protector. They were bred to look after flocks and defend the home against the wild predators in the rough Caucasian Mountain range. This massive breed is highly territorial and more pack down to a fight even against bears and wolves. They are massive, males are a bit larger than females and weigh gained110-220 pounds. This fearless dog is highly reactive to unfamiliar persons. Apart from this, one advantage of this hard-working giant is it can adapt to all climatic conditions.

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