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Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix - The Rottuahua

I'm a lover of all things 'dog' (particularly the exploration of cross breeds - and just like to write about man's best friend.



When you are intent on bringing a new dog into the home, one of the first issues you are likely to have is choosing a breed.

Some of us, for example, would rather a nice toy dog at home that we can spend time with and just relax alongside.

Others want a dog that is powerful, feared and respected in the canine community.

However, as you might imagine, squaring off both of those ideas is very much likely to produce you having two dogs, not one.

What you could do, though, is that you could take a look at buying a Rottweiler Chihuahua mix.

What Are They?

As the name implies, this is a dog that is very much built on the background of a Rottweiler and a Chihuahua.

Being the immense difference in lifestyle, personality etc. of these two dogs, it’s a very interesting combination.

Some mix breeds are a very interesting combination in that they can be very similar, while a Rottweiler and a Chihuahua share very little in common.

Still, if one is produced, you are left with a very interesting breed of dog.

The personality traits that it can take on are very unique, as are the requirements to own one.

While we would not recommend that you get this dog if you are new to dog ownership, for advanced and experienced dog owners it could be a sensational choice for you.

It would eventually produce an animal that, if you bring into the home early enough, could become a mainstay in the home for many years to come.

However, you have to determine if you can handle the often temperamental, moody early days: getting this mix breed to settle-in at home can be challenging.



What Do They Look Like?

The interesting thing about them is smply the combination.

The Chihuahua is seen as one of the cutest breeds of dog around: a veritable basket of cuteness that is very easy to spend time around.

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At the same time, though, the Rottweiler is often seen as a fearsome dog: one that takes no prisoners, and is among the hardest kind of dog to have around the place.

When that is the case, we recommend that you take a closer look at whether or not a dog like this would be a good choice for you.

After all, the difference in the size can be huge from one mix to another.

In the rare occasion that the Chihuahua wins the gene race, then you would be looking at a smaller dog.

Typically around 6-9” in size, a Chihuahua is a very small dog.

The Rottweiler, for comparison, can be anything from 22-27” in height at the shoulder.

That’s very tall, and shows a massive disparity in size and power.

The same goes for weight: a Chihuahua could be around 7.5lbs at max, while a Rottweiler would be around 77lbs – even as high as 130lbs.

So, this is why this cross breed is such a unique looking breed.

The disparity in everything about its parents means that it can look very odd indeed.

The coat tends to be more like a Rottweiler, though that is not always the case.

Keep that in mind, though, as many people see the Rottweiler Chihuahua cross as a dog that they find hard to pick out at first.

To many, they tend to either look like a more ferocious Chihuahua or a more docile, friendly Rottweiler.

Often, the end result is somewhere in-between that interesting mix!

What's their Personality Like?

When you get a dog that is a mix of a strong, durable dog and a more charismatic, charming dog, the mix you end up with is very much a gamble.

These are muscular, powerful dogs that tend to take more on the power of a Rottweiler than they do the cheerful nature of a Chihuahua.

However, they tend to be very interesting dogs to keep around the place: it’s usually got the intellect of both parents, though.

Both breeds are known to be very smart, so you can be assured in some way that your dog is not going to be tearing the place apart and ruining your home for you!

With that in mind, then, you can easily enjoy spending some time around them.

It’s a kind of dog that should make it a bit easier for you to feel safe and sound at home: an animal that keeps the place well locked down due to its discipline.

However, they are typically far more playful and engaging than a normal Rottweiler.


Because they have that cheerful charm that comes from their more caring other parent.

They are dogs that tend to be a long-term project, really.

They can act out and be rebellious from the first day, but over time treating it with respect – and with good training – it should begin to change and be a lot more docile.

The relationship that you form together is essential: that is why you should not get one if you are going to be out of the home most of the day.

These dogs hate being left at home alone: they want to spend time with you and the family.

If you aren’t there, your dog won’t be too happy - so keep that in mind.

