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police dogs

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Police Dogs

Police Dogs

The use of dogs in police services dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century, and their use for this purpose continues to this day.

Specifications of sniffer dogs
There are many characteristics and specifications that distinguish sniffer dogs from others, including the following:

  • Sense of smell

Sniffer dogs have a strong and sensitive sense of smell that is estimated to be fifty times stronger than that of humans, where sniffer dogs can recognize criminals, drugs, bombs, and many dangerous tasks. In addition to the sensitivity of smell, they are considered a difficult sense to please, because they can distinguish a certain smell from many other overlapping odors.

  • Physical strength

Some sniffer dogs are characterized by physical strength, such as the German Shepherd Dog, which causes many criminals to surrender without the need to chase and fight. Thus, the presence of sniffer dogs reduces the occurrence of physical confrontations between police and criminals.

  • Military capability

Some sniffer dogs work with military personnel according to special training, in order to use them in multiple military operations, such as: search, rescue, guarding, tracking devices, detectors.

Examples of these dogs are the German Shepherd Dog and the Dutch Shepherd Dog.

Types of sniffer dogs and their specifications
Police use multiple types of sniffer dogs that differ in their skills and abilities in order to help with police tasks, and the most important examples of dog breeds that are used and their specifications are the following:

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  • Intervention dogs

Intervention dogs are used to search for criminals, rescue hostages, protect and control riots, and these dogs include the Malino dog, which is classified as the best police dog in all respects, because it is an athletic, strong, and sharp-witted dog, in addition to the German Shepherd Dog, but its use in the ranks of police dogs has decreased due to the emergence of many genetic problems in the breed.

  • Explosives detection dogs

These dogs are used in order to monitor customs, explosives, smuggling operations, and detect prohibited substances, and the most common breeds used for this purpose are Labrador Retriever dogs, which are characterized by a strong sense of smell and sharp intelligence, as well as the breed of beagles that are characterized by an exceptional sense of smell and unrestricted personality and are therefore effective for combating drugs.

  • Forensics dogs

These dogs are used in forensic medicine because of their strong athletic abilities and strong sense of smell, and these dogs are also specially trained in order to search for bodies that have a distinctive smell, and the work of these dogs overlaps with the dogs on search and rescue missions, an example of which is the Bloodhound police dog, which has a high ability to smell where it can pick up and track the smell of traces up to fifteen days.

  • Search and rescue dogs

Search and rescue dogs are used in the event of disasters, floods, and avalanches, for rescue situations that require them, and one of the best of these breeds is the Giant Schnauzer, who has a very active temperament that can do heavy work, in addition to his sharp and strong intelligence.

The most famous sniffer dogs
Some of the most famous sniffer dogs in the world are the following:
1. German Shepherd Dog
The German Shepherd Dog is one of the best sniffer dogs, as it uses its loud barking sound when the prey approaches or feels threatened to prevent crimes or violence, and can be well trained to be used in rescue missions in burned buildings or help in drowning situations.
2. Belgian Malinoa Dog
Similar to the German Shepherd Dog in appearance and character, the Belgian Malinoa is a medium-sized dog that can be used on missions within tight spaces that the German Shepherd Dog cannot reach, and is also famous for its use in armies, where it assists in rescues, searches, and correspondence.

3. Bloody dog
The bloody dog has distinctive qualities that make it suitable for police work, as it has the ability to identify specific odors, track them for as long as possible and determine where they emit.
The Dog of Blood was used in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in England to assist in the search for disaster survivors and is now used in searches, rescues, drug searches, and other sensory processes.
4. Rottweiler Dog
The Rottweiler dog has a very high confidence, sincerity and love for its owner, so it is a trustworthy dog, as it is used as a guard dog, but it is aggressive towards people it does not know, and moves quickly to attack people who threaten its owner or if it feels another threat.

5. Doberman Dog
Doberman Pinscher is a very intelligent dog, learning quickly and easy to train, and is very loyal to its owner and has great strength and high speed, which enables it to hunt, catch and stabilize fugitives until the arrival of its owner.
It is used as a guard dog for its great ability to provide protection, and although it is not very widespread, it is widely used by the police.

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