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Shar Pei Cross Staffy - All About the Shar Staffy Pei

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Chinese Shar Pei Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross Overview

For anyone thinking of getting a dog for the family home, one thing you need to work out is what kind of dog you want to have around the place.

One of the most unique dog mixes that you could go for at the moment, for example, is a Shar Pei Staffordshire bull terrier mix.

These are very interesting dogs, but the fact they are so rare means that for the most part little is known about how they act or live.

With that in mind, we recommend that you read through this simple guide.

Before long, you’ll know just why a Shar Pei Staffy mix is what you should be bringing home – or not!

What is a Shar Pei Staffy Cross?

The Shar Pei Staffy cross, then, is a dog that is going to be a mix between a Shar Pei and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (often known as just a Staffy).

These are two quite different dogs, so the end result is that your Shar Pei cross Staffy is going to be quite a unique dog.

However, one thing to note about this mix breed is that, for the most part, little is known about them.

Other dog breeds are far more common, which is one of the main reasons why this mix dog is not one that you can get a hold of too often.

If you are serious about getting one, then you might need to do a lot of independent verification and research with the help of a local dog expert or a veterinarian.

Shar Pei

Shar Pei

Size, Appearance & Looks

As mentioned above, what your mix breed is going to look like is a bit of a toss of the coin, 50:50.

Not many people own this dog breed, so how they look is still something that is a bit of a topic of debate.

You can see from the couple of videos featured above, they are rather different from one another.

Some notice that they get one that looks far more like a Staffy; other pictures that you see are far more like a classic Shar Pei.

What you should be doing, though, is looking at the actual background of both of the parents.

For example, the average height of a Shar Pei is often around 18-20” in size.

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Meanwhile, the Staffy might be around 13-16” in size. In terms of weight, they can be somewhat similar but not often.

The heaviest that you get with a Staffy is a dog that is going to be around 38lbs; a Shar Pei is likely to be anything from 40-55lbs.

It also comes into their physical style.

The Shar Pei is what we would politely describe as a less intelligent dog, with their overall nature and style far different to what you get from most European-bred dogs.

This goes into their overall look and mood, too; that is why many people are somewhat put off by the idea of getting one of these mixes at home; they tend to be dogs that can be quite hard to be around, and this comes from their general look too.

While the friendly nature of the Staffy can shine through, the more aggressive nature of the Shar Pei can shine through, leaving you with a dog that looks as aggressive as it can act.

If you want something that is going to be far more like a Staffy, make sure you pick one that has the attributes and looks of a Staffy.

Personality, Traits & Temperament

In terms of their mood and action, this is another proper mixed bag that a lot of dog owners will struggle to deal with.

Many people don’t really know how to handle these cross breeds, as they can be quite hard to understand.

The Staffy is a smart dog, and one that is often very good with people, with kids, and even with strangers.

Staffies can often be a bit weird around other pets, but with a Shar Pei being added into the mix this is only going to become accentuated.

The Shar Pei is infamous for having poor dealing with other animals, and to be honest with other people.

You would have to say that their general mood and mannerism makes them a below average pet to own.

That is why many people find that these types of hybrid dogs are often a bit nicer than your average Shar Pei.

The genes of the Staffy seem to do a good job of making sure that your dog calms down a bit, but it’s more likely to be more like a more abrasive Staffy than a kinder version of a Shar Pei.

Keep these things in mind, as many people do not realise just how hard it can be to have a Shar Pei around the home.

While the Staffy will do a decent job of calming down the Shar Pei side of things, these are still not dogs that you are going to have a good time around.

That is why you are often cautioned about getting one of these mixes: they are dogs often aimed for those who are going to be disciplinarians, and who will have no problem in putting their food down: this is a breed that takes massive liberties without any authority being put down.

Diet, Feeding & Food

Feeding these mix dogs is often a problem, too.

We recommend that you take your mix breed to see a vet as soon as you can, as they should be able to help you devise a solid eating plan for your dog.

These are animals that often suffer from allergies, so you can have a dog on your hands that will not want to eat much due to the adverse reactions that it could cause.

