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Siberian Husky - The Facts You Really Need To Know About This Dog!

Facts About The Siberian Husky

As the name suggests the Siberian Husky is native to Siberia. It was there that they were trained for hundreds of years to pull sleds by the Chukchi people. The Chukchi were a semi-nomadic tribe that used the Siberian Huskies to pull sleds with light loads for long distances, which made them an excellent companion for the tribe. DNA testing has recently found that the Siberian Husky is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. It wasn't until 1909 that the Siberian Husky was brought to the United States where it took part in the All Alaska Sweepstakes Race. A number of Siberian Huskies were imported to Alaska after this initial appearance and the breed won the same race on the following year. The Siberian Husky breed not only went on to win many different races in the following years but it also gained fame for their great speed and endurance as well.

In 1930 the Siberian Husky was finally recognized as a breed by the American Kennel Club. The breed is still widely used in various sledding, carting and racing events. Because of the breed these activities have became increasingly popular. However, in many of today's races the Siberian Husky has been replaced by the Alaskan Husky which is specially bred for speed. As a result people have started a movement that creates races specifically for the Siberian Husky.

The newest role for the Siberian Husky is as a hiking companion, therapy dog and devoted house pet. People often confuse the Alaskan Malamute with the Siberian Husky. However, the Alaskan Malamute is a heavily built dog that was built for draft work and not speed. The Siberian Husky itself has a very unique appearance. A part of this is their double coat, which helps to keep them insulated in both hot and cold weather. They also typically have long tails that are used to protect their noses while sleeping.

Typically the Siberian Husky will stand twenty-one to twenty-three and one half inches at the withers and the female will be slightly smaller. The ideal weight for a female is between thirty-five to fifty pounds depending on their size while the males are up to ten pounds heavier. The Siberian Husky should have a moderate bone density and it should never be slight or dense. Overall the Siberian Husky should be a little longer than their height. According to breed standards the ideal Siberian Husky is one that displays a picture of balance, grace and athletic ability. Eye color can be brown or blue and sometimes even one of each color or speckled. Probably a white mask around the face helps to enhance their eye color. The Siberian Husky has an overall facial expression of friendliness, alertness and even a rogue appearance. The coat color can range from white to black but most are black or red with white markings or shaded gray. However, the importance of the Siberian Husky isn't in color but rather their ability to perform with speed, ease and stamina.

The history of the Siberian Husky breed is both long and distinguished. Siberian Husky information can help you to learn about the specific appearance and ability of the breed.

Siberian Huskies: Extreme Dog Owning

Siberian Huskies are incredibly handsome dogs. They look like tame wolves, often with ice blue eyes or even odd-colored eyes. They are unmistakable and attention-getting. No wonder they have been one of the most popular breeds of dogs ever in the Western world. However, they are also abandoned in the thousands every year. To keep yourself from abandoning a Siberian Husky, please read as much Siberian Husky information as you can, especially about their personalities.

Siberian Huskies were bred to be tough, self-reliant and to run for miles and miles through the tundra every day. They were not bred to curl up on the living room rug and behave without question. If you have never had a dog before, do not get a Siberian Husky. If you have physical problems, do not get a Siberian Husky. If you live in an apartment, RV or other small home, do not get a Siberian husky.

Siberian Huskies do not make good guard dogs, although they can put up a spectacular racket when they want to. Siberian Huskies have been bred to be friendly with all people, so they do not care about whether someone is friend or foe. But Siberian Huskies were also bred to be tough and to be extremely intelligent. Huskies often had to fend for themselves in extreme wintry conditions that would quickly kill most other breeds of dogs. Siberian Huskies still have one foot in the wild. It is unlikely that will ever be bred out of them.

Siberian Huskies are wary of strangers and tend to avoid them. They will often seem like they are either ignoring you or are staring at you as if to say, "You're a complete idiot and I know it". Huskies and Husky-types are considered hard to train, so you must be patient and persistent. Huskies are big, strong dogs that can quickly figure out how to be the boss if you don't act like the boss.

Siberian Huskies are not mean tempered, vicious or try to give you a hard time. But they are not fawning, overly affectionate dogs. You need to give them a good reason to perform any desired behavior or learn any commands. Beating this dog will not work, as they will take either your arm off or just curl up in a corner and will not move. You need positive reinforcement, tender loving care and a sense of humor. Get professional help if you are at your wits end.

