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Some great looking and sturdy cat trees

Do you indulge yourself with a cat as a pet at home? If the answer is yes then you can never be complacent about their needs. They can be demanding as well as independent. They have some unique characteristics which must be taken into consideration before going for shopping anything for them. Cats never can be completely domesticated but they are certainly co-travelers. Boredom is a part of their nature so they need to be active all the time. Climbing and exploration of dark and desolate areas are an intrinsic part of cat’s nature. Also they like to scratch surfaces to mark their territory and also to keep their nail in perfect condition. These are the broad features of a feline character.

Now, these extremely pampered creatures often demand a lot of space and time from their owners to satisfy their natural instincts. They will spread out on the floor and claim a major portion of it; they will scratch the surface of the sofa and will proudly look at you as if they own a great battle with it. They might try to climb your legs or can be exploring at place of your residence where they should not be at all going like the kitchen. The cats do not always do these things playfully bit it is instinctive.

So to reclaim your space and to provide your playful and naughty pet with reasons to be happy you can buy different, innovative and exclusive fixtures to keep them engage.

Cat trees are fantastic furniture. The cats can both climb and scratch the trees and satisfying all their natural instincts. There is a variety of cat trees available and some of the items most in demand are as follows:

Luxury Realistic cat tree with leaves

This item has a natural look as if it is from the forest. It is built in such a convenient way keeping the cats in mind so that they can climb up and down the tree without slipping and falling. It has brown sisal scratching poles, two houses for rest and sleep and three perches. The false leaves attached to the tree are useful as the cats play with them. It is big enough to host more than one cat and to satisfy their feline desires.

Fancy hollow cat trees

It is a series of trees on which the cats can climb, run through, and hide in, lounge on and sun on. The tree is 12” across. The entrance is located in the back of the base of each and every tree. There is a inside shelf which makes it easier for the cats to climb up to the top of the tree. The edges of the top are rolls on three sides to snuggle up against. The trees have no holes on the top; there is a much larger surface for the cats to lounging and sunning. The trunk is made of fiber board tubing.

Modern Cat Tree with Hammock

This is a new kind of tree with a special feature - the hammock. It is specially designed for bigger cat breeds or multiple cats’ householders. It has stair step design which is perfect for older cats. It is a complete cat tree which the cats will certainly prefer. The tree can be cleaned very easily with the help of a vacuum cleaner or mild detergent. The fixture has faux fleece covering and it is of similar material as a regular carpet. It has double base, a basket and a cat hammock.

Large cat tree sky cube

The components of this cat tree are sturdy and spaced. This is done to help the cats to climb up and down without slipping or falling. This furniture comes with a double base and soft perches. The board material used is solid wood which is polished and has natural scent of Pinus Sylvestris.

Wooden Cat Tree Sky House

This particular tree has a lot of shelves attached to it which will be loved by the kitties. All shelves are attached to the solid wood posts and can hold up to hundred pounds. It is very strong and stable for all those big boys. The Large cat scratch tree can also come with sisal on the legs and on the posts and under the trays.

Unique cat tree house

This cat tree offer six feet of endless playtime for the little ones. It has a cozy cat condo, high places to sit and sleep four carpeted scratching posts and two sisal rope scratching posts. The sisal rope is 100% natural product made from the leaves of the sisal plant that is actually beneficial to the health of the cat’s claws.

Now, different cat furniture are available online and anybody can easily access them. Visit CozyCatFurniture.com and find browse large selection of quality cat trees. They come with free shipping for the customers all over the USA.