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Saving a Dog Who Is 13-Years-Old

This dog is the light of my life. At 13 years of age, she wanted to be saved.


My dog was 13 years old when she was injured by almost being runover by a truck right outside our home. The accident left her stomach and bladder intact. It was almost 5 p.m. on June 23, 2021, when the accident happened. My mom told the driver to back up, as I tried removing her from under the tire, and she bit me on my chin. I am the dog's owner, and knew she is up to date on her shots. It wasn't an issue for me. I was more concerned about her. I called her regular vet. I was told that I had to take her to an animal hospital about 20 miles away because they were about to close. My mom drove my car, as I sat in the backseat with her to the Animal Hospital.

At the hospital, I asked to see her before I left to have my own bite taken care of. She barked at me leaving. I think she wanted to go home with me and didn't want to be left there. (There are two pictures below of her biting her tongue while on pain medication, and one with casts on her leg and tail. Both pictures were taken before she had surgery the next night, June 24, 2021). I knew that she wasn't ready for the Rainbow Bridge. To be sure, I called our regular vet and they contacted the Animal Hospital. My regular vet told me that she could survive this.

Our journey continued through staples in her leg, her tail amputation, the missing hair on her back and the dreaded cone of doom.

Angel June 23, 2021



The patches of missing fur, we are still dealing with, today, August 17, 2021. Vet says, "their is no infection in the skin follicles." It appears to be getting worse with plucks of hair still trying to come out.



Happy to Be Alive

She does look happy to be alive. Despite all she has been through. The redness on her belly has healed well. She's trying to run. She's resuming where she left off, and giving her young family members (ages 6 and 4) kisses.

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We are grateful that the accident left her bladder and stomach intact. She is doing all business a dog needs to do. She is also eating well.

Just concerned about her hair growing before the winter months are upon us. Maybe I will have to look into a doggie sweater.

Here we are, hoping we have a few years left.



In Conclusion

When my dog was hit, she was going to greet a four year old boy in front of our house walking with a parent. Later, the parent stopped by the house speaking to my father and leaving a bag of treats. She was so happy to hear that my dog had survived, and could not wait to tell her family.

I was glad that our happy ending wouldn't traumatize this young boy.

It was not her time. This is not the way she was intended to go.

UPDATE: October 14, 2021

My dog is doing great. I took her to Pet's Mart for a spa day. They took a look at her back, and said, "It just looks like normal scarring." We go to the park a couple days a week to walk around the lake. She loves her rides in the car. We are happy to be back to normal. She could very well live to about 16 years old.

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