Siberian Huskies behave better when they get lots of exercise and attention. They were bred to pull heavy sleds for miles upon miles – so they are always ready to go. They need a big yard with a huge, sturdy fence. Siberian Huskies have been known to leap six foot fences, so if your fence if six feet or under, then you need to supervise them when they are in the yard.

The Siberian Husky can make a wonderful family pet if trained well at an early age.. There would be a lot fewer abandoned Huskies if owners took the time to learn Siberian Husky information before buying a puppy.

Siberian Husky Dog Personalities

The Chukchi tribe from northeastern Asia first bred Siberian Husky purebred dogs as sleigh dogs. In the year 1909, huge numbers of these dogs were brought to Alaska for the purpose of competing in the All Alaska Sweepstakes race. The Alaskan dog drivers then came to know the abilities of these dogs. In 1930, these dogs had earned the recognition for the breed from American Kennel Club (AKC). Following this recognition, the Siberian Club of America was founded in 1938.

Siberian Husky dogs have a pleasant personality. Their gentle attitude may be inherited from their ancestors' environments since Chukchi people raised their dogs with great respect, housed them within family atmosphere and inspired their children to play with these dogs. This style of breeding is still reflected with a special charming appeal in the Siberian Husky dogs of today. An alert and intelligent dog with an adaptable personality, the Siberian Husky is a wonderful companion to people of all ages and different interests.

If you are looking for a one master dog, the Siberian Husky dog is not a good choice for you, although they maintain their loyalty and affection for the family. Not being afraid of strangers, these dogs are not considered as a good watchdog. However, they may turn out to be violent sometimes. Most commonly, they show their interest of making friendship with new guests. They can socialize nicely with dogs from other breeds, while maintaining their dignified, friendly attitude and magnificent decorum. But the dog is proven to be defensive if attacked.

If you own small animals like squirrels, birds, cats, rabbits, hamsters or guinea pigs, owning a Siberian Husky may turn out to be risky for those small animals, since the dog has a strong predatory nature. These dogs show their strong hunting ability and are possessed by speed, craftiness and endurance. However, these dogs usually do not reveal any aggressive attitude towards other dog breeds.

Siberian Husky dogs require a little attention for good grooming care. These dogs have a default nature to stay clean. Covered with a dense coat of profuse volume, this beautiful dog sheds its coat once each year. Siberian Husky dogs have a special inclination for digging holes as their favorite pastime. The dogs need a smaller amount of food compared to their size. It is believed that this characteristic had been developed as a result of the Chukchis breeding style since those people preferred to feed their dogs with the smallest possible amount.

One of the most important characteristics of Siberian Husky dogs is their desire to run. Traced back to its origin, the Siberian Husky dogs prefer to run and they enjoy it naturally. But their desire for running may lead to be fatal for them if they try to run free throughout busy city streets. So for their own protection, owners must put their best effort to prevent them from experiencing unrestrained freedom and to keep the dog under strict supervision or confinement. So, these dogs are not an ideal choice for you if you feel bad to see a dog under confinement.

A great companion for life, the Siberian Husky is known for its deep instinct and excellent ability to run. If you are looking for general Siberian Husky information, you will be able to collect it in this article.

Siberian Husky Breed Standard

If you are thinking of getting a Siberian Husky from a shelter or Siberian Husky rescue, a good place to find out about the kind of dog you are getting is through studying the breed standard. If you want to show your Siberian Husky, then you really should get your dog from a reputable Siberian Husky breeder. If you do go that route, then you will need to know the breed standard just to be sure you are getting your money's worth.

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Never get a puppy, Siberian Husky or any other kind, from a pet store or an Internet site that sells puppies and ships them to you anywhere in the country. These places are usually supplied directly by puppy mills, and the Internet sites are usually fronts for the puppy mills themselves. In a puppy mill, dogs are stuck into wire cages stacked on top of each other so the dung and urine passes through. The owners perform all veterinary functions. They are grisly places.

It has only been in the last few decades that Huskies were bred for looks rather than for function. This shows in a great many purebred Siberian Huskies, which is one of the reasons why they can be abandoned. Some people not only want a purebred Siberian husky, they want one that looks like the fictional ideal of the Siberian Husky set out in the American Kennel Club. For the most part, Siberian Huskies are abandoned through no fault of their own.

