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Sent Home From School Because of the Horrible Skunk Odor

Some songs can zap one back in time. Memories of the fun we had because of Chubby Checker's song, The Twist, in the 1960s are nostalgic.



Scents and Memories

Some memories are longer lasting than others, as are certain scents. The day that my younger brothers and I got sent home from school because of a skunk is one of those memories! Anyone who has ever smelled the spray from a skunk will know what I mean by a scent that lingers as has this particular memory. What started as an ordinary day turned out to be extraordinary!


Our Day Began

My dad was always an early riser. From our home in the country, he would drive the 30 miles or so into Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where he worked as a carpenter, eventually working his way up to becoming the superintendent of a large commercial construction company. He was a hard worker and was very talented.

The roads were not the superhighways of today, so that 30-mile one-way trip took some time, especially during the winter when the streets were snow-covered.

The first home that I remember living in as a child, my parents built from scratch. I remember the additions to that home like the garage, breezeway, and sunroom as time passed. Turning our basement into a recreation room and his workshop and my mother's laundry room and cabinets for her home-canned goods were also gradual additions as time and money allowed.

In the parochial school that we were attending, my dad was also instrumental in building. But I digress.

My mother would have packed my dad's lunch pail and sent him off to work for the day with a hug and a kiss before getting us kids awakened, fed, and dressed for our day. She would have also packed our lunches with sandwiches (always homemade bread in those days made by her loving and capable hands), fruit, and homemade cookies.

We could purchase little cartons of milk for a few pennies at school in those days, and we took advantage of that.