Rottweiler Swimming

Rottweiler Swimming

Potential Health Issues

Like any mix dog, the chances of it having some health issues later on in life are surprisingly common.

These are often dogs that are more likely to have some common problems that you should look out for.

Some of the most common issues in a breed like this is going to be that they tend to have a lot of health issues due to the immense disparity from one parent to the next.

If you worry about that issue, then we highly recommend that you look to get your Rottweiler Chihuahua cross-checked out by a vet.

Otherwise, make sure that you only buy from a pet vendor that is going to take the time to show you all of the testing done in this animal.

Buying one without knowledge of their health conditions could be a very expensive mistake.

The genetic disparity from one parent to the other means that you should be prepared for a dog with challenging health issues as it continues to age.

Most breeds with such disparity can produce this negative issue.

Common issues include elbow and hip dysplasia, as well as sensitive stomachs and eye issues.

Feeding & Diet

The challenge with eating for a dog like this is that you could feed it the wrong stuff and not realize it.

We recommend that you look to get your crossbreed on a raw food diet as soon as you can.

The wolf-like background of the mix breed makes it a fine choice for many a dog, and it will ensure that you can get it a happy mix of food that it A) enjoys and B) benefits from eating.

The food is a hard thing to get right, so make sure you can try and get as much variety in there as you can.

We recommend that you try and get as many fish oils into your dogs diet as you can: this helps to avoid problems like dysplasia, or at least prolong the time until the condition begins.

The diet is tough to get right, so make sure you take it to a vet to get it evaluated for both a diet plan and a health check-up prior to doing anything else

Exercising & Fitness

With a dog like this at home, the first problem you need to overcome is dealing with their physical abundance of energy.

Such canines are hard to keep track of, and they can become increasingly destructive without exercise.

So, make sure you get them outside as often as you can – we reckon that you don’t need intensive or strenuous exercise, just consistent exercise!

Get your dog some toys to play around with at home, too, and that can help to keep them stimulated mentally and physically.

Despite not needing strenuous activity, this is a poor choice of dog for anyone who is not consistently active physically.

If you suffer from that issue, then you should definitely look to another breed of dog: they need to spend a lot of time being busy.

A failure to keep them exercising and mentally stimulated is a big issue.

Often, this leads to dogs that are very destructive at home, so a bit walking during the day and evening can save you a lot of money in upholstery repair!

While a tough dog to get used to at first, they are a mighty fine dog to have around the place.

If you can get by the growing pains, you should have no problems at all in keeping a dog like this around the place.

Life Expectancy

When it comes to trying to work out the life expectancy of cross breeds it can pretty tough - given there are so many different types of variations - plus there is just generally less data to rely on.

That said, we can get a rough estimate by combining the two parents.

So we can look at the Rottweiler's typical lifespan which ranges between eight to ten years.

Then compare that with a Chihuahua that has a life span range of twelve to twenty years.

Hence, we've got quite a wide variation of between eight to twenty years.

However, we can take the middle figure of each 9 and 16 years. Then find the middle range of that 12.5 years, which gives you an indication of what this mixed breed could expect to live between.

9 to 16 years with a middle ground of 12.5 years. However, with such a wide span in life expectancies when comparing the two breeds - it's certainly a difficult one to nail down.

Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix Puppies

When it comes to finding Rottweiler Chihuahua Mix puppies for sale, you've got a number of options.

You can carry out the research online to see if there are any breeders that are selling them (just make sure you due diligence and research into making sure that they are a reputable breeder).

Of course, you can go round asking specific dog breeders if they know if they have any for sale - and to get in touch because you are someone who is interested in buying them.

Ringing and emailing different breeders is a great way to find out who you need to be in touch with.

Remember to explore other breeds too, if you are not yet quite decided. Perhaps you might like the chihuahua aspect more so thant the Rottweiler. For instance, the personality and appearance of the Jackawawa might be more up your street.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

© 2019 Harry Sheen

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