The ideal Siberian Husky is about fifty pounds and twenty-two inches high at the shoulder. His or her coat is double layered and not too frizzy, silky or too long. He or she does not have dewclaws, knock-knees, an overbite or a muzzle that is either to pointed or too blunt. All of his or her body parts in proportion to give a look of a smoothly flowing, athletic little wolf.

Looking at the dog in the rescue center that you suspect is a Siberian Husky, you take the breed standard and compare. The dog does not need to match in every category (no dog can). But the dog should have the basic head shape, fluffy weatherproof double-layered coat and a look that goes right through you. Siberian Huskies also do not bark constantly and are shy of strangers.

It is good to know the breed standard of the Siberian Husky when you are thinking of adopting a dog who looks a lot like a Siberian Husky, only there are no records to prove it. The looks of the shelter dog will give an indication on the dog's needs, what illnesses they are prone to and how much exercise they require. For example, Siberian Huskies need an average amount of grooming, a lot of exercise and are usually quite healthy. This knowledge can help you find the best shelter dog for you.

This author has interviewed many owners, trainers and vets about the best way to keep a Siberian Husky. Visit your local library to find many good books filled with Siberian Husky information.


Jean Bakula from New Jersey on November 07, 2016:


These guys love the cold weather, they can be outside in 10 degree snowy days and love it, they will role around in the snow. Of course, I wouldn't leave him out long in that. Mine also had a house and preferred to lie on the cold, slate patio!

janna on November 07, 2016:

I have a 4 month old Siberian husky one blue eye one brown black an white fur with underling Gray fur ... very smart loving an extremely good with kids as well as my family she is very playful an tends to like to tear up stuff though when we are not home she loves water and tries to take a shower with me eveytime... she sleeps in our bed an never had an accident loves to sleep in from of our fan she is my very first dog ever and I have her trained well I recommend this breed to anyone looking for a dog that is for a family

Jean Bakula from New Jersey on April 30, 2015:

I used to have a Siberian Husky, and he was so sweet and added a lot of laughs to my life. I live in a wooded area, so he was kept on a run with a lot of space, attached to it with a long chain and a cabiner. So I didn't have to walk him as much as some, he was able to run about pretty much as much as he liked. They do love attention though, and have a tendency to run away a lot. Also, they shed like mad, so you have to vacuum a lot. I have hardwood floors now, and am thinking of getting another one. He lived to be 14, and finally had problems with his back legs. He was also very gentle with children, he was about 4 years old by the time I had my son, so was pretty mellow with him. In fact, the dog used to stand in my son's doorway to "guard" it if I had new friends over! They are very family oriented.

JADE on April 17, 2015:

I love huskies they are my favorite breed of dog

faye on January 06, 2015:

ive just rescued a female husky.. she hates the house howls until I open the bk door.. she never comes in I walk her 3 times a day she has a kennel outside but wont go in it.. she rather lie on the floor.. im abit concerned about this now as its freezing out!!

Kris on September 18, 2013:

Hello, I got my Siberian Husky when she was 9lbs and 9 weeks old. She is still alive and well and going to be 16 next month. She grew up around a Rat Terrier and they got along well unless a toy, cookie, or myself were involved. She is very stubborn, and barely listens what so ever, but I still love her with all my heart. If there is a cat, or any other outside wild animal in my yard you may want to consider it good as dead. Siberian Huskies are territorial animals when it comes to their property. I have a 6 year old daughter and my Siberian Husky is very good with her. She will let my daughter hug her and give her kisses, but after that my dog walks away. However, since my Husky didn't grow up around children she often gets scared due to my daughters loud voice or hyperness and will take off up the stairs and want to go outside. She has only bitten one person in her almost 16 years of being alive and that was me. That was all because I was trying to break up her and my Rat Terrier from fighting and I got bit. My Husky loves attention, and demands cookies even when she wakes up from a little nap. At almost 16 years old I give it to her because, well she deserves it. I consider her my other daughter pretty much.

AnaCecilia on February 13, 2013:

Hi i have an 11 wks Siberian Huspy Puppy & i was wondering when can a bath him?.. please let me know the breeder said when he's 6month i could do this but 6months seems too long..

Prellaraw on June 29, 2012:

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:) on June 04, 2012:

My Husky is funny but when we let her out she ran to the HIGHWAY!