If that sounds like the problem you are coping with, then we recommend that you look to feed your mix dog as best as you can.

It’s all about portion quality as much as portion size, so make sure that you spend as much time as you can getting your dog some good high-end portions with a lot of protein in there.

The more glucosamine and fish oil supplements that you can throw into their diet, the better.

This can help with problems with their coat and also with issues when it comes to mobility in later life.

That is why we recommend that you get your mix checked out independently.



Exercising & Fitness

In terms of exercise, these are dogs that have an odd combination.

The Staffy is a dog that often has very high exercise needs, and generally has a high level of energy mixed with high average running power and general strength.

The Shar Pei is often a far less high maintenance dog when it comes to exercise, so you can often find that they can get by on a lower level of exercise compared to other dogs.

However, if you do decide to get one of these cross breed dogs, you need to make sure that you get it enough exercise to satisfy that burning Staffy desire for getting out and seeing the world.

They are often a bit easier to manage than a pure Staffy, but don’t expect to get a Shar Pei Staffy mix that is going to be content with lying around the house all day.

Add in the fact that the moody nature they can lumber around with them can make them quite uncomfortable dogs to be around, and it’s easy to see why a lot of owners just get them as much exercise as they can take; at the very least, it tires them out for bed time!

Potential Health Conditions

These are dogs that can have some serious issues when it comes to their overall quality of life.

When it comes to getting a dog like this, then, be prepared for a series of problems to potentially bleed over from the Shar Pei or Staffy side, including but not limited to:

  • Bloating of the body, which can lead to serious problems.
  • Dysplasia in the hips and other joints, limiting mobility over time.
  • Glaucoma, cataracts, and other eye problems that can form.
  • Issues with their thyroids, leading to needless weight gain due to food management.
  • Problems with fevers and temperature can be common, too.

These are some of the most common problems that either a Staffy or Shar Pei should be dealing with.

When you have a dog like this at home, you need to be ready to look out for any and all of the problems above.

With these issues, you could have a dog that really struggles to get the most out of life, so make sure you are prepared to handle any of these issues.

As always, make sure that you take your Shar Pei cross Staffy to a vet as soon as possible to determine any health issues ahead of time.

This gives you time to prepare for a solution when needed.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

© 2019 Harry Sheen


Nicki on November 04, 2020:

I also have a Shar Pei x staffy and apparently there’s a bit of mastiff there too - we got her as a rescue pup along with her 6 brothers and sisters. We didn’t choose her the SSPCA picked her for us and she is the most beautiful, unique and lovely natured dog we could have wished for. Such a tomboy wanting to play with all other dogs and so clumsy but hilarious watching her. Love her to bits ❤️

james davies on June 29, 2020:

im getting a staff x sharpei pup in 4 weeks time when they are ready

Deb on May 23, 2020:

We have just got a staffy pei. Gorgeous beautiful girl

Friendly with people and has bought our anxious shy staffy out of her shell great decision

Pcoulbeck on April 15, 2020:

I've got a staffy pei and she is 8nweeks and 4 days old and she is great to be around she can be hyper and also be placid and I know she perfect around young children

I was quite confused at first buy I'm glad I have her she is perfect company and a real mood changer for me

Anete on March 26, 2020:

I have little one like this. She is very smart, frendly wirh my 3 cats at home, love to play with other dogs and love all people.

Abi on February 18, 2020:

We've just got a staffy sharpei pup, she's the most adorable thing ever, she's got the most placid nature. If she carries on this way she will be an absolute breeze. We are so happy with her.

Cheryl on January 05, 2020:

I have a Staff Sharpei cross got her from rescue, earlier this year. shes beautiful looking and often gets mistaken to be a male. She is good with people and kids. But tempramental with other amimals, she has scars on her face from previous fights but these occured before we got her. We got her at 7 years old so shes quite stuck in her ways but we are managing to retrain her, but its taking a while. Shes 24kg on the Sharpei height side with broad chest, she has little triangle ears and has bad problems with irritation inside her ears and its took me 5mth for her to allow me to touch and clean her ears. Shes very protective and loyal towards me and follows me everywhere.

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