BROCKez acrs on May 20, 2012:

I have a Siberian husky named CARTER ,he has a pure white coat with amazing blue eyes nd black noes he is 2 months old nd he's soo adorable...hope I could put his pic right here...we have 4 dogs nd we just keep it under d fan outside! Is that ok?

caitee on April 28, 2012:

Thanks for the facts on huskies. It help for expert project next week.

la la land on February 08, 2012:

hi i love justin bieber annnnnnndddddddddd.............bob the builder

Kelly on October 28, 2011:

We have two Huskies, brother and sister. We adopted them at 7 weeks but visited them and chose them from the litter when they were 2 weeks old.

I know that generally Huskies are a high energy high maintenance dog. I guess ours are the exception to the rule.

I strongly feel that adopting two was the smartest thing we ever did. Not only do they exhaust each other, but they also amuse each other which distracted them from distroying our house when they were pups.

They are now 2 1/2 yrs old. They are truly our best friends.

I would recommend anyone thinking of getting one to consider getting two. I know it's twice the fur to clean, but, really what difference does it make? And they love and protect each other like you wouldn't believe.

If I had the room, and the money, I think I'd have adopted the whole litter.

They are my fuzzy kids.

: )

mmmaaadded on October 18, 2011:

sssssssssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooo cute

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm on October 18, 2011:


Moselle on October 14, 2011:

I wanta husky sooooooooooooooooooooo bad but my parents say they shed to much..

Mariah on September 10, 2011:

We just got a 5 month old husky, and he does great with our 2 month old daughter, he doesn't do so well with our 3 year old. Although, the situation is a little different for us. He primarily lives with his mother, and we get him on Thursdays and every other weekend. Our dogs favorite spot to sit is underneath the kitchen table, and we had just gotten home from the store and our son's juice was sitting on the ground next to the table. We are trying to teach our son more independence, so we told him to go get a juice and try and open it. He reached under the table to get the juice and Balto (our husky) nipped at him. My husband was extremely upset. I wasn't too happy about the situation either, but I had to stop and think. Our dog isn't around Nick very often, and he's scared of him when he is around him. Balto probably feels as though underneath the table as his territory, and someone that he is scared of entered his territory, and nipped as a warning. Although, Nick was scared.... Balto did not hurt him. Every husky I have ever met were intimidated by toddlers. I highly advise getting one if you have a toddler that primarily lives with you to avoid any potential accidents. Like I said, I understood Balto's point of view, but that behavior is extremely unacceptable.

Just sharing my experience.

Husky lover 18 on August 30, 2011:

I want a silver coat husky from Santa can they stand the heat of Searcy arkansas

monica on May 28, 2011:

My daughter is planning to adopt a husky, is it safe to haveone with children around?

siberblogger on March 17, 2011:

@kacie It is possible to have a sib in an apartment but be prepared to do a lot of walking. You need to walk them for a great deal of time in the morning, if possible on lunch break, and when you get home again.

The more exercise you give them, the better behaved they will be. Otherwise they can become destructive.

I wrote a hub about training your Siberian that might be helpful to you.

Kacie on January 15, 2011:

Im thinking about getting a new sibe. Would an apartment be a suitable temporary home???

Sarah on January 03, 2011:

I have a three year old husky. I am so in love with her. I just cuddled her on the couch and watched a movie. We go on walks together and hike in the snow. I can't imagine life without her. But! She's a genius and a bit mischievous! When she was a pup, if she didn't want to do something at obedience class, she would cry and scream like I was hurting her so that we had to stop. She does the same thing when I give her bath. But she stole my heart! She howls and yodels and I like to think I know her language.

Holly on December 15, 2010:

i have a siberian husky female she is white with blue eyes an is akc an ckc i have been looking up stuff about her anyone who is wondering about them.well if you can walk them more than 3 times a day that's good cause this breed has alote of energy. an for puppies that don't potty in there kennels its good to put a stuffed teddy bear or something in with them at night an a blanket you can even put a chew bone to keep them busy.i have had to learn things cause my pup is 17 weeks old an im about to get a solide black an white colered female that's ckc registered as well so they can be no matter what anyone say you can never know everything about huskies a friend of mine told me that an shes a husky breeder an has been doing it for its true there is a none stop flow on info about huskys.its important to give your husky lots of your time cause they get bored easy an when you don't give them alote of your time u can end up with a husky that's out of control.i hope ive helped some one with info but please if someone is looking for a husky please read up on them there not as easy as people think to take care of they need to be brushed once a day an shed twice a for hot weather areas they don't do good outside they have an under coat an if left outside in the heat it could sadly end up killing a major husky lover they are a beautiful breed that i care alote i hope if someone is looking for a husky that they find took me a while to get one.

Nancy on December 08, 2010:

Yes, a neighbor's husky came over to our barn, attacked our two goats yesterday, severely mangling their ears, and biting their necks. Thankfully, our kids ran out and chased it off. But each goat lost an ear. And of course a big vet bill, which the owner says she can't pay. So watch out, if you get a huskie. Don't let it roam, and give it lots of exercise and play. This has been a horrible experience.

Erick on December 08, 2010:

Yes, Huskies will kill cats, other dogs, chickens, goats any animal that will run from them they will kill. Believe me I know from first hand experience.

Aisha on September 21, 2010:

For anyone thinking of buying a husky, a fenced in yard will help a TON!! I have 2 all white SIberian huskies. When we got the first one, he was a handful especially housebreaking him without a fenced in yard in the winter, putting the leash on him and waiting in the cold for him to go. Not to mention his never-ending supply of energy and ADHD. Now we have the fence up and the second husky and letting her out when she needs to go is a breeze.They also tire each other out running around the yard so that is always a plus!

DAVID WRIGHT on August 25, 2010:


kokey on August 05, 2010:

ok people i got a sibe alsakan hybrid idk i was told it was a siberian husky if i really don't care wat it is im juz a very curious guy suppose i want to get a dna where do i got to go for that??? sincerely curiouz guy lolz

louise on May 15, 2010:

hi there my names louise i love siberian huskys and at the moment i am looking for a female puppy if any 1 could help me out plz email me at thanks


dogs rule on April 29, 2010:


bryan on April 17, 2010:

if only larry 24 knew how to spell and/or form proper sentances I might learn something from him, but I doubt it.

jewgla on April 14, 2010:


joe on April 14, 2010:

i have a husky in my pants

codys boyfriend on April 12, 2010:

no he will be around the lil dog most of the time and play rough a lil bit to see where the weeknesses are on the new dog:)

summer on April 09, 2010:

Im getting a Husky female today, my daughter has a chiguagua...will my new dog (vicki) try to eat her?

Alex on March 23, 2010:

PPL Please it may or may not sound stupid to you but when refering to a siberian please use its whole breed name not just husky some ppl like me don't like that i own 4 siberians or siberian huskys or sibe's what ever but not 4 huskys ,,, a husky is a mix breed also known as an alskan husky ,,, not a siberian .. lol im sorry if anyone has something to say please feel more than free to do so ,,


A@G Kennels

April on March 19, 2010:

Husky's can kill cats at times, yes. My neighbor's just killed a feral young cat under the house a few months ago.

JP on March 18, 2010:

I love my Husky but look this video first if you want one,

100% true twice in the year.

ace on March 09, 2010:

no its not true

jenna on January 21, 2010:

is true! huskies eat cats

Tori on January 18, 2010:

im looking into rescuing a young husky from parvo, it needs a home to recover in. i have two cats, and ive heard rumors that huskies eat cats, is this true?

HOT CHICK on December 15, 2009:


BERENICE on December 15, 2009:


hot pease of ass on October 17, 2009:

umm !!!!!! i wanted 2 ask can a huskey survive in hot weather

Yoda on August 27, 2009:

Husky,I want.

Yoda on August 27, 2009:

Husky,I want.

Corey on July 19, 2009:

Our Siberian just turned a year old and has brought more joy into our lives then we ever thought she could. She is the most loving, sweetest dog you could ever ask for, however she is truly a Siberian in her temperment. She needs to be around her family and excercised alot. A 15 minute walk is just not enough exercise for this breed. She loves to dig and can be stubborn when she doesn't want to do something . There is no aggression in her at all and she rarely barks, but is very vocal "talking" to us all the time. Plse don't get a Siberian unless you can give them the time and exercise that they need as they are not a low-maintenance dog. If you have the time to spend with them they are the most wonderful dogs you can possibly want and they love everybody and every dog they meet.

you life is a all happy one on June 30, 2009:

if you got a pup husky for sell email me at ((or if giving for free XD

Samantha on June 20, 2009:

nice i really want a husky so im telling my mom about them.

husky415 on May 07, 2009:

I have always had a passion for huskies & sled racing but i need to get more facts if im ever going to publish this great book. It is about a girl who lost her mother and best lead dog havoc.Her father wont let her race so she secretly goes of to train her favorite dog alaska who is havocs daughter. i can not tell my name but i need a place to get more info on huskies and racing. Thanks

Taylor Murren on April 21, 2009:

Husky's are the greatest dog ever alive. I have a five month old black grey and white husky and it is the best dog I've ever had. She is so smart and listens so well. I would recommend this dog to every single person in the world. I LOVE HUSKY'S!!

husky lover on April 01, 2009:

i have 4 huskys of my own they are an absolutely amazing breed they are very fast and heart warming dogs they are extremely smart and beautiful..... they come in many colors...these dogs are very kind if you ever need a shoulder to cry on or just need company this is the perfect dog!!!!!!!!!

ali brunell on March 24, 2009:

i really need to no what and how much they eat.

kelmarie on February 24, 2009:

i am doing a project at school on siberian huskys because i love them .So if everyone could post loads more information on about siberian huskys it would be a great help .

one question i need 2 no the answer for is WHAT AGE DO HUSKY HAVE TO BE BEFORE LEAVING THERE PARENTS ?

larry 24 on February 14, 2009:

A husky should be walked for 1 our three times a day in the morning, afternoon, and evening. If you don't fell like walking your dog later in the day or in the morning DO NOT put all three hours together it is not good for them they should have a thick leash and a good size serving of food with lots of water.

When you are calling your dog never say the dog name them come here, always say come here the name of your dog and then sit or what ever. When giving disaplen Never yell or hert the dog always say in a normal voice while looking the husk in the eyes.

If you are coming home and the husky does not come to you and sniff you the ignore the dog because all dogs should know who is coming and are they bad or not. Or the dog should bark when someone walks in.

Make sure that before you leave the house or in the morning you should let the husky go the the bathroom and when you come home or when it is the evening you should always let the dog go to the bathroom or you will be getting up during the night.

During the day always play with the husky love the husky and give it good attention. During the winter never leave the husky outside the whole night or day because they might have a big fur coat but the are still an animal that has to stay warm.

Always love your husky and talk to your husky like it is your best friend or your family. It might not talk to you but it could be listening.

Have fun with your husky.

robbo on February 14, 2009:

i wwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnttttttttttttt husky

dog lover on February 08, 2009:

that's great! i really want a husky

dog lover on February 08, 2009:

that's great! i really want a husky

Tori on January 21, 2009:

Hey all,

I just got a female Siberian Husky last night. She was nine weeks old January the 19th. I have always wanted a Siberian Husky and I fianally got one. She is so beautiful, she is black with white in her and brown through out her coar with bright blue eyes. I was just wandering how many times a day I should walk her? This morning I walked her for an hour. How many times a day should I do this? I want her to be happy by giving her a suffient amount of exercise. Also, what can I do to keep her from barking at night when it is time for me and my husband to go to sleep? And how can I keep her from waking us up in the wee hours of the early morning?

Bob Bobert on December 15, 2008:

Hi again.

Bob Bobert on December 15, 2008:

Hi. I got bored so I wrote this.

erin30 on June 01, 2008:

I've owned my Husky for over 10 years. While his coming into my life was one of the best joy's I can express, I think it's important for anyone Googling who want to learn more about this breed before purchasing to be made aware of a few facts, so that they don't decide afterwards they can't handle.

Owning a siberian husky offers so many rewards (love, companionship, people constantly coming up to you and telling you how beautiful your dog is, etc.), they are one of the most stubborn breeds around.

The first year of my dog's life, I had no idea what to do. He was SO destructive and had a ton of energy. Turns out, my three short walks around the block with him a day, and backyard play, wasn't enough. I had to start walking him for AT LEAST one hour "speed" walk a day. Point is, they require a TON of excersize for at least the first 5-7 years of their lives. My dog at nearly 11 years now is finally slowing down.

They also shed A TON.

The breed, unfortunately, often gets hit by cars more often than other breeds because they try to escape from yards more than any other breed. My dog was hit by a car after escaping my yard when he was 2. Luckily he survived (after $6K in medical bills), and seemed to learn a lesson as he never tried to escape again after that. But most dogs aren't that lucky.

ruben on May 21, 2008:

quite good actuly

sdorrian from Chicago on February 23, 2008:

Great Hub. I'm a Husky owner myself and I think it's great that you're sharing information on this amazing breed!

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